Archive Of May 2012 - Colony BMX

Daniele De Piccoli bike check

Daniele sent through some nice images of his current setup…

Thanks to Michele Giannantonio for the photos.

Frame: Colony Teddy V2, 20.85″

Fork: Colony Guardian

Bars: Colony Bull bars

Stem: Colony Official

Grips: Colony Mountjoy Grips

Clamp: Integrated

Cranks: Colony Colonial V2

Sprocket: Colony CC

Seat/Post: Colony Combo

Front Wheel: Colony Contour

Rear Wheel: Colony Contour

Pedals: Colony Fantastic

Pegs: Colont Oneway CrMo

Hubguards: Colony

“It’s just a 5 minute thing”

Another beautiful day in LA, after watching Ryan destroying the trails and himself we spent 2 hours in heavy traffic heading back out to Riverside to ride with Jourdan at another really fun park, Peta was riding really well along with the others. Long days and nights here. Alex and Chris arrive tomorrow which will be cool.

The Package #6

Another golden edit from the guys over at Focalpoint. Marnold and Cooper both have some great clips in this.

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In the heat

We spent the day riding Jourdan‘s local park of Riverside then riding a few schools and spots around the area. Tom tried something ridiculous at this spot but wasn’t able to get it, hopefully we get back there.

Day 1 in the USA

After long flights we were all pretty jet lagged so we copped a couple hours sleep and then headed out to Ben Snowdens place to check it out. After watching the locals kill it we hit up a few local spots and onto the Vans park. It was a fun first day and we are about to head out to Jourdans area to meet up and hit some spots. Follow us on Instagram for constant updates @colonybmxbrand

Dealer highlight – Riding Way

Gorak has been in the BMX industry forever and a year or so ago he opened up his own shop out in Bentleigh, Victoria called Riding Way. They have plenty of Colony goodness so if you are from out that way support your local and check them out.

Bike check: Chris Courtenay

Chris Courtenay put together a fresh new 2013 Teddy frame a few weeks ago & here it is.

Chris’s Colony parts list is as follows…

Frame: 2013 Colony Teddy V3 20.85″
Fork: Colony Dagger
Bars: Colony Bull Bars
Stem: Colony Official
Headset: Colony
Cranks: Colony Colonial V2
Sprocket: Colony CC 25T
BB: Colony
Pedals: Colony Fantastic Plastic
Front Wheel: Colony Contour
Rear Wheel: Colony Contour
Front Tyre: Colony Agenda 2.15″
Rear Tyre: Colony Agenda 1.95″
Pegs: Colony Oneway Alloy

The colour shown (Powder Blue) won’t actually be available on the Teddy frame as it will be an exclusive colour for Guettler’s 2013 The Living frame. Our 2013 frames & products will be out worldwide from late July.

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Off to the states…

Tom Stretton, Peta Shepherd & myself are off to the states this morning. Quick little photo at the Qantas Club waiting to go… yeah!

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Colony team in the USA…

Today Tom Stretton, Cooper Brownlee, Peta Shepherd & myself are off to the USA to ride. A few days later Chris Courtenay & Alex Hiam will be meeting us in Cali as well where we will ride around & stay with Ryan Guettler.

Then the week of June 3rd till June 9th, we will all travel to Woodward West along with Jourdan Barba, Bobbie Altiser, Paddy Gross & Brandon Van Dulken. We will be at Woodward West to ride with the campers & film for an edit or two. If you’re lucky enough to be staying at Woodward West that week (week 1 of camp), make sure you come up & say hi to us all.

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Mr. Bayzand

Mick met up with a few riders today for a roll down at the park in Prahran. Here are a few words from the man himself…

Today was an awesome day. I met up with my little homies at Strictly BMX were we hung out for a bit, sticker’d up some bikes & then headed to the park for a roll. It was a good chilled session. I want to thank everyone who came down & hung out with me. It was a really fun day & we should do it again soon. Keep shredding homies, peace.

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The good ol’ days…

Today I went for a roll with a few good friends on some old school bikes just like back in the day. It was a perfect day weather wise & a really cool time was had by all. Thanks to Ross Lavender for organising the day.

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Wanna learn nothings?

Peta Shepherd shows you how in this video below. Get to it !!

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Sequence Saturday: Mick Bayzand

Shot during the filming of the DVD. Uprail to bars by Mr Bayzand.

Get yourself along to Prahran Skatepark in Melbourne today at around lunch time to hang out with Mick & get yourself a copy of The Colony DVD for free as well. He will be there from lunch time to have a roll around. Of course if it’s bad weather Mick wont be there.

Holiday time…

I recently went on my first tropical island holiday for a week. Matamonoa, Fiji was the destination & it was amazing. We stayed on a small island off the coast & did nothing but snorkel, swim, play ping pong & tennis, kayak, go fishing, eat, sleep & drink. It was perfect. I had been wanting to do something like this for years & finally got around to doing it. We even got to visit the island where the film, Castaway was filmed starring Tom Hanks. Here a couple pics from the week over there.

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Another custom by Lux BMX

The guys at Lux BMX built up another dope custom bike this time a very special one off 2013 The Living frame in the exclusive 2013 Sweet Tooth colour way, Matte Orange. Tom Stretton’s good mate Shane Batchelor is the proud owner & it looks the goods.

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New Australian flow rider…

A few weeks ago I rode at Kuraby with Peta Shepherd one afternoon & there was a local rider there doing some good stuff. Well 2 days ago, Peta comes by the office with a video on her phone of the said local rider ripping it up. She said we should hook him up at some point down the track. I was down with the idea & so today she bought him into the office. We got him on a fresh new 2013 Teddy frame & full set up. Check it out below.

Introducing 16 year old Chusak Sri-akharach, otherwise & more easily known as Nuke. Sorry Alex, you’re not the youngest on the team anymore !! Be on the look out for this kid in the future. Welcome to the team mate.

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Jourdan Barba update

Jourdan recently got back from a quick trip to Vegas to film some more clips for his up and coming The Hunt section. Jourdan has definitely been busy of late scoring a job with his dad as an apprentice electrician and  working on his first Colony web video so I am excited to get to work on that edit in the coming weeks. Thanks to Ryan Galvan for the photos. You can keep up to date with all Jourdan’s happenings via his twitter here.

Guettler & Nasty head to head

This was cool… who you think wins? Guettler or Nasty?

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Mick off to Canada soon…

Mick Bayzand has been resting up from his recent shoulder injury but is well on the road to recovery. He is also heading off to Canada for a few months on June 10th, expect updates from there.

On other news… Mick will be having a casual roll at Prahran Skatepark in Melbourne this Saturday from lunch time onwards. He will also have a bunch of free copies of The Colony DVD for those that are keen. So if you’ve ever wanted to meet Mick in person head out to Prahran this Saturday & meet the man himself.

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Wallpaper: Zac Miner

This shot was used in Ride Bmx a while ago now, large large wallride by Zac Miner that was in the Colony DVD. Download the widescreen version here and the standard version here.

Colony in Shanghai

A few weeks back myself, Liam, Marnold and Brock headed over to China for the Asian X-Games. If you were following via the site you would know we had some crazy issues with missing bikes and Brock getting hurt but all in all it was a fun trip and this is the video we made from the days we spent riding after the comp was done. Thanks again to the locals for helping us out and make sure you grab the next 2020 mag that comes out for a full article about the trip.

Istvan checks in…

Pef from Unleaded BMX in France sent in a little report about the Fise in Montpellier on behalf of Istvan Calliet.

Istvan qualified himself to the Freegun Air Spine contest, facing Pat Casey, Mark Webb, Daniel Dhers, Brett Banasiewicz, Alex Coleborn… so it wasn’t an easy contest, considering the opponents level! The only frenchmen on the final list too!

Spine final happened on Saturday evening, the weather wasn’t that great, got some rain over here, but they did prepare a cover in case. 720 on spine, 360 whip, Flair, also tried a 900 as best trick but sadly didn’t land it.A few clips here.

See you this weekend at the Street Station in Lyon for your revenge Istvan!


Core Series highlights video…

Last weekend was the Core Series at Albany Creek here in Brisbane. Below is the highlights video from the day which was a huge success. Thanks to everyone that supported the event. There is a 3rd one in the works soon… more on that soon.

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Sidewall Fresh Picks: CC Sprocket

The fine folks over at Sidewall Distro in the USA have released one of their latest fresh picks & it features Chris Courtenay’s own CC Sprocket, check it out.

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Pete Radivo update

Over the past couple of weeks Pete and I have been working on filming a web video but I swear Pete has the worst luck in the world. Besides all the knee issues he has had over the years, last week at work he blew out his back and could barely move. It seems he has a bulging disc issue and can’t do much about it but rest. Get well soon my man and from what we have filmed so far it will be worth the extra wait. Below is a screengrab from one of the wildest moves we’ve filmed so far…


Dealer highlight – Edge Lifestyle

We ere down in NSW last month & dropped by Edge Lifestyle down in Orange, they are good supporters of Colony with a range of our parts in stock. They also can get anything you need in without delay. Go see Jake for your BMX needs & he will get you sorted. They even had the Colony DVD playing there & we caught a candid shot while I was on the screen.

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Oskars Zajarskis checks in…

Oskars Zajarskis sent in a quick update…

The past weeks in Latvia where a blast, I got a new job at a bike shop, where I restore old dutch bicycle and I love it. Can’t ride every day but it’s not so bad. The weather here is finally in summer mode, so I can shred in a tee shirt! Here is a random pic from today’s sesh, hope you like it and talk soon – Oskars.

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Q&A: Chris Courtenay

Chris Courtenay is next up so lets do this…

Last movie you watched…

Honestly can’t even remember! Barely ever watch TV!

A musician you are hyped on at the moment…

I can never just get stuck to one! I’m more hyped on whatevers sounding good and setting the vibe!

What did you get up to yesterday…

Worked all day at RideOn BMX store then went for a little shred with my mates!

Last time you came off your bike pretty hard…

Last night (Wednesday) or Saturday but I’m all good! Crashing sucks!

Websites you have been hitting up of late…

Vitalbmx, Thecomeupbmx & the Colony site are my 3 daily’s.

Last clip you filmed…

Filmed a new 10 clip edit which is dropping soon!

Last meal you ate…

My girlfriend made me a chicken, cheese & lettuce roll for lunch! Was amazing, thanks Mel!

Newest part on your bike…

My whole bike is brand new and I’m absolutely loving it!

Oldest part on your bike…

Lever which I’ve had since I was 15!

Last web video you watched…

Chad Kerleys ALLI edit!

Last SMS you received…

Troy Charlesworth sorting out filming!


Follow my twitter & instagram @chriscourtenay.

Dealer exclusive with Sidewall USA

Sidewall Distribution in the USA are offering a free TSG Helmet along with free shipping with any 2012 Colony complete bike purchased. This is for dealers only though so any Colony dealers in the USA may want to jump on this pronto.

Dealers contact your Sidewall sales rep ASAP for this great deal as stocks are limited.

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Peta Shepherd video

Over the past few weeks Peta has been filming with her friend Tristan Montagu and they sent thought this web video from all the footage together, really stoked on the level Peta is riding at right now.