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Prody 8 – What Goes On premiere

23 years to the day after Prody 7 was premiered, it’s finally happened.

Featuring riders from all over the planet, it’s a video that will appeal to anyone that loves BMX from the ’80’s, ’90’s, 2000’s, 2010’s & to the current day.

A classic mix of mini ramp, park, flatland, dirt, vert & street riding.

Filmed & edited by Clint Millar.

“Prody 8 – What Goes On” will premiere on the big screen at the Elizabeth Picture Theatre, 175 Elizabeth Street, Brisbane City.

Tickets on sale now with only 130 seats available & as of right now, there are only 25 seats available.

Head to the Family Distribution site or the link here to grab your seat now.

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Landscapes video now available

Stu Munro hit us up to let everyone know that the flatland DVD Landscapes is now available for purchase right here. Below is the info you need to know along with thee trailer for the video. Both Simon and Shane have footage in this…

“Landscapes ” is a new full length video showcasing some of the best flatlanders from around the world. Featuring Simon O’Brien, Alex Worden, Yorihisa Shiota, Seppl Pospischil, Viki Gomez, Iwata Tang-meng Hiroki, Masashi Itani, George Manos, Sebastian Grubinger, Thomas Noyer ,Brandon Fenton, Paul Chamberlain and many more !

Round 1 of DUG Flatland series

Mark this one in your calendars if you’re anywhere near Adelaide, head down for a session with most of Australia’s best flatlanders for round 1 of the Down Underground series. Shane, Simon and Clint will all be there for the session.

Speaking of flatland, you can checkout the entire Exon Flatland range that we do right here.

DUG_Round 1_Series 8_Adelaide

Shane Badman update

Hey guys!

Ahhhh summer – it’s here! I’m writing my first update from Adelaide, where I’m originally from but last lived here about 10 years or so ago before I went to Europe, Brisbane and a bunch of other places.

So the past few months have been beyond hectic with selling a house in Victoria, emptying and sorting out life, then packing everything into a truck and driving it over to Adelaide to start a new life. In between all this I’m stoked that I’ve been able to keen a fair bit of riding going which has been awesome.

I had a few really good demos that I did just before coming to Adelaide. The first one was with Nikon Australia where I worked with professional sports and action photographer, Mark Watson (who is a ninja when it comes to getting dope shots!). Mark was doing workshops over 3 days at the Nikon Digital Show that they were running at the Melbourne Convention Centre and what better way to instruct photographers than having a live test subject to photograph – me! So it was pretty awesome that flatland got centre stage and BMX got taken to a much different audience. After the workshops, we headed out into Melbourne and managed to catch some really good photos.

After the Nikon demos I had a week of riding at home before I flew out to Tasmania where I did the Derby River Derby festival. I had done this demo a few years back and it was a really good, chilled out vibe and more importantly a good crowd and there is also an awesome riding spot to have there. A lot of demos you do, you sometimes get pretty ordinary places to ride so it was really nice to have somewhere legit.

Massive thanks and shoutout to Mark Watson and Nikon for the workshops and also Matty Wootton and the rest of the Derby River Derby guys for inviting me out – cheers!

Since being back in Adelaide I’ve been trying to get myself sorted with my old riding spots. Once life settles back into a normal routine I have some really big things that I’d like to get onto for 2016 so watch this space!

Instagram – @shanebadman

Shane Badman_front wheel switch_Photo - Mark Watson

Shane Badman_front wheel_Photo - Mark Watson

Shane Badman_Upside Pedal Megaspin_Photo - Mark Watson

Shane Badman update

Hey guys! Finally winter has passed and spring is here meaning that I can go back to riding regularly and without worrying if I’m gonna snap a finger off because of the cold!

To pass the final month of winter in Australia, I headed over to Europe for just under 4 weeks with my lady, Nina. We basically a week in the UK, Lake Como in Italy and in Greece where we did some sailing around the Greek Islands. The bike came with me (of course!) and I managed to get a bit of riding in which was awesome and catch up with a few friends over there while enjoying some awesome Euro summer weather.

The other cool thing was that Nina and I got engaged! Being a bit of Star Wars and James Bond fella, I popped the questions at one of the villas near Lake Como where the movies are filmed, so not only did she say yes but I have an awesome story to go with it haha!

Since being back in Australia it’s been pretty hectic as I’m about to be moving back to Adelaide in the next month which will be awesome. Before I go I’ve got a bunch of shows lined up with Nikon Cameras in Melbourne and at a festival in Derby River in Tasmania. Can’t wait, some good times on the road coming up.

The other thing I am really stoked on is the full 2016 Colony EXON Flatland range is now out and available worldwide. Massive thanks to Clint and everyone at Colony for being behind flatland since day I and making this happen!

Hopefully see all you guys out there riding! Check where I’m at on

Instagram @shanebadman

Ride on!


Badman_The Green Mile London


Over on the Focalpoint website there is a photo gallery shot by Cooper which among others features Zac, Marnold, Luke Parker and Shane Badman. You can view all the images right here.



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A night with Shane Badman

Tuesday night I spent rolling around Melbourne city with Shane on the hunt for some unique spots to shoot photo’s. We came up on a few great spots and the photos below are the result from shooting at them, we had a bunch more spots planned but ran out of time so no doubt we will be back at it soon…




DownUnderGround this weekend

The Sydney leg & first stop of the 2015 DownUnderGround Flatland Series, is on this weekend in Sydney. We’ve donated a brand new 2016 Colony EXON flatland frame prototype as a raffle with all proceeds going towards the pro purse. Anyone can won the frame, just buy some tickets. Should be a big day of flatland happenings down in Sydney on Saturday.


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Shane Badman update

2014 has been a hectic year! Crazy to think that it is December all ready, it wasn’t that long ago I was thinking what I wanted to do this year riding wise and now I’m starting to think about 2015.

The past few months have been super busy. I got a chance to go on an awesome riding trip to Japan for 8 days with some really good crew. Such a good place for BMX for sure with so many young riders that dominate! We rode at Osaka, Kobe and Kyoto – all with amazing scenes and Japanese awesomeness.

On getting back I got the demos done for the T20 International Cricket competition in Adelaide and Melbourne. We had a really small space to ride, but stoked that over 50,000 people got to see BMX and Flatland up close and personal over the two shows. Good times.

We also recently had the last round of the national DownUnderGround BMX Flatland series that Colony are behind and have supported since day One (thanks guys!). Strong turnout in Pro and I ended up finishing in 3rd place and 2nd overall for the year end title. Pretty happy, but keen to do better next year for sure!

The best thing that has happened though… The prototype frame and parts that Simon O’Brien and myself have been working on designing with Clint and Colony on, have arrived. This includes: frame, forks, bars, stem, cranks, sprocket and pegs. They are riding really good and the feedback on them from everyone has been awesome so very stoked on that for sure. Massive thanks to Clint and Colony for supporting Flatland all these years!!

Summer officially has landed so it’s all about riding as much as possible! Hit me up on instagram @shanebadman


T20 International Cricket Demo_Shane Badman


Down Under Ground Rd 2

Round 2 of the Down Under Ground flatland series is a video round. So get out there & film your own 2 min run & get it entered. Click here for full info on the BMX Flatland Australia website for full details.

Downunderground round 2 - the video round 2014

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Shane Badman update

Hey guys, daylight saving has arrived which means more riding time. Stoked. Got a busy month or so coming up with some demos at the T20 and heading to Japan next week for a riding trip with a bunch of rowdy BMXers… good times ahead. I also did a interview with BMXflatlandAustralia in their Who’s Downunder series. You can check it out here.


Shane Badman_water tank | Photo by Andras Pentek

Photos by Andras Pentek.

Shane Badman update

Hey guys, the other weekend I made the trip over to Sydney for the first stop of the DownUnderGround Flatland Series for 2014. The series has been going for a few years now and it was awesome to see the turnout with so many riders throwing down in all 3 classes. I managed to get second place in Pro which I was super stoked on!

There’s a full writeup on the DownUnderGround weekend over at BMX Flatland Australia and a few pics and whatnot on my instagram @shanebadman.



DownUnderGround Round One 2014

Next Saturday, on the 18th of January is the first round of the DownUnderGround Flatland Series for 2014. Being held in Sydney it should be a good central event. Word has it that our Shane Badman & Simon O’Brien will be attending.

The organisers would like to make a point of letting everyone know, that all riders are welcome, especially those that are not actual “flat landers” themselves. It will be a great day to hone in those bike controls skills, like hang fives & nose wheelies that are all so integral to modern day BMX riding.

So get yourself along for an awesome day with some of the best flatland riders in the country, should be good times for sure. We are once again proud to support these events & must thank Freestyle Now for organising them as always & for 2020 Magazine for their continued support for series as well.

downunderground round one sydney january 2014

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Shane Badman update

Shane always seems to be up to something cool…

“Busy past few months for sure. Since coming back from my trip to Europe I hit up the final stop of the DownUnderGround Flatland series in Australia in Melbourne and was stoked to take the win!

A good mate of mine from Hungary, Andras Pentek also came for a month to travel, ride and shoot some photos and video for some magazine and web projects that he’s got going on back in Europe. We started in Perth, then Adelaide, then onto Melbourne and a roadtrip through Tasmania. Good times.

While in Tassie, I also did some demos for one of their biggest country festivals, the Derby River Derby which was a lot of fun.

A couple of weeks back, I got an invite to do a flatland show at a professional photographic studio in Melbourne as they were doing a product launch and needed an action subject to test the equipment to an audience of pro photographers. Good times and thanks to Chris Polack for that one.

Gonna be on the road for 16 days over Christmas and New Years across Victoria and South Australia so will keep you guys updated!

And don’t forget to follow me on instagram @shanebadman. I’ve also been updating my site a lot with what I’ve been up to with a heap more detail as well”

Photo: Matt Harvey

Shane Badman - photographer Matt Harvey

Shane Badman update

Shane shot over an update of his travels…

“Hey guys! So I’m back in Australia now after spending the past Australian winter over in Europe riding in their summer. Good times. We flew back into Perth where we spent a few days riding with the local crew before heading out on a roadtrip around south western W.A.

I managed to do a quick photo shoot with Andras Pentek near one of the big bridges in Budapest before we left so check out one of the photos of me doing a blender. Andras is also out with me for a month in Aus, so look out for this dude!

The other cool thing to check out is a small interview I did for one of Hungary’s major BMX sites; You can check out my interview here which also has an English version when you scroll down.

Will be heading back across to Adelaide soon with a bunch more riding and road trips planned. The DownUnderGround BMX jam will be going down in Melbourne on Sunday, October 20 at Imax so come and say hi!

You can follow me on Instagram @shanebadman

Shane_blender_legend copy

Shane Badman update

Badman seems to travel more then me which is a good thing!

“Checking in from Europe! So for the past couple of months I’ve been living in Budapest, Hungary out in eastern Europe. Got an awesome apartment in downtown and have just been spending each day riding and having a good time on my bike learning old tricks and working on a bunch of new stuff.

It’s been summer over here so have been making the most of it with a few trips to the UK and Czech Republic along the way. One of the best things about BMX is having friends all over the world and having the opportunity to travel and visit them.

So I’ve got another few weeks here and then back to Australia for the summer there. One of my good mates from Hungary, Andras Pentek who runs a massive shop over here OG Bike Shop, is coming with me so we’re gonna spend a month doing a west coast to east coast trip with a heap of riding along the way. Good times ahead!

Ride on good peoples and will check in again soon…!”


Shane Badman update

Shane Badman shot through an update…

Busy time for me lately as I’ve been trying to ride as much as possible as I’ll be heading to Europe for the summer over there and living in Budapest, Hungary. I’ve spent a lot of time there over the years so I’m stoked to be able to go there and just spend all day, everyday riding! Got a bunch of trips planned across Europe and keen to hit up a few events as well. After having all that time off over the past couple years with my injury I am STOKED to be back on it and motivated to ride. Fun times ahead!

I also had a chance to hang out with Simon O’Brien the other day when he had a weekend away from his hardcore Navy training that he’s doing at the moment. Was good to spend time hanging out and riding. Also got a mini-interview done with him which is up on the BMX Flatland Australia site that you can check out here. We’ve got a few more things planned in the coming weeks if he gets the chance to get another weekend away so stay tuned….

Talk soon peoples and don’t forget to hit me up on Instagram @shanebadman

Shane Badman update…

Shane has been a busy man of late…

Hey guys, It’s been a busy start of the year for me starting out in January doing some demos in Sydney with Simon O’Brien that were a lot of fun. In February and after a bunch of years living in Brisbane, I recently moved down to Gippsland in country Victoria for a bit of a change. Being only a couple hours from Melbourne I’ve been making the treks in to ride on weekends and trying to spend as much time as possible as I can riding before winter gets here.

I have also been doing a bunch of roadtrips to Adelaide and catching up with the local crew there. If you’re ever in Adelaide you gotta stop by my good mate Matt Hodgeson’s shop, Little Black Bike in the city. He stocks a full range of Colony gear and has been in the BMX game a very long time so knows his stuff. Don’t forget to hit me up on Instagram @shanebadman

Sydney demo’s

Simon and Shane were just down in Sydney doing demo’s at the waterpark in Penrith where the rowing was held at the 2000 Olympics, the guys said it was a solid turnout and a great day.

Colony flatland program…

Way back in 1988 when I started riding, I primarily rode flatland. I was however one of the few riders that rode flatland & also did ramp, street & dirt back then. Given my links to flatland back in the day, it was natural that I wanted to do a flatland range within Colony as a company. Especially when good friends of mine Shane Badman & Simon O’Brien were without support at the time it made perfect sense to help them out.

Over the years we have supported flatland as much as we can. It’s no secret that the flatland market is a small one indeed. Through our strong position within BMX as a whole we have been able to support this for some time but at some point we needed the flatland program to support itself. Unfortunately this has not been the case & after much deliberation & sadness we have had to pull the plug on our flatland program.

We will still support Shane, Simon & Shintaro as much as possible with our products but we will no longer be making any new flatland products moving forward.

The guys at Flatland Fuel still have some stocks while they last so if there is something you want before it’s all gone, I would at fast.

I would like to take this time to thank everyone for their support throughout the years, we’ve had some of the best riders on the planet ride some of our products & that is amazing to think about. So thanks for the good times & may the they continue into the future. You never know… we may bring out some very, very limited edition flatland products from time to time.

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Wallpaper: Shane Badman

We shot this a couple years back now and it ended up being used for a flatland calender, I really love this shot of Shane so I figured why not make it a desktop background? Download here for widescreen and here for standard screen size.

The Badman checks in…

If you’re into flatland make sure you check out Shane’s online flatland specific store. The only place to get flatland gear in Australia. Newcircle is the name & flatland is the game.. check it.

Shane Badman sent in a quick update of his travels of late.

Left Brisbane about a week ago or so and with my bike in my car I drove down the east coast of Australia taking in a bunch of places along the way. It was good to check out Byron Bay and Coffs Harbour again but with all the rain we’ve been having here the past few weeks unfortunately I couldn’t get out for any decent sessions. So driving on, I went through Sydney, past Canberra and on through the Snowy Mountains to a little country town called Traralgon in eastern Victoria where my girlfriend’s family live. Plan is to have Christmas here, then spend a little time in Melbourne with the local riders before heading on to Adelaide along the Great Ocean Road and then back to Brisbane.

Since I’ve been away I’ve been getting in as much riding as possible and even did a demo yesterday at Toongabbie Primary School, which is an awesome little country town out in country Victoria. Thanks for having me guys and it was awesome to see the kids stoked on BMX and Flatland! More updates soon… Shane.

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New team pages…

It’s been a while coming but when you have a team as large as ours these things do take longer than expected. We have all new team pages with interviews, photos & videos on all the team members. This includes our newest editions to the pro team ranks, Marnold & Tom Stretton. Along with the flow team, flatland crew & family members there is plenty of new stuff to check out. This should keep you busy for a couple hours, plenty to read, watch & take in. Click here now to scope it all out in it’s freshness.

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Shane Badman checks in…

Shane Badman sent in an email about what he has been up to of late…

“After having my arm operation in May to get some issues worked out (I had my bionic, Terminator style arm installed), I’ve been keeping things on the downlow while it’s been healing up. As any rider knows, downtime seriously sucks. When you see all of your mates and everyone around you riding and you can’t… it’s tough! But I’ve been keeping busy with the store over at Newcircle and have done a few interviews on BMXflatlandAustralia and Offline Magazine out of Hungary which was super awesome.

Since I’ve slowly started to ride again in the past few weeks I’ve also been doing a few demos. I did one at the Bike and Lifestyle show in Brisbane and more recently got one done at a company called H2 Insurance Solutions for a launch party. The H2 Insurance gig was awesome – the guy Jason Holmes that runs it is fully down with BMX and action sports and is the guy who does the insurance for Travis Pastrana’s Nitro Circus when it tours Aus and also monster trucks. Stoked that I’m riding again haha!!”

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Shane Badman interview

Shane Badman has an interview over on the Offline Magazine website. You can check it out here now.

Photo: Stephen Joseph.

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More from Badman…

Shane Badman with an awesome run before he goes under the knife for surgery on his elbow. Check out more videos from Shane over on the Newcircle site.

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Shane Badman…

Shane Badman has been doing some filming lately & has a bunch of mini edits coming out over the next week. He goes under the knife next week to fix an elbow issue he has had for a while now. Wishing you the fastest recovery mate. During his down time it will give him a little more time to work on Newcircle. If you’re looking for anything Colony flatland then make sure you check out Newcircle BMX.

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Shane Badman’s new bike…

Shane Badman just put together a new bike with some fresh new colours. You can read about the special paint job over on the Newcircle site by clicking here now. Check out his Colony parts list below…

Frame: Colony Cube 18″
Fork: Colony Cube
Headset: Colony headset
Stem: Colony TLD
Bars: Colony Cube V2
Levers: Colony Transformer V2
Front wheel: Colony Contour wheel
Pegs: Colony Jam Circle (rear drilled out to 14mm)
Seat: Colony Flatland
Seatpost: Colony Flatland 330mm
Cranks: Colony Colonial Flatland Cranks 160mm
Sprocket: Colony Jam Circle 20t
Rear wheel: Colony Contour Rim laced to a 14mm Nankai Bamboo

Mods: Double front brakes yo!

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Shane Badman update…

Shane has been super busy of late, I will let him tell the story though…

It’s been a crazy past few months for sure. End of last year was hectic with trips to Japan, UK and Malaysia. In between I also headed to Melbourne for demos and finished up in December by going to China for a week to do more demos for their national TV station, CCTV. I got the invite for the 2 Guinness World Records that I got earlier in the year – pretty stoked on that and I heard that it was on Channel 7 in December as well but I missed seeing it, bummer!!

After getting back from China I hung around Brisbane a few days sorting a few things out with Newcircle as we were due to get the new complete Apprentice flatland bikes in (dope!). Then I hopped in my car and drove 2,520kms over the next 2 days to get back to Adelaide in time for Christmas – VW all the way yo! Bit of an epic trip dodging floods, messed up roads and Kangaroos… gotta love Australia!

Adelaide was sweet… hung out mostly, gotta bunch of riding in and kept it low-key. Chillin.

Because of all the floods I decided to come back a little early and made the 2,500km return trip to Brisbane… just in time to get back to the gnarliest floods that nearly swept the whole city away! As crazy as it was, good to hear that most people got through it ok, but a lot of people had a super tough time with it so I hope they pull through…

So now I’m looking forward to February as we have the first round of the Newcircle DownUnderground Flatland Series happening in Bridport in Tasmania over the 19th/20th – check it out if you’re down that way!

Shane Badman checks in…

Shane Badman has been a busy man… read on below on what he has been up too…

It’s been a pretty hectic past few months from me. First up I spent 17 days in Japan taking it all in. I’ve never heard anyone saying a bad thing about going & after spending a little time there I can totally see why – Japan rules!! Anyone who’s into BMX needs to get across, so much stuff to ride & the riders there are awesome!

After Japan I came back to Australia for a couple days, basically enough time to sort my bike & clothes, then get on another flight to London with a stopover in Kuala Lumpur.

I’d made some plans to spend time with my good friends there including Shintaro Misawa who also rides for Newcircle with me & Mat Dagu who rides for Colony in Malaysia. So after picking me up we all headed to the riding spot where there were about a dozen riders all sessioning really hard. It was about 10pm at night & after not sleeping for 2 days I crashed out by accident – oops haha!!

So after spending a day with everyone in KL, they were kind enough to take me back to the airport where I hopped the plane for London.

London was basically me spending a bit of time riding at the work famous The Green Mile spot at West Norwood in South London. If you ride flatland, this spot is basically one of the best in the world & the crew that rides here are dope!!

My plan was to spend the next couple weeks here riding & hanging out with everyone. But this is the UK in November & with all the rain that was had not as much riding got done but it was still an awesome time for sure.

After leaving London I had another stopover in Kuala Lumpur where the guys met me at the airport again. This time I had been sleeping so I was proper down to ride haha! They got me at 9pm & after stopping off for some food we got to the riding spot just after midnight. As always a tonne of riders were throwing down & it was 6am before we closed the session & all headed home. Damn.

So back in Australia about to enjoy a summer full of riding. Will be going to Melbourne in the beginning of December for shows & then Beijing, China for more shows on their National TV station & talking about the 2 Guinness World Records I broke earlier this year.

And super stoked on the Colony Apprentice complete flatland bike coming out. I heard those cool cats over at Newcircle are getting a stack in so if you’re down with the Ground Work you need to head over there & get yours already!!

Keep an eye for more updates from the road….

Yo yo !!