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Product update – Clone Hub Guard

Below are some pics of the production Clone Hub Guards ready to ship soon. The colours shown here are what we will have for all our 2010 alloy parts. Black, White, Red, Purple, Blue & Tangerine. Hope you like them !! These hub guards, along with all our 2010 parts ranges, will be available from September this year.


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Product update – 2010 frames

Our all new range of 2010 model frames are almost ready to ship & will be available from early September in Australia, Japan, New Zealand, Singapore, Taiwan, China & the USA. Europe & the UK will have them early in October. The Teddy, Sweet Tooth, Gnar Kill, The Phantom, The Cube & DejaVu will all be available at a store near you very soon.


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Product update – Gnarkill frame

We are proud to introduce the Gnarkill frame for 2010. This is Nick Richardson’s new signature frame & takes over from his Bloody Oath frame. Named after Nick’s Greyhound dog, this frame is just as bad ass & fast as his dog. For starters, the down tube sticker is based on Nick’s sleeve tats & it has a skull & cross bones on the head tube as well as cross bones for the seat stay brace. Click here now for all the full details.

Available from September this year, depending on where you live in the planet.


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Colony back in NZ

After a short absence from New Zealand, there is now a place for all to get their Colony fix once again. Check out the newest BMX specific retailer in NZ for all our goodies by clicking here now.


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Guettler checks in…

Ryan sent in a quick email on what he has been up to of late. Check it out below.

I’ve been super busy and about to get real crazy, I’m at X Games right now the course is amazing. I can’t wait. Yesterday was a big day, it was the HB Nike 6.0 comp were I came away with 1st place, I’m so pumped. I really liked the course, the beach vibe and every thing fell into place. Check out the video on, it shows the 95.5 point run. This week I’m also doing an ASA box jump comp which I’ve already won one early this year. I’ll keep you posted on how everything goes this week. On other news I just got and so come add me and follow what I’m up to. Well I’m off to practice X Games. Have fun – Ryan.


Here are the first pics of Ryan’s new Official bars & Forks for 2010. Shown in Matt Black, Candy Red & Silver Storm. Also available in White & Purple Storm. The bars you can also get in Chrome. These will be available in September around the world.

Official barOfficial fork

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Product update – 2010 frames

Here is a sneak peek of one of our 2010 frames due out in September this year. We will release full details on this new signature model soon. For now, we will leave you wondering who’s frame it is. Stay tuned.


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Shane Badman interview

Shane Badman is over in Sweden right now & has been for quite a while now. He recently did this interview for a Swedish media outlet over there. Click here to check out the short video. If you can read Swedish then click here to check out a short interview with him as well. Shane is such a superstar world traveller. Hurry up & come back home mate !!


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Tim Wood on Fuel TV

Mark Schneider sent me this video with Tim Wood at Beenleigh BMX park. It’s filmed with a helmet cam which gives you a different perspective of the park. Enjoy.

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The Waiting List

The latest DVD release from Focalpoint is ‘The Waiting List’ & features solid sections from two of our team riders, Liam Fahy-Hampton & Marnold. Plus an appearance from Mick Bayzand. It’s really well put together & well worth the purchase. Plus it also comes with the first issue of ‘Defero’ as well. What more could you want? Click here now to buy yourself a copy from Focalpoint directly or go get it from any good BMX store in Australia.


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Trails Jam in Maryborough

This weekend is the trails jam happening up in Maryborough, QLD. The guys up there have been putting in some serious work & it should be an amazing time for all.

Check the new revised flyer below for all the details & directions. Take note of the fact that an army shooting range backs onto the trails & not to enter there under any circumstances.

See you there !!

hsd jam

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Product update – 2010 complete bikes

We have updated the full specs & info on both of our 2010 complete bikes, the Endeavour & the Descendent. Click here for the full info.


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Product update – Teddy Frame

As promised we have the full specs on Mick Bayzand’s signature frame due out in September. Click here for the full low down now.

 teddy backend candy red

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Product update – 2010 complete bikes

Our 2010 range of complete bikes will be available in the Australia, New Zealand, Japan, South Korea & the USA from early October.

We will have two models for 2010. The ever popular Endeavour has been improved with features like our Fantastic Plastic pedals & it still comes with an Official style stem & sprocket as standard.

New for 2010 we have the Descendent. Inspired by the Hell Stallion frame with it’s low stand over height & super responsive 75.5 degree head tube angle, it’s one street ready complete bike.

We will update the products section of the site with the full details of both bikes in the next week or so.


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Product update – Teddy Frame

Mick Bayzand is the man, plain & simple. His long over due, first ever signature frame is due out in September this year. Here is the first sneak peak of it, more to be released soon. For now I thought I would share with you one of our 2010 colours, named Silver Storm. Hope you like it.

teddy toptube silver storm

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Product highlight – Clone Cassette Hubs

Our Clone Cassette hubs have been featured on the new Ride BMX buyers guide. Click here for the full scoop.


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X Games 15 video

Spotted this video on Ride BMX about X Games 15 with some footage of Ryan riding the Park course. Looks fun as hell. Check it out.

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Product highlight – Official Bars & Forks

Pictured here in our limited edition Purple along with our Fantastic Plastic Pedals are Ryan’s signature bars & forks. Available now at a shop near you, check them out by clicking here & here now.


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Michal Mycek video

Michal Mycek, our flow rider from Poland put some work in & got this amazing edit together. I am really stoked on how it came out. Check it out now. Enjoy.

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Product highlight – Hell Stallion Frame

Liam Fahy-Hampton’s signature frame, the Hell Stallion, features progressive geometry such as a 75.5 degree head tube angle & a low 7 inch stand over height. Backed up with a strength to weight ratio matched by no other, it is a frame built to last. Check one out near a store near you now or click here for the full scoop.

Shown in our limited edition Acid Green colourway.

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Product update – Clone Hub Guard

Our Clone Hub Guards are finalised after testing & will be available in September this year. Below is the final version that will be available. It is designed so that it replaces the non-drive side cone nut on the hub, eliminating the need to spread the rear end on your frame to fit it all in. They will fit our hubs only though. Full details will be released closer to September.



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Product highlight – T.L.D. stem

Click here for the full deal now.

TLD Stems

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Product update – Sweet Tooth frame

Alex Hiam loves sugar. So it’s fitting that he named his own signature frame the Sweet Tooth. Designed for smaller riders like Alex in mind, it will be available in 19.8 & 20.25″ with a short 13.5″ rear end. It features a full post heat treated construction & should weigh in at around 4.6lbs. It will be available from early September this year. More info will be released in the weeks ahead.

Sweet Tooth frame in Purple Storm

In case you missed it check Alex’s web vid from last year. We’re working on a new one right now as well. So stay tuned.

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Simon O’Brien bike check

Simon has a bike check over on the ‘Same Thing Daily’ flatland blog. Click here to check it out.

pics for dane 025-1

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Happy Birthday Guettler !!

It’s Ryan’s 26th birthday today. It’s crazy how time goes by so fast. Seems like not that long ago that he was only 7 years old. I have known Ryan since he was that age & have so many cool memories during this time. It’s so good to see him follow his dreams & make something really special out of his riding. Don’t kill me for posting these pics here… thanks for everything mate & enjoy your day !!



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Product highlight – Hell Stallion Forks

Liam Fahy-Hampton’s signature Hell Stallion forks have been out for a while now & are standing the test of time. Built to withstand pretty much anything you can throw at them. These forks are perfect for street use & will give your ride that little bit quicker handling with their 30mm offset. Available at a shop near you now.


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Atilla Godi’s new bike

Atilla Godi our man in Hungary, is back on the bike after some time off from an elbow injury & celebrated by putting a new bike together & here it is below.


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Oscars Zajarskis checks in…

Oscars from Latvia sent me a quick email to say that he recently had a Redbull Backyard Digger in his local town. He had a fall while testing the jumps though & went down hard. His arm is injured but not broken & will be back on the bike in no time. So all good. He also sent a link to a video of the event & you can check it by clicking here now.


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‘The Waiting List’ Brisbane premiere

I had the best time at the Melbourne premiere & I am so looking forward to the Brisbane version. Can’t wait to get a copy to be able to watch in the comfort of my own home. See you there. Oh, & it’s also Christian’s 21st birthday that night as well. Can’t wait.


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Old school demo at the worlds

Spotted this on Woozy. Brings back some old school memories, so good. Enjoy.

BMX WORLDS 2009 VIDEO from on Vimeo.

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Zip Up Hoods & Tees in stock now

If you live in Australia, then you’re in luck because our ‘Connected’ Zip Up hoods will be shipped out to shops around the country today. Our full range of ‘Freehand’ & ‘Living The Dream’ tee shirts are also back in stock again for those that missed out last time. Hit up your favourite shop this week for the goods.


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