Hey guys! Finally winter has passed and spring is here meaning that I can go back to riding regularly and without worrying if I’m gonna snap a finger off because of the cold!

To pass the final month of winter in Australia, I headed over to Europe for just under 4 weeks with my lady, Nina. We basically a week in the UK, Lake Como in Italy and in Greece where we did some sailing around the Greek Islands. The bike came with me (of course!) and I managed to get a bit of riding in which was awesome and catch up with a few friends over there while enjoying some awesome Euro summer weather.

The other cool thing was that Nina and I got engaged! Being a bit of Star Wars and James Bond fella, I popped the questions at one of the villas near Lake Como where the movies are filmed, so not only did she say yes but I have an awesome story to go with it haha!

Since being back in Australia it’s been pretty hectic as I’m about to be moving back to Adelaide in the next month which will be awesome. Before I go I’ve got a bunch of shows lined up with Nikon Cameras in Melbourne and at a festival in Derby River in Tasmania. Can’t wait, some good times on the road coming up.

The other thing I am really stoked on is the full 2016 Colony EXON Flatland range is now out and available worldwide. Massive thanks to Clint and everyone at Colony for being behind flatland since day I and making this happen!

Hopefully see all you guys out there riding! Check where I’m at on

Instagram @shanebadman

Ride on!


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