Simon O’Brien sent in an email on his travels in Japan the last weeks. Read on below…

So I’m at the end of my trip now, it was a fantastic time. Catching up with friends, sight seeing in Tokyo and 2 hrs north of Tokyo, went with my girl(Akane) up there for 2 days, went and saw some nice temples and stayed in a traditional japanese hotel,that was awesome! It was at a real small town and we went walking and came across a small shrine to the penis god, pretty funny.

I went to a small BMX jam in West Tokyo which was cool to check out some of the local talent, it was put on by a local shop in a side street, low key and fun. While in Tokyo I checked out Odaiba, Asakusa, Akihabara, Ueno Zoo, Kita-senju (amazing square and sunny diner) and lot’s of other places. Was a great relaxing time, lots of amazing Japanese food and beer,
and temples. Enjoyed it so much, already thinking of planning next trip back there! 🙂 – Simon.


Yo yo !!