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Product highlight – 2014 complete bikes

Today, a full shipment of our 2014 complete bikes arrives into Australia & will go straight back out to dealers all over the country. This includes the following models – Premise in Bloody Black/Red, Premise in Matte Black/Purple & the limited edition Premise in Mint/Black. The Inception in Dark Red/Black as well as the Endeavour also arrive in Matte Black/Red, Purple Storm/Polished & the amazing limited edition Endeavour in the limited edition ED Gold. You have to see the ED Gold Endeavour in person, it looks the goods. Hit up your local dealer to secure yourself one now.

Other countries will have their shipments arrive from late September. But will be worth the wait. In the meantime, check out the online catalogue below & our products section of our website for full details.



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Use your Pegs Mixtape

Attlia Godi from Hungary sent through this mixtape he put together recently of crew during the years of 2008-2010. I love video’s like this because it gives you a good insight into other scene’s from across the world. Some pretty rough crashes in the intro aswell.

Michal Mycel video

Mycek always comes through with some great footage in his web video’s and this one is no exception. Filmed by Filip “Piastun” Malina. Aditional by Bartek Checinski , Mateusz “Usz” Kanownik , Mike Miller & Mack Back. Put together by Mycek himself. Poland has some spots!

Ryan at Vans US open

Just spotted this awesome photo of Ryan from the Van Doran Invitational over on Ride Bmx, so good!


Alex Hiam at VansUSopen

From all reports Alex rode really well at the Vans US Open. Here are a few photos I grabbed from his Instagram that @brandonmeans shot.



Mick @ Prahran

Mick has some real solid footage in this mix with a bunch of the team guys from Strictly Bmx which is just located around the corner from this park, really enjoyed this.

Win a 1 off limited edition Colony t-shirt!

As you may know Cooper also runs Focalpointbmx and prints our Colony t-shirts. Well he recently released a limited FP tee that are all one of a kinds because of the print process he uses to make them. While he was printing them he printed up one of each size with a Colony print so we teamed up to do this easy giveaway!

All you have to do is like the Focalpointbmx and Colony Facebook pages. That’s it! We will pick a winner for a tee next week sometime and come up with some other ways for you to win one of these very special t-shirts.


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Split Second Imports to handle UK distribution

We are very pleased to announce, that come October this year, Split Second Imports will be our official distribution outlet for 2014 Colony BMX products in the UK. This includes our entire range of 2014 complete bikes & parts. This exciting new home will bring many welcome opportunities for us & make our products more widely available than ever before. Welcome news for all out there in the UK chasing our products. For all dealers please contact Split Second Imports now to secure yourself some of the first arrivals of our 2014 ranges.

Screen shot 2013-07-25 at 8.27

Chris & Dean at the Fox Pro.

Last week in Melbourne at Rampfest saw the Fox Pro comp go down where a lot of heavy hitters were in appearance. Both Chris and Dean were in the mix and killed it! This video has footage of both the guys going in hard.

2014 completes catalogue (1st drop)

We just loaded up this flipbook showing all the specs for the new 2014 complete bikes that landed in Australia a couple weeks ago. We also got a few riding shots from some of the team guys in there to finish it all off.

There is another shipment of these 2014 bikes arriving in Australia next week, so check with your favourite Colony dealer now. The rest of the world will have these bikes arrive around late September / early October depending where you are on the planet. The USA will have them in late September.

Alex Hiam update

Alex has been a busy man over in the USA. He just shot through this update…

Hey Guys !!!

Just got back from “Tabes for the Babes” Tour to Tuscon, Arizona With a bunch of rad dudes. We broke down on the first night of the tour because the brakes failed, So we had to stay in a small town can san tee for two nights until the brakes were fixed on the RV… We were super lucky to find a nice enough mechanics to lend us a car for those two days for us to get around town.. After the brakes were fixed we were back on the road and made it safely to Arizona..

It was over 40+ Degree heat in Tucson and we were riding concrete parks all day everyday, It was exsaugthing but so fun.. Ian took us to shoot all his guns one day as-well which was so much fun !!!

The last day I rode Recon Tour At premise park, And ended up Placing 2nd in Open.. The comp was soo crazy there were over 30 riders in Open And everyone was riding so good !!! Finals was getting so intense and every one was throwing down bangers…

I Had the best time ever !!! Massive thanks to Ryan Guettler for taking all of us on this tour and a massive thanks to Premise Park and Ian !!!!

Also I shot a bunch of photos with the photographer from RIDEbmx and he is doing a 8 page story about the trip and the web video will be out soon!! I also just got invited to ride the Vans US open HB invitational comp on the 27th of this month!! Sooo happy and stoked.

Dealer highlight – Dark Riders in Greece

Holding things down in Greece for us is Dark Riders. They have our full 2013 product ranges in stock & also throw support to the local riding scene. Here is a cool sequence of one of their riders that they flow Colony too, Vasilis Antoniou with a nice Luc-E to tooth grind. Hit up Dark Riders now for all your Colony needs in Greece.

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Bobbie Altiser – Ten Clips

So out of nowhere I got an email from Bobbie telling me he had filmed a ten clips. The next day I have a file ready for download and I just knew there would be some treats in it. Bobbie didn’t disappoint and continues his ever progressing and creative riding. Thanks to Dylan Crane for filming this.

Advert – Tom Stretton

Tom scores the latest print advert in the current Albion mag. I love this shot because it was taking Tom a few shots to get this clip and the one time he gets it was when all the school kids came along and stopped to watch, they were so interested in it.

New distribution in the USA

I am pleased to announce to the BMX world some big news regarding us here at Colony BMX.

Starting from the 2014 season, so meaning from approx. September 1st this year, we will be switching up our distribution outlet in the USA. Sidewall will no longer be our distributor.

We will be doing something not yet done by any BMX brand in the industry & we will be opening our own distribution company in another country. Based in California, we will be handling exclusive distribution duties to all US based dealers. We are very excited about this progressive move forward.

What will this mean for the average rider out there? It will mean finally you will be able to get Colony products in all good US dealers country wide. No longer will our products be very hard to locate & purchase. It also means our products will be more affordable then ever before, something all riders will appreciate.

What will this mean for the US dealers out there? It will mean you will have good continuous supply, great service & strong back up support for all our products. Something we feel very strongly about.

We have none other than, legend Keith Treanor coming into the family to run things for us in the USA. Keith’s managing role will be handling all the duties associated with this new venture. To have someone like Keith involved is an amazing honour & we are really excited about it all.

Being that we will have an office in California, will also mean marketing wise you will see a much stronger presence of Colony out there. Finally we will be able to support our riders in the USA how we want too.

Full details will be released in the weeks ahead but expect to see a lot more of Colony in the months & years ahead in the USA. Thing’s are about to get real.

You can also read a short interview about it all over on The Come Up by clicking here now.

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TCU Instagram Slam Ft. Alex Hiam & Ryan Guettler…

This was entertaining. Check out the latest feature from TCU featuring Alex Hiam & Ryan Guettler with Dakota Roche. Well worth a watch.

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Canadian Concrete 2013 Series

It all kicks off this weekend for the Canadian Concrete Series for 2013. Get yourself to Brookswood park in Langley, Canada for the first of the 3 part series. As always we here at Colony support these events along with our awesome distributor in Canada, Kill Em All Distro. Yew !!

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2020 Issue 48 drops soon…

A very special issue number 48 for those that know. The new 2020 magazine will be out soon so keep an eye out for it. Action packed with coverage of our recent #followthelinestour from Rocky to Canberra & everywhere in between plus you can win a 2014 Sweet Tooth frame, how cool is that? Check it out.

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Dealer highlight – Vale BMX

Vale BMX on the Gold Coast have recently undergone a bunch of changes. New management & a new location are amongst the changes at hand. They are now housed inside the GC Compound indoor park in Upper Coomera. There website is being updated as we speak but in the meantime you can get at them via email on or via their new phone number on 07 5519 3560. They are open 6 days a week from midday till 7.30pm every day excluding Mondays.

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Heading to Woodward West

We are off to Woodward West again for the video shootout. We will be there week 10 from the 4th to the 10th of August. If you are hitting it up that week make sure to come say hi to all the guys and grab some stickers off of us. Below is our video from last year which was an amazing week!

Product highlight – Wasp Hubs

Out in late September in Canada, the USA & Australia, with other countries to follow in November, are our brand new Wasp Hubs. These have been in development for over a year now & we are really happy with the result.

These are designed to be extra fast rolling along with a louder cassette mechanism. Chris Courtenay & others have been testing them & are in love. Only available in female axle these are still great for peg use.

Black & Rainbow Anodised are your colour choices & only RHD at this stage. LHD drive to come at a later date. More details closer to the release date.

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Coppin’ it Sweet DVD trailer

So pretty much as soon as Stu finished the 2011 Colony DVD he put everything he had into filming the Coppin’ it Sweet DVD which is now very close to being finished. Here is the trailer for the DVD which definitely has a good vibe to it and both Clint and Marnold have full sections so keep an eye out for it.

Chris Courtenay places 3rd at the Worlds

Chris Courtenay just placed 3rd in pro park at the Worlds in Cologne, Germany. Congrats mate !! Chris has been killing it of late & it’s great to see him do so well over there. He will soon jet back to Australia for a comp organised down in Melbourne. Then it’s off to the USA for the Colony week at Woodward West for the 2013 shootout video contest. Good times ahead !!

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Video Re-up

Over the past few months some solid video’s have dropped from some of the crew with more to follow, here are a couple to start your day off right.

Product highlight – Squareback Stem

Our new Squareback Stem features 7075T6 full CNC construction with aesthetics that are pleasing to the eye & functional. With a rise of 33.0mm they offer a higher bar height to meet today’s riding demands. Available in a range of colours & available now in Australia with other markets in September / October this year. Check them out closer here now.

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FTLT coming to an end

Well for me this trip has been a solid 4 weeks of filming and driving and although the past week has been from home it has still felt like a trip. In the very early hours of tomorrow morning both Brandon and Jourdan will be heading back home overseas and Tom headed back to Brisbane this evening. It’s been a blast and we got some really solid footage. Here are a couple photos from just before of the guys packing up and chilling watching all the footage from the past weeks.

Chris Courtenay in Germany

Chris Courtenay is over in Germany for the 2013 Worlds right now. If you’re over there make sure to go up & say g’day. Look out for the guy airing higher than most & having a blast of a time. Good luck over there mate !!

Check out his signature CC Sprocket while you’re at it here now. Available everywhere.

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Ten clips throwback – Millar

Today is a year to the day that this ten clips was filmed with boss man Millar, how time flies when you’re having fun. A new one is being filmed today as well, so keep an eye out for that. #frontbrakes

Product highlight – Anyway Plastic Pegs

Our Anyway Plastic Pegs have been in the works for a while now & are finally out in Australia & Canada. Other markets will have them in September / October this year.

Featuring an alloy core with a replaceable plastic sleeve these babies will slide on almost any surface with ease. They are that little bit longer too, making them great for crooked grinds and other tricks. All at a great price too. So check them out at a Colony dealer near you now.

A few guys on the team are actually running these pegs without the plastic sleeves for those who are weight conscious. They are crazy light & perfect for park use without the sleeves.

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Marnold video

Marnold is a boss and went in hard for this web video. Enjoy the video then check out his signature Talon bars here.