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FTLT – Day 3

We hit up M1 Cycles in Gladstone yesterday, hung out with the locals and had them jumping bikes for t-shirts. Then onto the local park which was packed with riders and a good session followed! Thanks to everyone who came out and enjoyed the sunshine.

FTLT – Day 2

Yesterday was another good day. We started out in Maryborough & hit up some local street spots which turned out well. Then made the drive to Woodgate but stopped off in Childers on the way to hit some rails.

I was really wanting to show the guys Woodgate though, one for the awesome ramp & also to see the kangaroos that are always hanging right by the ramp. The local wildlife did not let us down & both Jourdan & Brandon got to see their first ever kangaroos. Some good riding went down from Chris as well with some solid stuff going down in the last specks of day light.

Today we are in Gladstone & will be at M1 Cycles at 11am then the park in town at midday. Come & say g’day !!

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FTLT- Day 1

I guess today was technically the first day of the Follow the Lines Tour with everyone. We were up at the crack of dawn to start the drive north. We hooked up with the locals at Wilcox Bike shop in Maryborough and then after a few delays we hit up the local trails. To be honest I wasn’t expecting too much but as soon as we got into the bushes all of our jaws dropped, the place was a materpiece! The locals put in serious work for these jumps to look so damn good and everyone got involved and a real solid session was had! Thanks again to Wilcox Bikes and all the crew that came out, along with all the trails heads for there amazing work and for letting us enjoy the fruits of their labor.

Over the weekend

Just before we set off up north for a few days we spent the weekend riding Brisbane. The weather was a treat…

Still on the road…

Mick and I spent the entire day searching the outskirts of Sydney for spots to ride on the way back down, The traffic might suck in this place but the spots certainly don’t! A few gems to hit when we are in Sydney with the crew in the coming weeks.

The long haul…

Myself and Mick started the long drive from Melbourne to Brisbane yesterday morning. We made good time and got to Sydney by nightfall. We past the time by watching sketchy drivers on the freeway, one driver braked suddenly in the rain on a hill to 60km’s an hour with a truck behind them yet somehow everyone avoided the idiot, dealt with basically every type of weather and I discovered I could run sunglasses directly over my glasses which makes it so much easier to drive. Not sure why I didn’t try that years ago…

Follow the Lines Tour…

For myself and Mick Bayzand, the trip starts tomorrow so look out in between Melbourne and Brisbane but for the shop stops and everything else this time next week will be hectic!

Follow the Lines Tour

We are very excited to announce the Follow the Lines Tour which will be commencing next week. This is basically a filming trip along with getting to hang out with a lot of new riders around the country. Being that it will be school holidays we will be visiting a few stores along the way and their local parks & trails even. Make sure you get out to one of the sessions at the shops and local park for plenty of giveaways!

For everyone in between, we will no doubt be hitting up more parks and spots, so keep an eye on our Instagram to see where we are are to catch up for a roll. Can’t wait for this to begin!

A good chunk of the team will be on various parts of the trip and we even have Brandon Van Dulken (Canada) and Jourdan Barba (USA) coming out for it! Both of which have never been here before, so that will be a treat for them & us !!

Tabes for the Babes – Episode 2

Here it is… Ryan Guettler’s second installment of Tabes for the Babes. Featuring of course Ryan & our own Jourdan Barba. Check it out !!

Ryan and the crew hit the road to Riverside, San Diego and Las Vegas stopping at parks, trails and ditches along the way and ending at the Extreme Thing Dirt contest.

Riders: Alex Landeros, Zack Warden, Ben Snowden, Kevin Peraza, Jourdan Barba, Ross Lanier and Ryan Guettler

Film/Edit: Dylan Pfohl

Additional Filming: Victor Salazar

Sponsors: Vans, Monster, Ethika, Colony, Epic Bike Shop, Hook it, Protec

Danger Mouse & Daniele Luppi-Black ft. Norah Jones
Phoenix-Consolation Prizes
AC/DC-Sin City
Three 6 Mafia-Feel It ft. Tiesto

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Tabes for the Babes – Jourdan Barba

To go along with Ryan’s Tabes for the Babes Episode 2 release, we gathered a few words from Jourdan Barba about his experiences on the trip. Read on below…

So how did you joining the trip come about?

I ride trails in Riverside every now and then and I always see Ryan at the trails. I asked him one day how’s the Guettler tours going and when’s your next one? He said he was gonna do one soon and he would like me to join on the next one . So later that month he called me and asked if I wanted to join on this Vegas trip my first response was “Hell Yes!”

Had you been to the places you guys visited before?

Yes, I’ve been to a lot of the spots before but it was rad to ride them with the crew!

Had you met everyone before?

I’ve met some of the dudes before but I met Alex Landeros, Ross Lanier for the first time they’re awesome dudes and have crazy bike skills!

What was your favourite place or spot you hit up?

We stopped at a skatepark in Barstow next to the skate park there was a great double kinked rail that I enjoyed, even though it took me out a couple times!

Who did the move of the trip in your eyes? What was it?

There was a lot of crazy things that went down but one of the craziest was a big gap to wallride that Alex Landeros got done!

Any cool stories or happenings off the bikes?

The first night in Vegas we got a really tricked out limo that we drove around the strip we stopped at a liquor store for some beverages and met a homeless man named Tony that was really nice. We asked him to party with us in the limo and we had a great time! After the limo ride was over we hooked Tony up with some clothes, hats & food before we left he was really stoked !

I hear Ryan wants you back on another one soon, gotta be stoked on that.

Ya that would be awesome I would love to go on another trip! Nothing but good times on the tabes for the babes tour!

Any thanks?

Ya I’d like to give a big thanks to Ryan Guettler for inviting me on the trip. Colony and Index ink for helping support during the trip!

Marnold in Brisbane.

Marnold just sent through this update from his Brisbane trip, thanks to Stu Munro for the photos.

Yoo guys, on the weekend I went up to Brissy to film with stu for his dvd. I had a blast, rode some amazing spots and the crew I rode with were awesome, way to many laughs and shit talking! It was hella hot up there like 30 both days and so muggy that when you were just sitting down you were sweating, but other then that it was good to get out of Melbourne and ride. Thanks to Stewie, Raph, Bongsey, Anton and Tiny for a good weekend!

Perth trip

The sun was out so we hit a few parks in the heat before heading down to Mandurah to check out the comp setup for today, if you’re in the area make sure you get down today for the event. Dean tuck at Claremont park just out of Perth city…

Perth trip day 2 & 3

We had some heat then some rain over the past 2 days. We hit some good parks then a classic pool that you may recognise from the Colony DVD. A bunch of crew were already there which made for a good time. Unfortunately it looks like Alex has broken his hand from landing a bit wrong on a flair barspin. Yesterday it rained all day which stopped us from rolling but the weather looks good today so bring it on!

Perth trip day 1

Myself, Clint, Alex, Tom and Dean are over in Perth for the week filming and heading to the Mandurah comp on the weekend. Today was a fun start to the trip hitting up a few parks and hanging out with local crew. Few random shots from the day, follow us on Instagram for some solid updates during the day/nights @colonybmxbrand

Jourdan Barba update

Jourdan recently took a trip with a bunch of crew…

“I just got back from a Reno trip filming with the ODI crew for the new Black Book DVD coming out soon! It was a rad time, we spent a week driving from Riverside to Reno hitting all the city’s in between… Fresno,Sacramento and Woodward Tahoe I took a few big falls but made it back in one piece and was stoked on the clips I did get!”

Melbourne to Brisbane

Alex and myself spent the past couple of days driving to Brisbane from Melbourne. Unfortunately we had no luck with the weather once we left Canberra but had fun none the less! Here are a few random shots from the drive up. Hit us on Instagram to see more random happenings. @colonybmxbrand

Tabes for the Babes – Episode 1

Ryan Guettler has been busy working on a series of road trip videos for which he invites a bunch of different riders to jump in his decked out RV & go see what happens. This is the first episode & it turned out awesome. Check it out. I am really looking forward to the future episodes for sure.

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Adelaide trip

Coops just got back from a filming trip in Adelaide, he has a heavy schedule this year for trips and although he spends alot of his time behind the lens he still gets out there in front of it at every chance possible. Keep an eye out for him all over the country clocking clips.

Yo yo !!

Adelaide jam

A few of us are in Adelaide right now and whilst here we popped into an awesome backyard jam being held by Angus Samson and the crew. They had an amazing setup and vibe going on. I snagged a couple quick shots of Peta and Jack just before it got to dark.

More from Canberra…

Another day in the capital so we headed out to a bunch of spots, filmed some clips, got punctures, kicked out alot, crashed a bit and had cops watch us film a rail clip. Good times.

Canberra trip

A few of us are out in Canberra right now on the clip count, yesterday was crazy hot so it was a battle but otherwise things have been good. Here are a couple random shots from the trip. Follow us on Instagram for more updates. @colonybmxbrand

Canberra/Sydney recap

Myself, Mick and Zac just got back from a filming trip in Canberra and Sydney. It was crazy hot pretty much everyday but we manage to come home with alot of good clips. Both these guys will have web videos dropping early 2013 which I am hyped to finish and edit up. Here are a few random shots from our Instagram during the trip.

Alex & Chris at Monster Park today…

Both Alex Hiam & Chris Courtenay will be at the Monster Skate Park in Sydney Olympic Village today from 3pm till 6pm. They riding & hanging out as part of the Sony Xperia trip they have been on the past few weeks. If you’re in the area, get yourself there to ride with & meet the guys.

Yo yo !!

Canberra/Sydney update

We’ve been out in Canberra and now Sydney filming for some web video projects, the weather has been dialed so hopefully it continues so we can continue the clip count!

Canberra/Sydney trip

Myself, Mick and Zac are in Canberra right now filming for a few web video’s then off to Sydney for a few days, keep up to date on the happenings via Instagram! @colonybmxbrand

Sony Xperia trip – Day 1&2

First couple days of Alex and Chris‘s adventure on the Sony tour, not a whole lot of riding but still a cool watch to see what they’ve been up too

Sony Xperia trip update

Alex shot through a quick update from the first day of the Sony Xperia trip that he is on with Chris. We will keep you updated on everything that goes on but you can also keep live updates here.

Roadtrippin’ with Alex and Chris

Both Alex and Chris were invited on a pretty cool roadtrip with Sony Xperia which starts today, you can follow all the updates here.

Adelaide trip update

On the drive back to Melbourne right now, here are a few photos from Mick’s Instagram @mick_bayzand1

Tom in Sydney

Tom shot though another update from his travels in Sydney…

“Hey all. Still in Sydney kicking around. I hadn’t planned on being here this long but last week the Dre Regli & his boys invited me on their Bondi trip as a special guest, so I just let the good times roll haha.

Was rolling around Bondi all weekend with those guys getting up to no good haha. However, all good things come to an end and everyone went their separate ways today.

Now, I’m just chilling out in Penrith catching up with my nan and my cousins. She’s a legend. I’ll be heading home if we don’t get to hit Dane Searle’s memorial jam this weekend. If you have the chance to get there than do it!

Just wanted to say a big thanks to Dre Regli and his boys for being so rad and having me along for the party! As always if you see us out riding come have a roll!”