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So we’ve been hard at work putting together a DVD maxed out with our favourite web videos form the past year. The DVD includes 4 videos that have not yet made it online from Chris Courtenay, Clint Millar, Brandon Van Dulken and something special from Tom and Bobbie. The DVD is free and will be available from all Colony stockists in the coming days/weeks depending on where you live so hit up your local shop or mailorder while stocks last!

Check the trailer we put together for the DVD below…


Edit: Amigos of Holmes is on Sunday 1st December now !!

Edit: Rain date…. due to bad weather the jam is set for Sunday the 1st December now. It all start’s at midday so spread the word !!

Matt Holmes, the founder of 2020 BMX Magazine, has been diagnosed with & battling cancer this year. To help offset Matt’s growing medical bills, a group of riders have come together to organise the Amigos of Holmes fund raiser & it’s on tomorrow.

Get yourself along to Jindalee skatepark for a fun day on the bike all for a good cause. It starts at midday & from then there will be a sausage sizzle & waters to buy along with raffles, tee shirts & many other fund raisers. So don’t eat lunch before you come & buy up on sausages & waters.

There will also be a bunch of Colony BMX Hidden Agenda 20″ tubes for sale on the day with all proceeds going to Matt. Tubes will be $3.00 ea or buy 5 x tubes for $10.00 !!

You will also have the chance to buy raffle tickets to win this very limited edition The Living frame, fork, stem & headset kit in T.Strett Yellow.

Come along, bring your mates & give what you can all for a good day out for a great cause.



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HillnDale Jam

We are getting behind the jam that Riding Way are putting on down at the HillnDale box jump park in Melbourne on the 15th of December. Get down there for some good times and a free feed.


Shuhei @ G-Shock jam

Shuhei has a few clips in this recent street jam put on by G-Shock over in Japan.

Web Advert – Bobbie Altiser

If you hadn’t already realised how unique Bobbie is then this image should take care of that! Also now seems like a good time to have another watch of his recent video.

bobbie promo NEW

George Duran video

Grimaldo over in new Jersey at Legends Bike shop just dropped this nice video of his son Georgie who is rocking a Colony Sweet Tooth and killing it.

Peta Shepherd video

Thanks to Tristan Montagu we have a fresh new Peta Shepherd video to show. Peta is currently recovering from a broken collarbone but was able to finish up her latest edit. Also a special shoutout to Primary Threads for helping Peta out with some freshness

Dane’s Jam

A few of us headed to the Dane Searls trails jam in Canberra yesterday. It was a dialed session with everyone getting crazy on the jumps. A few people came un stuck including Bayzand but I think all that did would still be stoked that they were apart of the day. I know Luke Parker was doing these cannonball’s.


Woodward West shootout

We had a ball being at Woodward West for the week, hopefully this video shows that. Be sure to click here and vote for us aswell. Massive thanks to Black Board Minds for the music, Check more of there tunes here.

Zac Miner update

Zac shot through some recent updates along with a pic of his fresh new rig. Full bike check coming soon.

I just got back from an eventful weekend down the coast with a good bunch of the lads from Canberra, it was Bdog from Backbone’s bucks party and we headed down to Wollongong for the night, shit got good to say the least, everyone woke up a little worse for wear. We managed to get a few little rides in between everyone being well liquored and the rain pissing down. Got my new whip together, actually that stoked on it! The new wasp hubs run like a treat, was flying around with out barely putting in a crank. Love the new set up. Was such a good weekend! Congrats to Bdog.

photo 1

photo 2

Dane Searls jam tomorrow

Tomorrow in Canberra Backbone are putting on the 2nd annual Dirt and nothing Else jam to remember the great Dane Searls. Some of the team will be there, make sure you do the trip out for the session.


David Pinelli on the flow

Through Local BMX in Fremantle, WA we have started to help out David Pinelli with some Colony flow. David is also helped by the guys at Freestyle Now in WA who perform demos all over the country & basically do good things for BMX in this country. Check out his new 2014 Sweet Tooth below along with some action shots.

Thanks to both Local BMX & Freestyle Now for helping out David. We’re stoked to be able to do so as well.


David pinelli can can 360

David pinelli dip 360 1

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George Duran & Legends

We flowed George Duran a frame recently and the 13 year old is putting it to good use. George is OG street legend Grimaldo Duran‘s son, Grimaldo also runs the Legends Bike shop who are behind Colony 100% over in Lyndhurst, NJ so hit them up if you are in the area and follow them on Instagram @legendsbikesusa


Amigos of Holmes on November 30th

As you may or may not be aware, Matt Holmes of 2020 BMX Magazine, has been going through some rather serious life threatening health issues battling cancer. Matt started 2020 BMX Magazine back in the late 1990’s & has helped grow the awesome BMX scene we have in Australia today. Right now he needs everyone’s support to get through this which we know he will.

A fund raising event has been planned & set for November 30th, here in Brisbane at the skatepark in Jindalee. There are more set for other venues in the months ahead around Australia as well. We here at Colony have of course got behind the movement with support to help raise funds for Matt & his growing medical bills. I urge anyone that can, please come along on November 30th & give what you can.

Check here for more info on the website set up for

Check out this parody video put together to raise awareness for the fund raisers. Remember, it’s all just in good fun. See you on the 30th November.

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Ryan Guettler video

So stoked to have this out, Ryan put in some solid work for this and it was a real pleasure to work with him on this. So much diversity.

Keith Treanor welcome to the family

Keith Treanor is the man in charge heading up the day to day runnings of our new distribution house in the USA. Based in Vista, CA we are all set up & ready to supply our products to dealers all over the USA. So any bike shops out there looking for our products, hit up Keith directly at

Since Keith is now working for us, he had to of course get a new bike to shred on. Check out his new set up below based off a special one off 2014 Teddy Frame in a Translucent Brown colour. Looking the goods !! If you’re in the So Cal area then I am sure you will Keith out on his early morning sessions at O.B. & Area 43 on this new beast. Hit him up & say g’day mate. He should understand you since he has started to speak Australian now.






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Ryan & Chris at the PLAY contest

Both Ryan and Chris have some amazing clips in this video from Vital and the Play contest over in Florida.

Play 2013: Entire Yard – More BMX Videos

Advert – Clint Millar

How many BMX brand owners who are 39 years old are still out there killing it? Not that many I would say but I can honestly say Millar is riding better now then I have ever seen him ride in the past 6 or 7 years that I’ve known him. He features in our current 2020 advert with thanks to Brian Castillo for shooting this. That makes it even better that “technically” competing brands can put everything aside and work together and enjoy BMX for what it truly is.


Jourdan Instagram Slam

Jourdan‘s been smashing it on a TCU trip right now and the crew dropped this Instagram Slam today with some hammers throughout

Woodward West Shootout 2013

Next week you can check out the videos from the 2013 Woodward West shootout which we were involved in, everyone put in some solid work and had a blast so we can’t wait for the video to be released.


Web Advert – Alex Hiam

We shot this indian super seaty in Millars backyard last week with Alex on his new bike going hard straight up. The Sweet Tooth now has a lower stand over height along with the 19.8 having a lower height again to suit the younger crew wanting to hit it on a Sweet Tooth. More information about Alex’s frame can be found here.


Chris Courtenay in Florida

Chris just hit up the Play comp in Florida and shot through this update about the whole deal.

Quick trip to Florida for the Play Bmx Contest, super grateful to get an invite to this as was such an amazing contest. Finished up 7th which I was psyched on and also got to experience a bit of the day to day Florida life which all I can say is if you get the chance check it out for sure! Now at the airport back to Cali for another month before I come home!

photo 1

photo 2

Cooper Brownlee video

Cooper spends a good amount of his time behind the lens but he wanted to work on something new from in front of it which is what you have here. Filmed over the past year throughout Australia and the USA.

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Mike Brennan bike check

Mike Brennan has a bike check over on the Ride BMX site. Click here now to read about & see his new Colony / Merritt set up now.


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Kill Em All Distro go to Texas

The guys from Kill Em All Distro went to Texas Toast last month & this is the video from it all. Brandon Van Dulken is a machine !! He is the one on the 2014 Trans Gold Teddy frame… Check it out.

Make sure if you’re in Canada & chasing our products to get your local shop to contact Kill Em All Distro as they have all our goods !!

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Welcome to the team Andre Jesus

We are proud to announce the latest addition to our worldwide team. Andre Jesus from Brazil is a transition killer. He has all the biggest moves & all while having fun on the bike. We were lucky enough to see his riding first hand whilst in Sao Paulo a few weeks back & were rather impressed. Our good friends at Dream BMX put us in touch and made things happen. Andre is already riding our stuff now & you can see his new bike below thanks to for the photos.

Welcome to the family Andre !! It’s good to have you aboard !!










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Newcastle video comp

We are getting behind the Newcastle BMX crew who are putting on a video competition for all riders from and around the Newcastle area in NSW. Check the flyer and their Facebook page for all the info.


Zac Miner Backbone advert

This would have to be one of the craziest gap to rails around and I know Zac has eyed up a few things on it, Stoked to see him get this one ticked off. Props to Raine Turnbull on the photo aswell. The Backbone DVD is going to be nuts!

Click here now to read some behind the scenes info over on the 2020BMX Magazine site now.


Game of Bike videos

Vital posted up some videos from the Game of Bike over the weekend. Check some of them out below.

Ryan Guettler vs. Brandon Dosch – More BMX Videos

Caleb Quanbeck vs. Luke Parker – More BMX Videos

Pat Casey vs. Chris Courtenay – More BMX Videos

Brennan clips

Mike has a few dialed rail clips in this Halloween Jam Meritt and FU put on in Canada last week.