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Haimona repping as always

Haimona Ngata, our man in Auckland, New Zealand is shown below repping Colony as always. Ho, as we all know him, is a living legend in the NZ riding scene, whether he likes it or not.

I remember the first time I ever met him was in Brisbane in 1999. He was there with a good selection of my favourite New Zealand riders for the Planet X Gaymes. I remember him & Shoe-G from Japan getting on top of the wall ride on the street course after the finals swinging their male apendages around. I also kinda recall drinking a bottle of Black Sambucca on my back porch while talking about mowing the lawn in my Hoffman Boks shoes, haha. Priceless. Ho rules.

Thanks to Mike from Zombie BMX for the photo. Check out his website HERE.

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Web Video Mix Section

I have decided to release some of the bonus material from our ‘A Month In The Life Of’ DVD here for all those that haven’t been able to get a copy themselves. 

This week we have the ‘Mix 2’ section featuring Nick Richardson, Benny Paulsen, Haimona Ngata, Pete Radivo & Tim Wood.

Click HERE to check it out yourself.

If you wanna see the full length DVD contact your favourite BMX shop now.  


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Happy Birthday Liam !!

Hey everyone, it’s Liam’s 23rd birthday today… hip hip, hooray !! Happy birthday Liam & hope you had a great weekend of celebrations & am not feeling it too much at work today. Thanks for being a part of Colony & I look forward to having a few drinks with you in the near future. 

I am sure Liam will have many nights like this ahead on the piss. Happy birthday mate.

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Ryan upgrading his backyard ramp

Ryan sent me a pic of the upgrades he is doing on his already cool backyard set-up in Greenville, NC. Can’t wait too see the finished product. Should make for some really fun backyard sessions. Check back in the next weeks for pics of the finished ramp. 


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Mick Bayzand is in town

Yo… Mick Bayzand is in Brisbane for the first time in almost ten years. He is staying at my place & we will be hitting up what B-town has to offer in the way of street, parks & what not. Should be a good week. Look out for a possible web video from the weeks adventures. In fact, were off to start filming this afternoon.


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20Twenty Store

There is a cool BMX store called 20Twenty located in Aberdeen, Scotland ran by a rider by the name of Mike Ellington. Mike carries an extensive range of Colony products & we appreciate his support. Mike also hooks up local rider Lewis Watson with Colony with the help of Shindig Distributions.

I visited the store back in 2004 & Mike let myself & James Hitchcox stay at his place for the night. If you’re ever in the area drop in and say G’Day (or what ever they say up there? Maybe I should’ve asked Scottish John for what they say up there?)

An upcoming advert in DIG Mag for Mikes store.

Yeah Lewis is pretty good on his bike.


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Kenny Raggett advert

I have known Kenny for around 12 years now & he can still manage to impress me with his riding abilities. Take this 360 table for instance… I love this shot. Thanks to Steve Morrisey for the pic by the way.

This is our latest advert that you will see in the latest issue of Ride as well as future issues of DIG2020 BMX & Focalpoint magazines. So go out now & buy an Endeavor complete bike & reward yourself with one of the best value complete bikes out there today.


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James Steele & winter in Canada

James Steele, our flow team rider from Canada, sent me an email recently about what he has been up to of late dealing with the Canadian winter. Read on…  

I’ve just been working and riding as much as I can. The weather here is pretty bad right now. We’ve got about 2 and a half feet of snow on the ground right now and it’s not looking like it’s going anywhere fast.

So I’ve been riding the few indoor parks that we’ve got around here, which has been OK. Not the most fun thing to do that’s for sure. Can’t wait for some nice weather. I did get a photo shot that is OK. It’s indoors so its nothing I’m too stoked on, either way I’ll send it along with this email.

Other then that, not to much new happening over here. I just got some flights booked up for May. I’m gonna be going to Vancouver for a month and a bit to chill and ride. So I’ve got something to look forward too! – James. 


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Some say artwork…

… Others say just well designed BMX parts that meet & exceed todays riders demands.Like our Transformer Levers for instance.


Or perhaps the Official Stem.


What about the Official Forks?forks.jpg 

Even our Headsets are considered a desirable part to any bike.headsets.jpg 

Ryan’s sprocket has been refered to as one of the best looking sprockets out today.


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Steve Woodward checking in.

Steve just sent me some cools pics of him riding his new Bloody Oath he has just put together. Looks pretty good & as always Steve can certainly ride it rather well. Steve fucking rules.




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Benny Paulsen bike check

Achim from Fastpace Distribution in Germany just sent me this bike check on our German flow team rider, Benny Paulsen. Check out his sweet new ride below. Word.


Name: Benny Paulsen
Age: 26
Hometown: Moers, Germany.
Sponsors: Colony, Odyssey, Carhartt, Vans, Fuse.

Frame: Colony Bloody Oath 21″ TT
Fork: Official Forks V3
Headseat: FSA
Crankset: Odyssey Wom-bolt
BB Set: Odyssey
Gyro: Odyssey Alu
Sprocket: Odyssey Vermont 28t
Chain: A Chain
Pedals: Odyssey Jim C.Trail mix
Handlebar: Colony Unlucky13 7.9 rise
Stem: Colony Official Stem
Grips: Odyssey Matt Beringer
Saddle: Colony Mid Pivotal Seat
Seat Post: Colony Pivotal Seatpost
Seat Clamp: Built-in seat clamp
Front Hub: Odyssey Vandero 2
Rear Hub: Odyssey Cassette mit 10t driver ?
Rims: Odyssey 7K
Spokes: Odyssey
Front Tire: Odyssey Dirt Path Plyte 2.1
Rear Tire: Odyssey Path Plyte 1.85
Pegs: Colony One Way Park Peg – only left side
Brakes: Odyssey Evo 2
Brake Lever: Colony Transformer Lever


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Colony US trip web video #1…

Wanna see Liam’s amazing PSI rail ride as on the cover of the current issue of Ride BMX magazine? Then click HERE to see this & a bunch of other riding from the Colony team. This footage was filmed all in one day in Athens, GA late last year. Enjoy.Check back in the next week or two for the next in a series of web videos from the rest of our US trip & others filmed here in Australia. Hope you like my filming & editing…group.jpg 

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Liam Fahy-Hampton gets the cover of Ride BMX.

Check it out… Liam & Colony both get their first cover of Ride BMX & we get a full blown story within the pages of the magazine. The story is based around our US trip late last year with the team.

Check back really soon in the next week for the release of the web videos from the trip & others we have been filming for.

This cover is huge for us & I am so stoked for Liam. Truely deserved for sure with an epic PSI ride down 16 stairs. Fuck yeah Liam.


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Angela’s new 2008 Sect frame…


Angela Dobbie just sent me some pics of her new bike she has just built up. A 2008 model Sect frame in 20.5 in Metallic Bloody Red. These frames along with our entire 2008 range of frames will be available early April.

The Sect is Kenny Ragget’s signature frame & like all our 2008 frames is full post heat treated giving it superior strength at an incredible weight of 4.5lbs.

Kenny doing what some say he does best, talking on the mic.

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Sect Limited Edition Complete Bike

Our Sect Limited Edition Complete bike has to be one of the best value high end bikes to ever come out of a box ready to ride. It’s packed with every high end part we make & parts from other companies like wethepeople & Primo. Check the products section for full details on the spec.

These very special bikes are produced in a limited run of 75 for the year for the entire world. So you know you’re lucky if you happen to score yourself one. Word.


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Pete Radivo bike check

Pete Radivo is back in action after a long 8 months off his bike due to a knee reconstruction. He was at the recent BMX Games killing it & looking like he never took a day off from riding. Pete rules.

I got a couple pics of his new bike here & it looks great. Pete still rides for our friends at wethepeople for frames & Colony for parts.

FRAME: WTP Elektro – Glow Lime Green
FORKS: Colony MVP V2
BARS: Colony Unlucky13 Tall
BAR ENDS: Colony Konka
STEM: Colony Official
GRIPS: WTP Slapshot
LEVER: Colony Transformer CNC Lever
FRONT WHEEL: WTP Supreme Front Wheel
REAR WHEEL: Colony Clone cassette with ceramic bearing 9t driver with Demolition Rim
SPROCKET: Colony Official 25T
CRANKS: WTP Royal Cranks
PEDALS: Wellgo MG-1
SEAT POST: Macneil Pivotal
SEAT: Macneil Imperial Pivotal
TYRES: Shadow Tyres
PEGS: Colony Oneway
WEIGHT: 10.7kgs or 23.5lbs




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Clone Hubs… How are they made?

Ever wondered how a BMX hub is made? Well wonder no more !! 99% of high end BMX hubs are made the following way…

Start with a solid rod of alloy material & place it in the 20,000 tonne cold press.

Press the ‘go’ button & within 2 seconds you have the basic shape of a cassette hub.


The hub shell is then machined down to its finished shape & the axle & hardware assembled into the shell.

Done, easy as that. Well, not that easily done. Cassette hubs have so many intricate parts & need to be made to exacting tolerances that they are actually a difficult part to make. But worth all that extra work in the end for our bikes & how they ride.

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Clone Hubs are getting closer…

Finally, after a year of testing & development we have arrived at our final design for our highly anticipated Clone Hubs.

The front hub features a 7075T6 bolt style axle with 10mm bolts & special hardware. It has a very small shell design & will only come in 36 hole. The front hub weighs in at a mere 223 grams (0.49lbs)

The cassette hub features a ceramic bush inside the 9T driver. This design is much stronger & eliminates the failures caused by bearings exploding. We will offer an exclusive ONE YEAR WARRANTY on the driver. This kind of warranty is an industry first.

The axle is CrMo & is hollowed out & accepts an 8mm allen key for easy maintenance. The hub shell itself is as small as possible & will only be available in 36 hole. Left or Right hand drive versions will be offered & it has no titanium to be found, yet weighs in at an impressive 394grams (0.866lbs)

The Clone Hubs will be available worldwide late June 2008 in Black, Red or Purple.




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Zac Miner / Colony / Backbone BMX


What do all of the above have in common? Well, besides all living & breathing BMX, all of the above have now teamed up. Zac Miner is now officially a Backbone / Colony flow rider. He just today put together his new ride & is now Bloody Oath mounted with a slew of our fine parts.

Zac at the Civic park in Canberra. Pic courtesy of Nick Gascoine.

Check out Backbone BMX for some info’s about Zac’s recent crash & injury at Cam’s Jam in Canberra last weekend. Get better soon Zac & thanks for being a part of the Colony family.


Interesting piece of useless information # 243… According to Backbone’s 5 Bestsellers, 3 of these are Colony products… Our Konka Bar Ends, Bloody Bath Bars & Official Stem. Nice.

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Colours anyone?

Here are a few pics of the current line of Colony products in various colourways available right now across the globe. Get them while they last… word.

Laser Green limited edition colourway.

Official Forks.

Official Sprocket.

Oneway Pegs.

MVP Forks.

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