Archive Of February 2015 - Colony BMX

Hot Springs

Polly and I landed in California yesterday with the plan of making the most of everyday we are here. So we met up with Nathan and his good friend Matt Cordova along with Jourdan and we trekked down to the Palm Springs area, this place has some fun parks which we spent the entire day hitting up and enjoying the nice weather.

Here are a few shots from the day…




Polly video

Our good friend Polly spent some time filming with Cooper Brownlee to put together this video filled with technical front brake moves.

Yo yo !!

Jack Kelly bike check

JK has a bike check over on the DATA BMX website. Click this link to check it out…



Over on the Focalpoint website there is a photo gallery shot by Cooper which among others features Zac, Marnold, Luke Parker and Shane Badman. You can view all the images right here.



Yo yo !!

Shuhei Max Azuma

Shuhei sent through some raw clips he recently filmed. Loved the ice to 180 on the rock…

Alex Hiam update

Hey Guys,

I am finally back riding!! I’m feeling really good on my bike, I feel like I never even stopped riding and have been surrounded by nothing but good vibes, thanks to my friends for making riding so fun.

I have been testing out my new Colony signature bars, forks and frame. So stoked with how it all feels, Super strong and responsive.

I have been filming a lot for some new projects coming soon. So psyched with the clips.

My wrist is still not 100%, and I can’t ride two days in a row yet. It’s just way to sore and blown out the next day. It’s all part of the recovery the docs say. research TFCC repair if your interested in why it takes so long. So the days my wrist is to sore to ride, I have been keeping busy and going out and shooting a lot of photos and exploring, making the most of a bad situation.. Photography helps to see the good in everything. Photography Insta to see more pics: limel1ght

Fox flew me to Melbourne just recently to shoot the Winter catalogue, and film some clips for an upcoming project. I was there for 4 days. We did a “Alex Hiam” appearance at the Shed indoor skatepark as well which was a really good turn out. So many BMXers and a huge scene there. It amazing me how many people turned up to ride.

the next month I will be riding everyday, filming and getting ready for the year of travels ahead. I can not wait.

Thanks for the support, check my Instagram for some fresh new riding videos. @alexhiam




Brandon Van Dulken update

Yo guys!

Just wrapping up a little camping/riding trip down the coast and central Oregon. So awesome how inexpensive it is to cruise around and see all of this cool stuff and yet we’re only just breaking the surface. Great to break the gloomy Vancouver routine with some sunshine. Great times!




Clint Millar’s 40th birthday weekend

Last July was my 40th birthday & I wanted to do something special for it. So we headed over to Stradebroke Island just off the coast of Brisbane for a few days. There are a few cool parks over there & an old bowl that I hadn’t ridden for at least 20 years. The weather was amazing & it was a great way to see my 40th birthday in with great mates & family. I couldn’t ask for a better day, thanks to all that came over.

A little late but better than never, here is the video from the day. Thanks again to all those that came over, rode, hung out & partied the day/night away.

Thanks to Jesse Breen & Glen McLaughlin for filming & Cooper Brownlee for editing.

Justin Care clips

Justin and his friend Jim Borio session the Black Diamond park hard. Justin comes through with some really technical lines and throw in a flip fake for good measure…

A night with Shane Badman

Tuesday night I spent rolling around Melbourne city with Shane on the hunt for some unique spots to shoot photo’s. We came up on a few great spots and the photos below are the result from shooting at them, we had a bunch more spots planned but ran out of time so no doubt we will be back at it soon…




DownUnderGround this weekend

The Sydney leg & first stop of the 2015 DownUnderGround Flatland Series, is on this weekend in Sydney. We’ve donated a brand new 2016 Colony EXON flatland frame prototype as a raffle with all proceeds going towards the pro purse. Anyone can won the frame, just buy some tickets. Should be a big day of flatland happenings down in Sydney on Saturday.


Yo yo !!

Pete Radivo flashbacks

Whilst Pete recovers from what feels like his 50th knee reco his brother Dao has uploaded their dvd’s Project One and Glasses from the early 2000’s. Pete really had some amazing footage for the era along with the rest of the guys so hit play for a trip down memory lane…

Breaking Boundaries with Alex Hiam

The guys over at FOX are heading out on the road between Melbourne and the Gold Coast. Alex will be on the trip so be sure to make it out to the one of the stops…


Simon O’Brien video

Any Simon footage is good footage, check the latest wizardry from him in this new video filmed at a few of his local spots…

Polly update

Hey guys! The last couple of months have been super good, heaps of work on at the shop and I’ve been doing a heap of riding! I’ve got a lot of time in with my gorgeous girl, Katie. Tom moved down and is living with us which is so fun aswell! I was lucky enough to head over to ADL with Dean and Cooper for The October fest trails and then just got to spend a weekend up in QLD riding with the crew and got to meet a few idols of mine which was unreal! Thank you to Clint, Niki and Hardy for having me, it was too good!!

I’ve been slowly but surely clocking a few clips with Cooper to finish up my video which I’m stoked on!

To top it all off I’m off to the USA in a couple weeks for 3 weeks!



Andre Jesus update

Hey guys, the past two weeks I spent in England riding some of the indoor parks. I had to stop riding for almost 2 months because I had a problem with my finger, but now I’m feeling great to ride again. Here are a few photo’s I took whilst over there.




Trip Gallery

We’ve got a photo gallery up on TCU from our recent trip down the east coast of Australia. Check out some of the photos from the good times here


Fresno Jam

A few of us are hitting the road next month for a session down in Fresno, CA. Looking forward to hanging out with the locals and just the trip in general. Make sure you guys get out there if you are anywhere near Fresno.

fresno jam

Jourdan Barba update

Hey guys just checking in, been real busy lately with work and my boys Stefan and Abel. I’ve also been trying to get a new Colony video finished that I’ve been really pushing myself to get my best footage to date so keep an eye out for that in the next month or so! Follow me on insta @jourdanbarba to keep up with my day to day adventures !


Jack Kelly update

These past couple of weeks I’ve been mostly riding local parks, a little street and my flat rail with good friends while the boss man aka Cooper Brownlee has been away. But I got a few clips with him this past weekend and a few pictures. I also caught the tail end of Colony’s shop tour a couple of weeks back and hung out at Strictly, Prahran and Box Hill to ride with the locals.



Nathan Sykes update

This last month has been a good month despite not being able to ride. January 2nd when I was in Oregon I crashed on my last day of the trip home to see my family. Tore my labrum in my shoulder. Doctor said take about 4 weeks to let it rest and then start physical therapy on it. So I just started doing all the stretches an it’s starting to head in the right direction. I think another week or so and I should be back on the bike at 100%. So this last month to keep myself busy and productive I started painting again. Which has been great. Working and growing Locals Only As usual. Just launched a new website which I’m pretty excited about. Can’t wait for the Colony X Locals Only pivotal seat do drop in the coming months. Lots of good things happening just need my shoulder to heal up so I can get back to doing what I love! – Nathan.




Alter trailer

Our friends at Ave BMX have been busy this past year filing for a full length DVD. Both Michal Mycek and Milosz Siajkowski feature in this trailer along with the rest of the Ave team. It looks like it’s going to be really well put together and a good watch…

Mick Bayzand bike check

With Bayzand back from injury he sent through some photos of his current ride which is a 2015 Burna, Guardian Forks, Official Stem, Burna Bars, Fantastic Plastics, CC Sprocket, Pintour/Pinnacle wheels, Alex Hiam Combo Seat and 22’s Cranks.





Zac Miner update

So the New Years off to a cracker, I’ve been living it up in Cairns for a week to start my new years with my misses. Then flew up to Brissy to join the boys on the Brissy to Melb trip you may have seen played out in a few raw tapes. The trip was a blast, cruised the east coast stoppin’ in at a few new spots. Coffs Harbour was by far my favourite! Parks got endless flow. Got to witness Bobbie and Ricky’s bike wizardry for the first time, along with hanging out with most of the crew and catchin’ up with the local scenes which was sick! Trip was amazing!

Besides from that, been home about a minute and went out filming for the Bone DVD, first spot put my face straight into the concrete. Crash was brutal, Got some stitches and some grazes all over me but apart from that I got out of it pretty lucky!

All in all it’s been an awesome start to the year, should be back on my bike in no time.

photo 1

photo 2