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Feature – Nude bowl in the heat

We have a new section to the site, above in the Navigation bar you will see a FEATURES tab which will now host a bunch of original content shot with the guys. It could be a road trip article, bike check or an interview with one of the guys. Basically anything we think of. First up is a photo feature from the trip to Nude bowl a few of us took. Check it out here.


Finding Sanctuary video

Nathan Sykes, Anthony Napolitan and Victor Salazar visited Sanctuary rest and ride prior to throwing a jam at Mosqueda bike park in Fresno CA. While at sanctuary they were able to visit Yosemite and ride an amazing skatepark in a neighboring mountain town.

The jam was an amazing, all the locals were in high spirits and killing it, on the way home the guys stopped in Visalia to get a few lines in
and heaps of locals turned out for the session, It was a real good session.

Filmed and edited by Chris Bracamonte.

Canberra trip update

A bunch of the crew are in Canberra right now for ACT Jam, it’s already been a wild time as expected. Unfortunately Alex wrecked his ankle the first night but other then that dudes have been killing it. Couple shots from the adventure…






Fresno trip report

Bracamonte and Nathan sent through some photos from the trip they just got from with Victor and Anthony. From all reports it was a great trip with fun had by all. Here are a few shots from the days away.











Fresno trip

Some of the crew are currently on the road over in California heading to Fresno for a few days to ride with the locals. Make sure you come out for the sessions and keep up to date via our Instagram,





Summer of Colony B-Sides

We had a bunch of un used clips and random footage from the SOC trip so we decided to put it all together for your viewing pleasure.

Watch the full video below and don’t forget to subscribe to our Youtube channel here.

Summer of Colony trip video

We spent 9 days on the road around Brisbane then down the coast to Canberra hitting up a bunch of parks and anything else we could come up on. We hosted 10 jams in 9 days at local parks along the way and had a blast riding with everyone. Here’s the video from the trip and you can view a pretty large photo gallery over on the Focalpoint website.

Thanks to Chris Bracamonte for helping out with filming on this.

Summer of Colony update

It’s been a great trip so far with everyday bringing new stories along with weather reaching the 40+ temps and then wild storms hitting us with no real warning, we’ve had it all. Here are a few random shots from along the way. Hope to see some crew out at Ulladulla today from 12 along with Batemans Bay around 6 for a roll..







We’ve been filming a bunch on this trip for a web video along with a bunch of Instagram videos, some of which are below. Follow us on Instagram for many more.

The Village jam tonight!

Tonight, head down to The Village for a session with the crew. Should be a fun evening…

colony x village promo

On the road

Myself, Polly and Bracamonte spent the past 2 days driving 1800 km’s from Melbourne to Brisbane. We drove inland to mix it up and show Bracamonte some more of the country.





Summer of Colony tour

This is going to be a lot of fun.

A bunch of the crew will be heading out on the road for a couple weeks between Queensland and Canberra with a bunch of stops along the way for sessions with the locals and anyone keen to trip it out.

We will be posting more info regarding times of the sessions but this will give you an idea. Be sure to come out and have a good time with all of us.


Oregon trip video

Back in September Victor Salazar, Alex Hiam, Chris Bracamonte, Nathan Sykes, Clint Millar and Keith Treanor took a week trip up to Oregon, met up with Paddy Gross and thanks to Bracamonte we have a really good 9 minute video for you guys. Chris nailed it on this, showcasing the good vibes that great times that went down on the road. Wish I was there. Thanks to all the locals who welcomed the crew everywhere they went.

Be sure to check out latest issue (Jan/Feb) of Ride BMX which as a great feature article from the trip along with Nathan scoring the cover of the same issue.


Victor Salazar update

Hey guys! Wanted to shoot you over a update on what I’ve been up too.

A few weeks back I received a email from this company whistle sports, proposing if I would be a rider for a week long urban bmx video project. Finding out more details as our conversation continued, the bmx project will be 1 of many episodes premiered on this App called (Go90); Powered by Verizon wireless. After much detail about the project, the location for the film was revealed… A abandoned Hotel that was hosted for 1983 Winter Olympics in Sarajevo. Better know as the country of Bosnia and Herzegovina. Raising some curiosity on where this county is on world map, Bosnia is located in the southeast of Europe on the Balkin peninsula. After agreeing to the deal, I come to find out two of my great friends were contacted also for this opportunity as well. Danny Josa and colony team mate Jackie Straiton!

Once arriving to Sarajevo airport, I was welcomed with the crisp winter weather with temperature as low of 25° and midday highs of 40° to 45° Fahrenheit. Once unpacking my bags in my hotel room, I met up with the boys Danny and Jackie.
We then all made our way to the abounded hotel location were we are meant to film. This photo below is 1 of the hotel’s that was hosted for the 1984 Winter Olympic games, here in Sarajevo, “Yugoslavia” — Less than a decade after the ogames, the Bosnian War tore Yugoslavia apart. Literally and figuratively… Lasting for four years between 1992 and 1996, the Siege of Sarajevo was the longest siege of a capital city in the history of modern warfare.

With custom ramp coronation with Ramp Riders out of Copenhagen, Denmark we had ramps build in and around the abandoned hotel.Below are some photos from the location. Jackie whipping over a 2 story high building to building 15 foot gap. We also shot a few pics in the city of Sarajevo!

Thanks guys, keep you updated on the final video!
Stay tuned.








Victor and Jackie in Bosnia

Both Victor and Jackie along with Danny Josa have been over in Bosnia working on something really special. I can’t wait to see the finished product but for now these photos will keep us happy…

Thanks to Danny for the shots.





Adelaide trip

A few of us drive over for the Octoberfest Trails jam in Adelaide on the weekend. Unfortunately both Jack and Dean had a rough first day with Jack tweaking his knee and Dean shaving half his leg off after they both crashed at the jumps in Bordertown on the way over. Dean was able to still ride the weekend and the trails jam was amazing but Jack was down and out. Hopefully his knee is alright. Massive thanks to the City Dirt locals for putting on a great event. No doubt we will be back for it next year.








Nathan Sykes update

Another great month has come and gone! Been getting some good days of riding in with the sunshine a blazing down in SoCal still. Few good rides at FOD with sun falling sooner now but still making the most of the cooler evenings. Joey Cordova is back from his foot injure so the trails have been shouting again! Stoked to have him back on the bike.

Clint was in the states for InterBike and right afterwards we did a trip to Oregon for a week. I was so excited that this trip was happening. First of I’m originally from Oregon so to be able to go on a trip to my home state and take the guys around to spots was a dream come true! So we drove straight up 15 hours and then spent a few days in Eugene/Springfield then went up to Portland for a few days then back down to Eugene then to Redding. Great parks and trails in between and amazing riding by the whole crew on the trip! One of the best trips! Can’t wait to see the edit when it drops.




Paddy Gross @ Baco

Hey everyone,

Bobbie, his lovely girlfriend Brittany and myself took a trip to Wisconsin last weekend for the Baco-A-Go-Go jam. One reason for me was to spend time with Bobbie since we live quite a distance apart from each other and if you know Bobbie then you know the more you’re around this guy around the better. The other reason was hopefully to meet one of my biggest riding influence Dave Freimuth who was stoked that we came out, and most of the Baco Crew. We also had the chance to hang out with BMX media pioneer Chris Rye who paved the road starting Props Video Magazine back in the 1993. After 6 hours driving from Missouri through Iowa up to Wisconsin Bobbie and me decided to give the Miniramp a quick hello session friday night and continued riding the Mini all saturday long until the #frontbrakebrethren jam.

Most of saturday was for the Park contest and one thing I noticed was that the beginner classes were split in age groups which i haven’t seen in a while and it was awesome to see that everyone had a fair chance to ride. Pro Park was amazing to watch and they sure killed it with all the things you can imagine can be done in a flip or a whip. Pretty impressive for sure! Last Comp was the one for all the riders who mostly use their left fingers. Since people with riding frontbrakes are still rare we’ve had a cool little group of around 12 people such as Tj Henderson, Patrick Kelly, Nick Harkins, Travis McCray, Dan Sieg, Lucas Hastay, Bobbie, myself and a few others. Since the jam was held towards the evening it started getting cold but many good actions by everyone created heat on the deck.

Tj Henderson took the trophy at the end after pulling his ridiculous nosepick combo “nosepick to fakie to backwards nosepick to fakie over the spine to fakie nosepick whip”! You’ll have to watch the upcoming video to get it and he well deserved the win after trying this for quite a while in the cold and committing to it. Bobbie and me also did our thing and it should be good video with a lot of unique things in it including the After Party that got a little out of hand and had a lot of fire involved. At the end we had the best time with a lot of good people, BMX legends, new friends, old friends, beers, a lot of fire and riding our bikes. Thanks to the Baco Crew for the fun weekend that was just about BMX. Good times and we’ll be back next year! Cheers, Paddy & Bobbie.






Myself, Polly and Glen headed up to Snakewoods for the day to check out day 3 of the Last Call jam. Things were winding down but it was great to see the locals and have a roll. Much respect to the locals for all their hard work.




Oriol Bike Shop jam

We headed out to Oriol Bike Shop on Saturday for the street jam which was amazing. So many riders came out and held it down at all the spots we rode. Shoutout to the guys who made it happen.




More from California

We hit up a trails session before heading out for a good time at Home Ave for the afternoon. Victor tried to break my new camera and Nathan got in on a few clips.








Californian sunshine

Here are a few photos from a session we had in the heat yesterday. Although we didn’t have any luck at a few spots it still ended up being a fun day out…







San Francisco Trip – Day 3

We spent the day in the heat riding spots all around SF. Even with the heat we came through with some good clips and had some laughs along the way. Thanks to Mesta for helping us out with spots…



San Francisco Trip – Day 2

Yesterday was a pretty wild scene, seeing hundreds of riders taking over the streets of SF was unreal. It was pretty hard to get a ride in at the spots but still enjoyable to see friends you’ve not seen for a while, meet new ones and take it all in. Shoutout to the people who made it possible, let’s do it again sometime…





San Francisco Trip – Day 1

A few of us drove up from LA to San Fran yesterday for the street jam that is going down today in the city. We had a good drive up hitting a really fun pool along with a couple spots to break up the drive and get some clips…




Vancouver Trip – Day 6

The last day in Vancouver was a real good way to finish the trip, we headed down to the famous Hastings park early for a session before trekking out to a park in Squamish which was about a 45 minute drive from Vancouver but with amazing scenery the entire way. The park also had an amazing back drop as you will see from the photos. It was a really fun session to finish on before the 3am airport arrival time last that night/morning.

Big thanks to KEA and all the locals for making our time in Canada a real treat.







Vancouver Trip – Day 5

We headed out to a few spots in town during the morning to film a few things we had planned out on the first day, most of which went to plan. We then headed to a park called Poco (Railside) which was a big park packed full of good transition and plaza style jibs so everyone was happy. Brandon was really letting loose in the bowl (The table photo below is a transfer from the very far left vert wall into the right side of the bowl) along with Nathan and Victor coming through with some good clips as well. Victor really went in on one of his lines.

With about an hour of daylight left we then hit up a backyard set-up which was a really cool spot and good use of the area. All the guys were enjoying the session which went on until it was dark. Backyard ramps are always a treat so thanks to the locals for letting us have a roll.










Vancouver Trip – Day 4

The sun was out today so we headed to Parkgate park which turned into a pretty long session with the guys as the bowl had some lines that needed to be attempted. Not all went to plan but we got some good clips and headed onto the next park.

I have no idea what the park was called but it was an old school snake run that was pretty crazy and Nathan was hyped on it from the get go. We got in a few runs there before finishing up the day at an amazing watering hole that Brandon took us to, it was a nice way to end the day.






Vancouver Trip – Day 3

Yesterday was the 10th year of the Canadian Concrete contest so we spent the day at that and although the weather wasn’t on our side in the morning it did clear up to perfect riding conditions which in turn created an awesome event! A good amount of people came out to ride and watch the sessions which really did heat up when we got to the PRO class along with the high air contest and best trick. Both Victor and Nathan made it to the finals and Victor ended up coming out on top but it couldn’t have been any closer between placings.

Massive thanks to Blaise and everyone that made the day a success.

We ended up hitting Horse Shoe Bay park again that evening which was a good time where Brandon even got back on the bike with his finger still pretty average but you wouldn’t know it from his riding.







Vancouver Trip – Day 2

Today we hit up the Horse Shoe Bay park which was pretty amazing. Brandon, Nathan and Victor were all killing it although Brandon did end up breaking a finger it seems but he is running with it, see how it is tomorrow.

We then hit up the 3Ride jam and with the rain coming down we weren’t sure how it was going to go but fortunately it let up for a bit and although it was wet on the ground for most of the time everyone still had a good time. Shoutout to all the crew that came out and the guys at 3Ride for putting it on…