Paddy Gross sent me an email on what he has been up to of late, read on below.

I’ve just got back from the Vans “Let it Ride” European tour and the Vans “BMX Chess” contest in Switzerland last weekend which was pretty fun. I got third place tie with Bruno Hoffmann with my Colony machine and it seems like there is a lot people who ride Colony parts. Dude seriously, there have been so much riders with Colony parts, it’s been awesome to see that. Also a lot of guys been stoked on my bike. Good thing I went there, had a good time and I think it’s been good that a Colony rider showed up, the kids been stoked. Achim was there as well, he was one of the judges and was riding the miniramp, its always good to see him ride you know.

Well I am preety much getting ready for the next things, tomorrow I am going to ride a demo in huge amusement park here in Germany and on Friday I am heading to Cologne for the People’s Store Jam at the North Brigade skatepark.

Cheers, Paddy.


Yo yo !!