Date of Birth:
The 3rd of September 1990.

Colony, DUB, Quintin Co and Focalpoint.

How long have you been riding?
Riding since 03 baby.

Other then riding, do you have an actual job?
I’m a metal fabricator so pretty much all I do is tig weld.

How long have you been doing that? Your qualified now aren’t you?
i’ve been doing that for about 5 years now, yeah qualified in March this year, long time coming and the money is alot better.

When your out filming, do you prefer to plan out what you want to film or just head out to random spots and see what comes of it?
Nah, never plan it out, just usually hit up the bible (the FP spot book) and find a spot we all want to ride and usually just go from there.

What size t-shirt you wearing these days?
Just large, but I wear tall tee’s so there larger then normal tee’s.