Zac sent me a little email on what he has been up to lately, read on below… Thanks go to Nick Gascoine for the pics as well. NYRM.

There’s been a bit going on around here. Had a pretty wild weekend seeing as though the long weekend just been, means your allowed to buy fireworks in Canberra. Copped a firework to the ear from my housemate Thomas, apparently I bit him or something ha! Then on Monday went paint balling, which was awesome. We all def came out with some bruises. I lost a bet to Puniard and had to take a paintball to bare skin from 5 metres away… stinging a little today, haha. Nick Gascoine was in town so we shot a few things… here’s some filla I guess 🙂 Hope all is good – Zac.



Yo yo !!