Another great month has come and gone! Been getting some good days of riding in with the sunshine a blazing down in SoCal still. Few good rides at FOD with sun falling sooner now but still making the most of the cooler evenings. Joey Cordova is back from his foot injure so the trails have been shouting again! Stoked to have him back on the bike.

Clint was in the states for InterBike and right afterwards we did a trip to Oregon for a week. I was so excited that this trip was happening. First of I’m originally from Oregon so to be able to go on a trip to my home state and take the guys around to spots was a dream come true! So we drove straight up 15 hours and then spent a few days in Eugene/Springfield then went up to Portland for a few days then back down to Eugene then to Redding. Great parks and trails in between and amazing riding by the whole crew on the trip! One of the best trips! Can’t wait to see the edit when it drops.