Archive Of August 2013 - Colony BMX

Peta Shepherd update

From Peta‘s Instagram I knew she was up to something…

I haven’t been getting out on the bike as much as I’d like, because right now I’m training for a triathlon at the end of September. But managed to get a rad ride in at Millar’s backyard on the weekend. Best mini ramp ever by the way. Thanks to Jesse for the photos.


Canadian Concrete

We got behind this years Canadian Concrete and from all reports it was a dope series with a great turnout of riders and supporters. Looking forward to more!

Marnold update

I met up with Marnold yesterday afternoon (as you would know if you are following Colony on Insta) at a local spot we’ve been building at over the past year or so and grabbed a few photos while we were at it. Spring is here so the goodtimes are rolling.




Tom Stretton – Colony DVD

One of my personal favourite sections from the 2011 Colony DVD. I’m sure many out there have the same opinion, enjoy.

Guettler has been busy…

Ryan Guettler shot through an update on what he has been up too of late…

I’ve been very busy the last 2 months and have a huge month ahead of me. Over August I’ve done the Vans HB bowl comp, Colony Woodward week, Mongoose Woodward east comp and now just finished the Vans ECSC comp. I’ve been progressing and getting better results as the events have been going on. The Mongoose comp was really cool & we got good results in dirt with our team ending up getting 2nd place.

Then this past weekend I went to Norfolk VB to compete in the Vans ECSC comp and came home with 3rd place. Really happy how the comp went and against that field of riders I can’t complain.
Now I have a week off so I’ll be working on new tricks and filming a lot for upcoming videos. Then of to Mexico City for a big comp Sept 6th.



Yo yo !!

Attila Godi’s setup

Attila sent through this photo of his fresh new setup from over in Hungary. Looks the goods.


Tom Stretton update

Tom just shot through an update from the latest happenings…

“I went on a trip up down through Sydney, Canberra and Melbourne not long ago and it was unbelievable. Met the most amazing people and had the best time riding with the crew. Thanks so much to everyone we met and as always thanks to Cooper for constantly putting his neck out for us.

For the last month or so I have been staying in Brisbane city solo and just trying to ride as much as I can and definitely partying haha. Pretty much each weekend my best mate Shane Batchler has been staying with me and we have been running a muck haha. For those of you who don’t know who Shane is, he is pretty much the godfather of the tailwhip and all things liquor based. Learn yo shit hahah.

I’m currently working on an edit and a few other things which I hope everyone will enjoy. I don’t get the chance to film much so we will see what happens. Keep an eye out.

Until next time, peace!

Oh and follow me on instagram hahaaaaa @tom_stretton it’s just basically photos of my dog, the sun or stupid situations I get myself into.”



Brandon Van Dulken checks in

It seems Brandon has really got the travel bug as all this year he has been trekking all over the country and world. Here is the latest on his most recent trip.

“Hope all is well guys, I just got back from an awesome little roady in the states for a bmx/skate festival. Back home now and all healed up, time to clock some clips! Real psyched on what’s going on right now.”

Thanks so much to Shawn Duffied for the photo. Do yourself a favour and follow both Brandon (@brandonvandulken) and Shawn on Instagram.


2014 Colony Premise video

With the 2014 Premise complete being out for a couple of weeks here in Australia and it landing across the globe in the coming weeks we thought it was a good time to drop this video showcasing everything about the bikes along with riding footage of Alex Hiam, Marnold, Chris Courtenay, Jourdan Barba, Brandon Van Dulken, Peta Shepherd, Jack Kelly, Paddy Gross, Tom Stretton and Mick Bayzand killing it! You can get more info about the Premise here.

Area 43 mission

We were fortunate enough to spend the afternoon at the Area 43 backyard setup which was seriously amazing! The locals are really down to earth and so welcoming. We also hit up the Mission Valley park which was also quite the amazing park and well worth the drive for anyone in California.



Tabes for the Babes #3

Episode 3 features Ryan and Alex in the mix, such a good watch the entire 6 minutes.

Stas Shatilo

Over in Russia we flow Stas some product and the guys just sent over this video of him smashing out some solid moves. Bars to nose to manual bars in was real cool.

Tabes for the Babes #3 trailer

Loving the feel to this trailer for the next Tabes for the Babes which drops this week!

Clint clip

Raw clip of Clint which was left over for the filming of his Coppin’ it Sweet section due out in the coming months!

Ryan @ Woodward East

Ryan scores some good clips in the park comp that just happened at Woodward East.

Mongoose Jam: Park Finals – More BMX Videos

Alex and Chris in the states

Alex and Chris are out in California filming and hanging out with the locals. They both happened to go down yesterday which has them resting up for a few days. I snagged these photos off their Instagram pages.


Cooper in LA

Cooper jetted over to LA two weeks ago to film with some of the guys and to shoot the Woodward Week. He has been spending the past couple of days riding with the LAX guys trying to finish off his next Colony video which from what he tells me, he has almost enough footage for.


Yo yo !!

Mick Bayzand web video

We just premiered this Mick Bayzand video on TCU which I am really stoked to have out now. Mick seriously did go in so hard for this and I think it shows. We hope you enjoy it!

More info on Mick’s signature bars and frame here

Polly update

One of a kind Polly just shot through an update of the latest happenings…

“Yo!! down here in Melbs its been getting super cold and dark super quick! But a couple nights ago me and my buddy’s Aidan and Harry, set out on a lil mission through a previously un-searched location! Aidan snapped a couple shots of me riding this little rock as a fly out! We are currently working in a ledge that will be perfect in a couple weeks!

I also started working at a new bike shop in town! Sealy’s Cycles Frankston! We are stocking a big range of BMX and a heap of Colony goodies…so if you know what’s good, drop in and see us!!!”




Be sure to follow us on Instagram, all the team has the login so you are always seeing something interesting on there. @colonybmxbrand


Marnold B-Roll

Left over riding clips and crashes from the filming of Marnolds recent Colony web video.

Woodward West wrap up

We left Woodward West yesterday after a great week in the sun putting in work for this web video. Everyone came through, even with the heat and Brandon taking it hard on the trails we had a good time. Massive thanks to all the staff at the camp along with all the riders who we hung out with.





Product highlight – 2014 Premise

Our new 2014 Premise complete bike has hit shops Australia wide now & as always is a great valued bike out of the box.

Featuring a Full CrMo frame, CrMo forks with one piece steer tube, CrMo bars & Sealed Mid BB CrMo cranks it’s got the core of a solid bike. Matched up with full sealed wheel set with female front hub & full sealed 9T cassette in the rear & double wall rims all round you can’t go wrong. Responsive geometry with a 20.75″ TT makes this bike handle like a pro. All packed in some awesome colours like our ever popular Bloody Black with Red, Matte Black with Purple & the limited edition Mint with Black.

Check them out at a dealer near you now Australia wide. Other countries will have them & our full 2014 ranges, come 1st October.







Yo yo !!

Alex at Woodward

Thanks to Alex Herzog for shooting this photos of Alex going hard at Woodward West. For more photos check out @bmxlovephotography via Instagram.


Bruno Iphone video

This might be filmed with an Iphone but Bruno still comes through with solid clips. Check it out.

Colony Raw

We’ve been uploading a few raw clips over on our Youtube channel lately, made up of footage that had never seen the light of day so we figured it would be good to get them out. Here we have some Chris Courtenay clips from 2011 that we filmed for a sprocket promo that never ended up happening, along with some left over jourdan Barba clips from last year at Woodward West.

More from Woodward West

Another day, another long day of riding with the crew, here are a few shots from out in the heat.




Woodward West

We drove up to Woodward West yesterday which went well and now we are based here for the week. Snagged this shot of Alex to start things off…


Woodward West this week!

Tomorrow we set off for Woodward West again for the video shootout. We will be there for the week, if you are hitting it up that week make sure to come say hi to all the guys and grab some stickers off of us. Below is our video from last year which was an amazing week!



Today we hit up a session at Ben Snowden’s backyard spot which was a blast, a chilled session that turned into a heated one for some. Thanks to Ben and the other locals who were welcoming. Here Ryan whips the street spine mid run and clipping up.