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Adelaide trip

Coops and Mick are in Adelaide right now filming for some web video projects, the sun is shining and it’s good to see Cooper out from behind the camera.

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Brandon Van Dulken checks in…

Brandon Van Dulken has been off on his own USA pilgrimage for a few weeks now. Read on below for a few words from the man himself…

Heys guys, the trip is going well. Been staying with handfuls of awesome people and have been able to ride more spots than I’d ride in a whole year. We recently drove past the famous Ruben wallride for the ender of his Grounded part. Shot a little table pic that turned out alright. Real excited for San Diego, should be there for a week before heading east. Cheers! -Brandon

Woodward West recap

I thought it would be good to get all the guys from our Woodward West adventure to give everyone a few good memories from the trip. It seems the guys had the same feeling I had which was that everyone instantly gelled together like we had known everyone for years. Have a read, watch the web video and if your hyped on it help us out and go here to vote for it. Thanks!


– Bloody Chris Courtenay doing his hangfive to foot jam drop in, to me it was so crazy, so high and so smooth.

– Driving there in the RV and getting two flats in one day, spending the night in a random small town and riding there local park and going to the movies by myself. Got everything fixed the next day and driving to camp to meet up with everyone. Random 24 hours haha.

Peta Shepherd

– Me trying for hours to land a new trick, 270 footjam tail whip, and one of the awesome campers Kaden Weaver staying there the whole time watching me land it. He was even cool enough to bring me a bottle of water.

Seeing Alex win everyone’s money at dice. Haha.

Clint Millar

– Getting to meet for the first time, some of the new guys on the team – Jourdan Barba, Bobbie Altiser & Brandon Van Dulken. All of which are freaking awesome guys. They fit in with everyone else so well. Stoked.

– Woodward is an awesome place to hang there with all the campers and just ride everyday was perfect. Pitty I injured my hand only a few days into it but good times none the less. Thanks to all my team riders, all the campers & Woodward staff for making this such a good trip.

Paddy Gross

– Ryan being so patient and relaxed after all of the tires on his RV gave up one after another. I was really impressed that he kept smiling and made the best out of it.

– Meeting Bobbie, Jourdan and Brandon was awesome and seeing Bobbie pulling a quad nosepick tailwhip was one moment where I couldn’t find the right “yeah” to justify what I’d witnessed.

– One of the campers (who also lives in Portland) came up and said “you guys don’t act like pros, you act like friends” was a huge compliment and it made me appreciate my teammates even more and it remembered me when I first met the everyone on the team in 2011 for the tour. Everyone felt like being friends for years.

Jourdan Barba

– My best memories from Woodward would be how stoked the kids were to ride with us, it was awesome shredding and teaching them new grinds to try! Also how much of a lady’s man lil Alex is, he probably got 10 kisses on the cheek without trying haha.

Bobbie Altiser

– Bonding with all of you and feeling so welcome. Also, the campers were great. Can’t forget learning about sneaky finger and Australian cee-lo!!

Alex Hiam

– My best memories were playing this game with Ryan when we see a stranger we don’t know we pretend we know them and call out “Kevin” Or “crazy Kev from AFL” until they look and try and convince them that we knew them.

It was also amazing to chill with the team again, always a pleasure to hang with Ryan, Stretto, Millar, Coops, Paddy and everyone that I don’t usually get to see!! It was also rad to meet three new amazing friends and additions to the Colony family, Bobbie, Jourdan and Brandon.

Chris Courtenay

– Straight up when bobbie just comes hammering down the hanger and sends a flair out of nowhere! From doing a quad whiplash (nosepick whatever Clint calls them) haha but he just proved himself more of a legend than he already was!

– The kid who told all the girls he was Alex’s best mate to pick up girls! Hahaha gold.

Brandon Van Dulken

– It was awesome meeting and getting to know everybody! Great vibes with great people. Can’t ask for much more.

Tom Stretton

– My best memories would have to be just meeting the new guys on the team. Jourdan, Bobbie and Brandon. They are all ridiculously good on the bike and even better people off it. Was almost as though you had known them for years.

– Also watching Bobbie just huck flairs after only just trying them into the pit a couple of times one night. Dude is a maniac haha. Was awesome!

Glen checking in from the states…

Glen McLaughlin our warehouse manager, has been away for 5 weeks now with another week to go on a mammoth trip around the states with the infamous Mark Schneider. Here is a little update on their travels…

My trips been going so good, seen so much cool stuff and ridden some amazing spots. We were going through Iowa yesterday and found this gas station called Colony Point. Had to get a photo of it. I attached a couple other pics too. One was from Ray’s MTB park in Cleveland. Place was crazy, anything from fun MTB trails to rhythm box jumps to bowls to weird quarters so big I even got lost on one trail took me a few minutes to find my way back to the front ha ha. On our way to Vegas now for the weekend then grand canyon then back to LA and home sweet home! Talk soon, Glenny.

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Woodward West video is live!!!!

Massive thanks to Woodward West for inviting us to be involved in the video shootout! Go here and watch the videos and vote for us if you enjoy the video!

Tom in Sydney

T-Strett is on the road and sent in an update from his latest adventure…

So continuing our drive Friday we made it to a good friend John Young’s house. It’s always good to see John and beer immediately started going down a treat haha.

Yesterday was the Halloween jam and as I’ve always said it was the best day of the year. Had so much fun just riding with everyone and seeing the craziest shit go down. Ammon Chesworth is a menace to society haha.

So now we are just chilling in Sydney riding spots and parks having the best time ever. If you see us out come say g’day and have a roll. Peace!

Colony in the UK

Back In early September 2012 Ryan Guettler, Chris Courtenay and Clint Millar headed over to the UK for 9 days. We met up with UK riders Liam Vance and Sam Davies-Bate and trekked a ridiculous amount of kilometres to a bunch of cool BMX shops and parks hanging out with anyone that was out and about.

Thanks to all the riders and shops that we met and also to Tabletop Distribution for planning it all out. Check out issue 169 of Ride UK for an article from the trip along with 2020 BMX Magazine in Australia. The photos used in the intro were from the riders we hung out along with the team via instagram #colonybmxuk

Stretton on the road…

Tom Stretton has hit the road on his way down south, read on below from the man himself.

Myself and a good mate of mine Tinny set off for a roadtrip down to Sydney Halloween jam today.

We have already hit a few parks including Nimbin where I don’t think I’ve ever ridden faster than I have in at snake run. If you’re ever near and get the chance it’s definitely worth it!

We will be hitting more parks and spots on our way down and in Sydney for the next few days. So if you see us come say what’s up. And follow me on instagram cause that would be deadly! haha @tom_stretton

Until next time, stay deadly!

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Jourdan in Texas

Jourdan took a trip out to Texas recently, here is what went down…

Just took a road trip up to Austin, TX from Riverside, CA recently with Larry Alvarado ,Dan Norvell and Ryan Costa and we had a blast! I wasn’t able to enter the Texas Toast contest because it was too full by the time i got there. We had fun cruising around with the locals Jabari Winters and Hersh Patel and we also ended up staying at their house. Thanks a lot for letting us stay with you guys. I ended up going to jail the first night in Austin for partying a little too hard, but it wasn’t too much of a big deal considering that I was able to get out the next morning. Hurt my hand that weekend at the local house skate park so i was not able to do too much filming due to this injury. Over all it was a good time and I’d love to do it again some day. Thanks Colony for helping me get out there.

Stompin’ the states…

Our warehouse manager Glen McLaughlin & the infamous Wolfman are over in the USA on a 6 week trip. First port of call was Ryan Guettler’s house & then straight to Woodward West for 2 days of riding. Here are a few pics from their adventures so far. More to come no doubt.

Glen & Wolfman

Roadtrip Glennie getting his carve on…

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Perth update #1000

Micky has been banging out a bunch of updates from his West Oz trip, this one has got me stoked on BMX…

“Today we drove out to Australind, W.A to do a couple couching clinics. It’s a little country town and the parks not the best but there’s a really good bmx scene there. A great bunch of kids that are really psyched on BMX. It was awesome to see the kids make the most of the park and go hard. We sessioned for a while, played some games and gave away some prizes. Thanks to everyone who came out and made the day as fun as it was. I really hope you guys get that new park you’re trying to get, you really deserve it.”

Mick Bayzand in Perth

Mick is over in Perth doing demo’s I will let him give you all the info…

I am over in Perth at the moment for the Perth royal show doing demos with the Freestyle Now team. We have spent the first few days fixing up the ramps, repainting thing and getting everything sorted. I am realy looking forward to hanging out and riding with everyone, there all a realy good bunch of dudes over here, I always have a good time. The show kicks of real soon so I’ll put up a bunch of riding photos from the demos. Big thanks to Shawn Jarvis for inviting me back.

UK Trip day 6

The last day of the trip and it was spent down at the new Premier BMX shop in London. The shop has only been open for about 4 months but it looks well established and dialed. Thanks to everyone who came out and hung with us at all the stops, we had a blast!

UK Trip day 5

Another day another dialed bike shop, Crucial BMX in Bristol was large, had some real cool staff and looked the goods. After Crucial we hit up a local vintage park that was fun and filled with Characters.

UK Trip day 4

Today was a whirlwind day, it started off at Alans BMX shop which was a large shop with plenty of cool kids. Then off to Wales to visit DKA Wheels and Deeside park, the park was pretty fun with a dialed bowl. Then it was off to the famous Rampworx, without a doubt the best indoor park I have ever been to. Besides the ridiculous amount of lines to do and ramps to ride the vibe there was awesome! Thanks to everyone who helped us out at the stops.

UK Trip day 3

We hit up Foundation BMX shop which had a good crew behind it and seems well established for only being around for three years. After the shop we hung out with the locals at the park for the afternoon which was crazy seeing how many riders were local there.

That evening we hit up The Arc indoor park, once again a good crew of riders were out which made for a good session along with an after hours session where some serious shit went down. Thanks to everyone that came out.

UK Trip day 2

DRIVING! We seemed to drive all day, stopping at Decoy park for a little bit but after getting a flat on the freeway we didn’t have much time to ride with the locals before we had to haul it to LiferBMX. It was a crazy drive on a road that was barely wide enough for one car let alone two! Sam lost his mirror when we side swiped a campervan! It seemed like we were in the middle of nowhere but as soon as we got to LiferBMX it was an amazing site, so many riders to be at any shop let alone one in such a small community. Lifer is one dialed shop and run by good people who gave us great hospitality.

UK Trip day 1

The first day of the trip after getting over jetlag and we headed out to Hastings to visit Source BMX. This place is dialed and has a crazy bowl setup inside the shop and an even wilder setup in the backyard. After we hung out there it was onto the bowl up the street which got a bit of a work out. Today we head onto Decoy.


We are very excited for this and hope to see everyone out at the stops! Don’t forget to #colonybmxuk on Instagram so we can see your photos from hanging out with us all aswell.

Alex in Melbourne

Alex spent 6 days last week in Melbourne filming for his next web video which trust me is going to be insane! Here are a few random shots from the trip. Follow us on Instagram aswell to keep up to date on trip happenings and all sorts of random stuff. @colonybmxbrand

Colony UK tour 2012!

We are very excited to be heading over the the United Kingdom for a week! Myself, Ryan Guettler, Chris Courtenay and Clint Millar will be over there hitting up some shops and riding parks along with Anton McGuirk, Sam Davies-Bate and Liam Vance. Thanks to Tabletop for helping out with the trip. Make sure you get out and come say hi at one of the stops or if you see us at your local park. We also want to get everyone involved so if you use Instagram, take some photos whilst you are out and about with us and #colonybmxuk so we can see them all. No doubt we will have plenty of giveaways for riders along the way aswell.

California Vital video part 2

The second instalment from our days with Vital BMX.

Colony’s California Vacation Part #2 – More BMX Videos

Brock and Liam in Melbourne

If you’ve been following us on Instagram or basically any social media outlet you would probably have noticed that Brock and Liam are in Melbourne. They came down for the Slay the Rails comp and have been staying a few extra days filming for the 2020 DVD along with a web video coming out in the coming weeks. So far so good!


Brisbane life

I’ve spent the past 3 weeks in Brisbane filming a bunch of future web video stuff. Today is my last day here before I start the solo 1,900km drive home. It’s been a blast so I thought I would post up a few photos from some of the times out filming…

Brisbane trip

If you are following us on Instagram (@colonybmxbrand) you would know that some of the team are up here in Brisbane this weekend filming for some web video projects. We got lucky with the weather yesterday and were able to film some solid clips. We have alot of web video content coming out over the next few months so keep an eye out.

New 2020 magazine out soon

A few months back myself, Liam, Marnold and Brock headed over to Shanghai, China for the Asian X-Games. If you were following via the site you would know we had some crazy issues with missing bikes and Brock getting hurt but all in all it was a fun trip and this is the video we made from the days we spent riding after the comp was done. Thanks again to the locals for helping us out.

Make sure you grab the next 2020 mag that comes out very soon for a full article about the trip. Check the preview below.

Ave BMX & Michal Mycek

This is awesome. Ave BMX who hold down & do a great job distributing our products in Poland took their team on a road trip & this is the end result. Look out for clips from our own Michal Mycek in the mix. That cut he sustained looked harsh but still came back for me afterwards. Grab a coffee, sit back & enjoy.

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Filming in LA

I stayed behind in California for a few extra days to film with Jourdan and Ryan. Today was a productive day even without my fisheye after breaking it 3 days ago.

It’s different but the same but different

It’s amazing the things you will talk about when you are stuck in traffic for what seems like forever but there was light at the end of the tunnel, literally! As we got to experience the famous Baldy full pipe which was amazing, the adventure getting there and having to find a new plank to be able to get over to ride it was probably more fun then riding it itself. As you can tell from this photo good times were had.

Calling the shots!

We had a ball filming this at Chino park the other night. Thanks to Chris Long for filming this. The last clip was filmed literally 1 minute before the lights went out in the park. More videos from Network A here.