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Glennie went to Cairns & back…

Our Australian warehouse manager, Glen McLaughlin, recently took a week off & decided to road trip solo up to Cairns & back. He filmed a bunch of stuff along the way in the chilled fashion of Glen. The cool thing is this was all self filmed, he did some tech tricks to get those panning shots with no one moving the camera. A mixture of Canon 7D & iPhone footage, it turned out a treat showing the relaxed week he had away.

Just goes to show everyone that works at Colony rides & has done so for more than 20 years. Now, it must be Keith Treanor’s turn to do a video hey?

Yo yo !!

Dane’s Jam

A few of us headed to the Dane Searls trails jam in Canberra yesterday. It was a dialed session with everyone getting crazy on the jumps. A few people came un stuck including Bayzand but I think all that did would still be stoked that they were apart of the day. I know Luke Parker was doing these cannonball’s.


Kill Em All Distro go to Texas

The guys from Kill Em All Distro went to Texas Toast last month & this is the video from it all. Brandon Van Dulken is a machine !! He is the one on the 2014 Trans Gold Teddy frame… Check it out.

Make sure if you’re in Canada & chasing our products to get your local shop to contact Kill Em All Distro as they have all our goods !!

Yo yo !!

Portland trip

We have almost made it to San Fran on the way back to LA. The drive has been good and the last day in Oregon was dope. Hitting up a few spots in town, hanging out and just enjoying BMX.






We made it to Portland yesterday and damn did we have some fun getting here riding some amazing parks and the first day here was also a treat! Thanks to all the locals we’ve hung out with, you’ve made it so much fun. Also an extra shout out to Paddy for the beds to sleep in and showing us The Lumberyard.





Northern travels

We are still heading north to Portland right now and yesterday we came up on this park in Sacramento called Granite which was seriously the most amazing park I’ve ever seen. If you have any interest in riding bowls this place would be the ultimate! 8 bowls with endless lines, chilled local riders and skaters and perfect lights. If you are ever in the area be sure to hit it up. Thanks to Cody for the help on this one.




On the road

Myself, Ryan, Tom, Jourdan and Bobbie are heading north of LA at the moment on a filming trip. So far it’s been a blast, hitting up some nice parks and spots and just sort of playing it by ear on where we are going. We will hopefully get to Portland in the next day or 2. Here are a few random shots from the trip.





More from San Diego

Yesterday we had the pleasure of riding the Home Ave Ditch, for me this has been a spot I have wanted to hit for years and it didn’t let us down. Massive shout out to anyone that played apart in making that spot what it is today.



San Diego trip

Myself, Bobbie Altiser and Tom Stretton are out in San Diego for a few days before we start the long drive to Austin. We’ve been hitting up the Ocean Beach park which is a blast and the locals are real cool so hit it up anytime you are in the area.



Brazil trip updates

So every day or 2 I have been getting sent photos from the guys in Brazil documenting their trip and I must say I am very jealous. It really does look like they are having such a good time along with the locals, just seeing how stoked everyone is in these shots makes me love BMX more and more. Go ride.

Thanks to Renan Souza for the photos.






Brazil update

The guys over in Brazil seem to be having a blast going off the Instagram photos they’ve been posting. That being said Chris did dislocate his shoulder on the first day which is shitty but otherwise good times are being had.


Alex and Chris in the states

Alex and Chris are out in California filming and hanging out with the locals. They both happened to go down yesterday which has them resting up for a few days. I snagged these photos off their Instagram pages.


Woodward West wrap up

We left Woodward West yesterday after a great week in the sun putting in work for this web video. Everyone came through, even with the heat and Brandon taking it hard on the trails we had a good time. Massive thanks to all the staff at the camp along with all the riders who we hung out with.





Alex at Woodward

Thanks to Alex Herzog for shooting this photos of Alex going hard at Woodward West. For more photos check out @bmxlovephotography via Instagram.


More from Woodward West

Another day, another long day of riding with the crew, here are a few shots from out in the heat.




Woodward West

We drove up to Woodward West yesterday which went well and now we are based here for the week. Snagged this shot of Alex to start things off…


Woodward West this week!

Tomorrow we set off for Woodward West again for the video shootout. We will be there for the week, if you are hitting it up that week make sure to come say hi to all the guys and grab some stickers off of us. Below is our video from last year which was an amazing week!



Today we headed to the Riverside area and hit up a few parks and sessioned with local crew. We snapped a few photos during the day…




USA trip update

I arrived into California yesterday and straight up we headed out on a mission. We hit up a very special backyard spot and had a blast. Thanks to the Enarson family for the good times.



Heading to Woodward West

We are off to Woodward West again for the video shootout. We will be there week 10 from the 4th to the 10th of August. If you are hitting it up that week make sure to come say hi to all the guys and grab some stickers off of us. Below is our video from last year which was an amazing week!

FTLT – Day 17

The sun was out again in Melbourne so I took the guys down to the iconic St Kilda banks on the beach which was pretty damn good then onto the city for a roll well into the evening. Good times indeed.

FTLT – Day 16

In Melbourne now with Tom, Jourdan and Brandon staying at my place, we headed out this afternoon to hit a few spots, film some clips, Brandon hit his head then Tom filmed some amazing stuff. Solid day indeed. Let’s do it again tomorrow!

FTLT – Day 15

We spent the day filming and riding at Woden park in Canberra, we planned to only be there for a warm up before hitting some spots but one clip led to another and before we knew it, it was freezing cold and the sun was going down. Everyone seemed to have fun though and we got some solid clips which I am stoked on!

FTLT – Day 14

We spent the good part of the day hanging out at Backbone BMX riding the flat rails and checking out the shop. As always Backbone hosted a great day. We then hit up a session at the iconic Erindale Banks where I snapped this shot of Zac just as the cold was really setting in.

FTLT – Day 13

A couple good days spent in Sydney were just had with real good weather, clips filmed and too much dice played. Here are a couple photo’s of Chris at a packed Bondi park.

FTLT – Day 11

The sun was out in Sydney so we hit up Five Dock park and then onto a few spots throughout the day which was real productive. We have another day in Sydney before we head down to Canberra!

FTLT – Day 10

We spent the day driving from Newcastle after hitting up the Wallsend park then got settled in Sydney and searched a few schools with some good results. That evening a couple of us hit up the city for a roll and Tom got an awesome clip after a couple hours of putting in work for it!

Brisbane to Newcastle

We spent the day/evening driving from Brisbane to Newcastle which is about 800km’s, it rained almost the entire time which made it worse to drive in. Fortunately we did get a little window of dry weather as we went through Nambucca Heads so we hit up the park to break the drive.

Backyard sessions

We had a pretty chilled day after the long drive the night before so a few of the guys hit up the backyard for a session and then in the evening it was onto RideOn which was a blast seeing everyone out.

FTLT – Day 4

We spent the day in Rockhampton hanging out at the Giant Rockhampton store and then onto the park. The weather was dialed and all the locals were well into a session with the guys. Then it was a long LONG 8 hours of crappy roads and road work back to Brisbane. Thanks to everyone that came out for the day.