Archive Of February 2014 - Colony BMX

Product highlight – 2014 Sweet Tooth Frame

Alex Hiam was the youngest ever pro rider to have his own signature frame back when the Sweet Tooth first came out. Now years later, he has turned 18 & is killing it on the bike more than ever. Alex is one of the most dialled riders I know out there pulling the hardest tech stuff first try usually, all while making it look so good.

His Sweet Tooth frame is exactly what he wants in a frame with the precise geometry he demands. If anyone knows Alex, he is very particular on how his bike runs & feels. His frame is offered in a range of sizes – 19.8″, 20.4″ (what Alex rides), 20.7″ & also 21.0″. They are offered in Matte Black & Dark Red along with a few selected limited edition frame, fork, stem & headset kits. The latest colour offered on these kits is Purple Storm, as shown below. Be fast though, as only 5 were made for the planet on these. Check them out at a Colony dealer near you now.







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Zac Miner footage

Zac has some great footage in this Bondi mix from the NYRM crew and John Young.

Ryan Guettler video

Ryan has been making the most of the cooler weather in California over the past few months. He has come through with a great video put together by Dylan Pfohl . Defintely hit the play button on this.

Chris Bracamonte update

Hey guys, I just got back from Salton Sea 7 a festival of arts, music and destruction. Had a great time swimming in the aqueduct, off roading, visiting salvation mountain, setting stuff on fire and blowing things up daily. On the last day I had a badass session at the local “skatepark”. It was actually an old pool with DIY spots built in it. When I showed up there was a Hesher Band rocking out in the shallow while myself and a ton of awesome people had a great session. Nothing but good vibes from the locals.


Jack Kelly video

Jack comes through with some more solid footage. This time in the form of a Dishonour Brand video. Check it out.

Set Ups with Chris Courtenay

Chris has been running one of the 2015 Sweet Tooth frames for a couple months now so we thought it was time to put a bike check together.

Product highlight – Rainbow colour way

In both the USA & Australia as of this week, you will see another batch of our ever popular Rainbow colour way CC Sprockets, Squareback Stems, Official Stems & our ever popular Wasp Hubs arrive. Act fast though, as these sold out in less than 24 hours last time.

Our Free Coaster Hubs will land in April worldwide as well as our very limited edition Contour Rims, which will only land in the USA, Australia, Canada, the UK, Germany & China. So jump on these early if you want some of them.

The Rainbow colour way will extend to a few more products come May, with Pivotal Seat Posts & our Gyro Plates being added to the mix.






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Michal Mycek footage

A new plaza park opened up near Mycek‘s place in Poland so some of the crew went to work on it and came out with this video.

Adelaide trip

I just got back from a trip we took over to Adelaide with Mick, Tom, Chris and Luke. We were over there filming for a video in conjunction with the Elizabeth Riders committee which will be used for helping teach kids in school about BMX.

The trip was a blast and all the crew we hung with were real cool. Thanks to Dave Rubinich for hooking us up with these dialed photos.








Chris Courtenay video

Chris had a bunch of clips stacked from his travels over in the USA late last year. Packed full of good moves from California. Filmed by Ryan Guettler and put together by Chris.

Ricky Catanzariti – Feeble, crankflip barspin

Young gun Ricky Catanzariti out of Adelaide came through with this treat a few nights ago…

Product highlight – Wasp Hubs

Our new Wasp Cassette Hubs are getting some serious attention & good reports from around the globe. Much can be attributed to their superior fast rolling & direct engagement system making for a great rear hub on any bike. We also have a Wasp Front Hub to match & will soon have a male axle version upgrade kit available.

You can get our Wasp Hubs in Black or our Rainbow finish for now with possible more colours to come later in the year. You can also get them laced up into a complete wheel with our Pinnacle Rims for the front & our Pintour Rims for the rear.

Check them out now here on our site or at a Colony dealer near you or your favourite mail order.


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Paddy Gross update

Hello everyone, hope all is well and you’re all healthy and having fun. I’ve been busy working 2 jobs, pick-pack-ship bike parts in a warehouse and taking care of the bmx section at our bike shop (The Outer Rim) trying my best to get Colony out there. Next to working I am riding as much as I can and also will start filming soon for another edit which will be a bit back in time because I recently put my front brakes back on and started doing tricks which I haven’t done for 15 years, sooo much fun and 95% of the people I ride with have no clue what I am doing haha.

The photo below is from a few months ago and I finally got the photo. I decided to flair the deep bowl at the Burnside park here in Portland at 8am and it’s been one of the gnarliest things I’ve ever done because the whole Burnside park is far away from being smooth and dialed since it was all shaped by hand.

Well that’s all for now. Thanks for reading, have fun riding, be original and take care of yourselves. -Paddy-

Thanks to Shad Johnson for the photo.


Product update – Hardy Bars

We have some 4 piece bars coming out later this year called Hardy Bars. They will compliment the Prody frames we have coming out soon but more on those later.

The Hardy Bars will feature a multi-butted post heat treated CrMo construction. They will have an 8.65″ ride with a 28″ width. 10.5 degrees back sweep with 2 degrees up sweep. A few guys on the team are running them now including Tom Stretton who is loving them.

Here are a few teaser shots of the bars for now. They will be out mid this year. By the way, it’s Hardy the puppy’s one year birthday today. Happy birthday little fella !!


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Bruno Faucon – Nightly

Bruno has some good footage in this feature video from Soul BMX which is entirely filmed at night.

Millar’s Coppin’ It Sweet DVD part

Stewart Munro, who filmed & edited our 2011 team DVD release, dropped his own full length DVD late last year called, Coppin’ It Sweet. It’s been out since October & he has started to drop some of the sections online for all to enjoy. The first one up is our own Clint Millar’s & here it is below.

I know Clint put in a lot of effort on this section & it has to feature some of the best riding he has ever done. Not bad for someone pushing 40 years old. It also has a cool intro with old footage & photos along with words from some legends like Ryan Nyquist, Dave Osato & Chad Degroot.

Sit back & enjoy some good old technical front brake ramp riding with a few world firsts thrown in the mix.

Cooper Brownlee portfolio website

Coops recently released his own portfolio site showcasing the work he does. He tells me it’s in the early stages of content but it’s already looking great and has plenty of images of the team in the mix. You can see it all here.



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Jack Kelly – Winter Indoors

Over winter last year Jack spent some time hitting up his local indoor park, each week we would film a few clips until we had enough solids for this video. Besides this place being super slippery it’s real fun, I just wish they would fix the floor.

ADL City park jam this Friday

Some of the crew will be in Adelaide this weekend. Friday evening we will be sessioning the city park from around 7.30pm. Due to unforeseen circumstances we weren’t able to do the BBQ at Little Black Bike before hand but still come down for a shred!

colonyXlbb flyer

Ryan Guettler update

Hay guys, just wanted to fill you in on what’s been going on.

Big things are happening with Colony working with the talented Cooper Brownlee sorting out 2015 color ways and new stickers, big changes on my frame in 2015!!! This week I have Cartoon Network’s HALL OF GAME AWARDS by SHAQ were I’ll be presenting an award. It’s the first kid certified, adrenaline filled celebration of all things sports also I’ve been working a lot with Hookit and their amateur comp series, last year I followed the tour in my RV announcing some of the stops and this year I’ll be doing all the stops announcing Am’s again and have helped set up the pro contest which will be on the Sundays. I’m also looking into Ryan’s Boot camp, which will be a 2 day event all over the USA teaching kids tricks with other pro. More on that later..

Last week I got the chance to ride in the Nitro Circus demo in Anaheim Stadium it was so much fun and im so amazed on the riders in that show it blow my mind. The first comp of 2014 for me will be Maddogs comp in the Kitchen March 22nd so I have some time to get ready. The cool thing about getting ready for comps is pushing yourself so I’ve been filming the tricks along the way so keep your eyes open for edits to start dropping very soon just waiting to find a good song. Tabesforthebabes is still happening this year in the RV. Just waiting for the weather to pick up as it’s winter right now.

If you want to follow every thing ill be doing FOLLOW @ryanguettler on IG.




Welcome to the team – Chris Bracamonte

We would like to officially welcome Chris Bracamonte to the Colony family. Chris is an amazing rider and an equally good person from San Fernando valley north of LA. When the opportunity came up to help out Chris we knew we had to take it. We will be working with Chris over the coming months filming for a web video and no doubt some more projects! Thanks to Tyler Fujii for the shot.


Shuhei Max Azuma – 10 clips

Our boy Shuhei from Japan came through with a cool 10 clips filmed at one of his local parks. Thanks to for the footage.

Shane Badman update

Hey guys, the other weekend I made the trip over to Sydney for the first stop of the DownUnderGround Flatland Series for 2014. The series has been going for a few years now and it was awesome to see the turnout with so many riders throwing down in all 3 classes. I managed to get second place in Pro which I was super stoked on!

There’s a full writeup on the DownUnderGround weekend over at BMX Flatland Australia and a few pics and whatnot on my instagram @shanebadman.



Melbourne trip

Clint, Alex, Tom and Zac are in Melbourne right now for a special filming project but today we spent the afternoon riding Luke Parker‘s local of Lilydale. Luke killed it along with all the locals even though it was super hot.


Camberwell Jam

This Sunday, hit up Camberwell park in Melbourne for a jam along with other entertainment. We’ve got behind the event and it will no doubt be a good day.


Attila Godi update

Our main man from Hungary Attila Godi shot through and update with this photo of him ice grinding a long ledge at his local park. Dealing with the winters as good as he can. Attila will be in Barcelona in May so that will be a treat no doubt.


Product highlight – Fantastic Plastic Pedals

Our Fantastic Plastic Pedals have been around a good number of years now & have proven the test of time. Offering excellent grip, great feel & a good strong body, are just some of the reasons you will find them on many riders bikes today. They also come with a variety of coloured spindles to offer that little something different. Check them out at a Colony Dealer near you now.


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Andre Jesus team page

We just got Andre Jesus‘s team page sorted, you can read more about the Brazilian rider right here.


Andrew Ayukhaev video

Thanks to Raenshop for the hook up of this Andrew Ayukhaev video from over in Russia. Kills it.