Archive Of June 2016 - Colony BMX

Nathan Sykes update

As always another month has come and pass, but so much has happened! Cooper was over in the States for a month and we had the chance to do a decent amount of riding and filming. Produced a few different projects that I’m excited to see the final out come of. Was able to ride a few spots in Southern California that I haven’t been to. Always nice to mix it up and get to ride new stuff.

One of the days Victor, Cooper and myself made it out to the Stay Strong compound. I knew that Stephen and the family were getting ready to move soon so I wanted to get out there to see Stephen before he left the States. Was a great day riding and hanging out and Stephen and the boys will be missed very much by all the guys out here in California.

Also been working on a fun Dig project with Chris that should be out in the next month. Always enjoy working with Chris. He makes me laugh most of the time so it makes for fun days out riding and filming. Stay on the look out for this one.




Tanguy Labertrande’s bike check

Tanguy over in France just recently got a fresh Monash frame and parts. Check the bike check feature we just posted right here.


Chris Courtenay video bike check

Chris Courtenay gets a session in at The Village park and Supply whilst showing off the parts that make up his current ride. Waatch more video bike checks right here.

Jourdan Barba’s rig

Jourdan came through the USA warehouse the other day and picked up some fresh parts including a brand new Monash frame in the Trans Orange. Damn that thing looks good! Also check out Jourdan’s signature Menace guard sprocket and be on the lookout for his banger new video this week!

jb bike

Milosz Siajkowski bike check

Milosz recently setup a new Monash frame around a bunch of Colony parts. Make sure you follow Milosz on Instagram via @miloszsiajkowski as he is always posting up some great clips.

milosz bike

A video posted by @miloszsiajkowski on

Tom Stretton update

Hey guys,

Sorry it’s been so long since I last checked in. Things have been a bit strange lately.

So as you know I got out of surgery about 2 months ago now. I guess you could say that’s a good thing but it really has been such drama with my knee. I couldn’t have imagined the repercussions of what I thought was such a mediocre injury.

Things are still okay, i just find myself in a huge amount of pain for no reason at times and no doctor can pinpoint the exact reason it’s happening. My knee seems to pop and give way frequently.

That being said I am still working on it daily. Things are looking better slowly. It’s a huge process. I’m looking to be riding again hopefully by October but who knows.

On a lighter not I’m participating in “Dry July” which is a huge thing for me. Alcohol has sort of rules my life for too long now and what better way to better myself than by helping others with cancer in the process. F@#K CANCER. In case anyone feels the need to donate, click here.

Much love to everyone and I hope to be riding with you all again soon! Peace!

Salute to the 4th BMX Contest

We are helping support the 4th of July contest that BMX Union puts on in Minnesota every year. You can get all the info you need right here.


Kazuki Namihira Local Lines video

Our connection over in Japan, Kazuki sessions Koe Park in Nagasaki Prefecture (Kyushu).

Filmed & Edited by Takashi Noguchi (HTB).

Feature – Nude bowl in the heat

We have a new section to the site, above in the Navigation bar you will see a FEATURES tab which will now host a bunch of original content shot with the guys. It could be a road trip article, bike check or an interview with one of the guys. Basically anything we think of. First up is a photo feature from the trip to Nude bowl a few of us took. Check it out here.


The Village jam

Alex and Tim both have good clips in this video from a jam that was put on at The Village a couple months back.

Mick Bayzand & the 30 stair handrail

6 years ago today Mick Bayzand battled with a beast of a rail but Mick is no stranger to this scenario and he came out on top.


Updates new products

Over here in Taiwan we use only the best of the best when it comes to who makes our products we design.

Check out these first samples of our up coming Grip Lock Tires that we’ve been working on for almost 2 years now. They are getting close now !!

Designed in Brisbane, Australia !!

Yo yo !!

JK clips

Jack Kelly has some good clips in this video from some local crew in his area…

Day @ the trails

Earlier this week we spent the day hitting a couple different sets of trails with Nathan and Victor. More photos and a video dropping soon.



Product Spotlight – Have fun, ride bikes snapback

The HFRB snapback is now available in the USA along with a re-stock in Australia. Hit up your favourite store to grab one before they’re all gone.


Alex Hiam smashing it!

Alex went in super hard for this new video, almost 6 minutes of absolute hammers. Shout to Dave Pendleton for filming and editing this…

Local lines with Stas Shatilo

Stas Shatilo gets session in at Krasnodar and Sochi, two of the best skate parks in Russia.

Filmed by Alexey Malinin and Anton Evstifeev.

Jourdan Barba update

Hey guys just checking in on what I’ve been up to lately.Chris Bracamonte and I have been wrapping up a new vid that I’ve been really stoked on taking day trips all over SoCal finding and riding really good spots! Cooper has been in SoCal as well lately and we’ve been taking photos and hitting pools! Nothing but good times with friends and the Colony family! Keep your eyes out for a new Colony vid dropping soon!

Instagram: @jourdanbarba / Snapchat: Jourdanbmx to keep up with my daily adventures!







Anthony @ X-Games

Anthony has some good footage near the start of this highlights video from X-Games dirt via Ride BMX.

Nathan Sykes @ Hippy bowl

Nathan Sykes gets in an afternoon session at the Hippy Bowl and lays down a few clips for the camera.

Chris Bracamonte bike check

Probably the biggest rig within the team, Chris Bracamonte rolls long and high.

Colony 21.25 Tradition frame
Colony Sweet Tooth forks
Colony Tenacious bars
Colony Squareback stem
Colony 22’s cranks
Colony Fantastic plastic pedals
Colony Pursuit sprocket 28t
Colony Wasp hubs
Colony Mid BB
Colony Contour rims
Colony Wasp front hub guards
Colony Anyway plastic pegs
Colony CC seat/post combo












The Village videos

Chris Courtenay and Josh Dove along with our friend Jayden Fuller feature in these recent videos from The Village, check them out.

Josh Dove video

Josh Dove just dropped a new video for his clothing hook up, LKI. All filmed at The Village. Happy birthday to Josh who just turned 13 a couple days ago.

Jack Kelly destroying his flat rail

With JK back from knee surgery it’s great to see him back in full swing. We got a few sessions in on his flat rail and filmed a bunch of wild moves, check it out…

Vans DVD premiere and jam in Melbourne

Strictly BMX are putting on a jam this Saturday at Prahran after the Vans DVD premiere are their shop. If you’re in town make sure you check it out. Alex Hiam will be in town as well.


Lux BMX custom Sweet Tooth

The guys over at Lux BMX built up this custom Sweet Tooth for one very lucky customer.

Check it out in full detail here now.


Yo yo !!

Melbourne DIY

Ricky Catanzariti has some great clips in this Melbourne DIY spot feature via the lens of Chris Bracamonte, check this out…