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Vancouver trip – Day 1

Today myself, Nathan Sykes, Chris Bracamonte and Victor Salazar flew to Vancouver, met up with Blaise and Brandon to ride for 6 days along with hitting the Kirkstone jam and the Jam at 3Ride. Today was a good start to the trip. See you all at 3ride tomorrow.











ACT JAM video

The Backbone guys put together a 10 minute video from the crazy weekend that was ACT JAM. All the crew feature throughout this video so have a watch and start counting down the weeks until next years jam…

Canada Trip

A few of the crew are heading over to Vancouver in a couple weeks for a roll with the locals. First stop will be the 3Ride shop for a session. Keep an eye on our Instagram and the site for more updates but basically we will be hitting up a bunch of parks for the week, so come out for a ride. Thanks to KEA for making it happen.

Check the flyer below that the 3Ride crew put together for the day.


Canberra trip Flipbook

With the biggest jam of the year going down in Canberra we knew we had to make the trip out with a good chunk of the crew. The following is a collection of images from the cold days we spent in the capital territory…

Thanks to LC for the additional photos.

More from the trip

I’ve been over here in California for 3 weeks now filming and shooting photos. Here are a few random shots from the past week or so…







Fresno Jam

So we’ve just got back from our Fresno trip which was a blast and I can’t thank the local crew enough for making it a blast. The jam at the Fresno park exceeded my expectations so thanks to all the riders that came out, Ryan and Andre’s for holding it down on the day along with cooking up a feed for everyone. Also to Chris Bracamonte for organising it and being on the MIC all day. Here are a few images from the day…






California update

We’ve been out on some great missions this past week, here are a few photos from the days out…




coop tooth pool cali

#oldmentrip in New Zealand

I just got back from the second #oldmentrip over in New Zealand with some good long term mates from over there. Kenny Raggett also came along which was awesome. We travelled around a fair chunk of the South Island & had a blast on & off the bikes. We rode so much awesome stuff, explored, & basically enjoyed life on the road. Looking forward to the next one already. Check out some of my pics taken a long the way. Thanks to Dave, Phil, Jonno, Mario, Bruce & Kenny for an awesome week. Good times !! – Millar.








Yo yo !!

More from California…

Today was another really fun day, we rode some fun unique spots and had a blast doing so…



Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset




Hot Springs

Polly and I landed in California yesterday with the plan of making the most of everyday we are here. So we met up with Nathan and his good friend Matt Cordova along with Jourdan and we trekked down to the Palm Springs area, this place has some fun parks which we spent the entire day hitting up and enjoying the nice weather.

Here are a few shots from the day…




Fresno Jam

A few of us are hitting the road next month for a session down in Fresno, CA. Looking forward to hanging out with the locals and just the trip in general. Make sure you guys get out there if you are anywhere near Fresno.

fresno jam

On the Road – Victoria

Here is the final raw video from our recent trip. Thanks to all the shops and crew that came out for a roll, we had a blast…

On the Road – ACT

Here is part 3 of our recent trip down the east coast. A sort of behind the scenes look into the 2 days of the trip throughout the ACT, hanging out at Backbone BMX (and Yass).

Riders featured: Chris Courtenay, Bobbie Altiser, Zac Miner, Tom Stretton, Clint Millar, Ricky Cantanzariti and Luke Parker.

On the Road – NSW

Part 2 of the trip from a video perspective. We spent 3 days travelling south through New South Wales and this video is packed full of riding footage and some good times we had along the way…

On the Road – Brisbane

As you would have seen if you follow us on Instagram, we are currently doing a 2 week trip between Brisbane and Melbourne hitting up a bunch of parks, shops and anything else along the way with some of the crew.

Here is a sort of behind the scenes look into the first 5 days of the trip along with some clips we didn’t keep for other projects.

Riders featured: Chris Courtenay, Bobbie Altiser, Zac Miner, Tom Stretton, Clint Millar, Ricky Cantanzariti, Polly, Dean Anderson, Keith Treanor and Luke Parker.

If you are in Sydney today, head out to the Bass Hill park around 3pm for a session…

COLONY jan 2015 tour flyer bass hill

On the road…

A bunch of the crew are up in Brisbane right now before we head south for a week. Here are a few random shots from the past couple days. More to come…







Have Fun, Ride Bikes tour…

Some of the crew are hitting the road this week, starting off in Brisbane and heading south to Melbourne to film, visits shops and hang out with the locals. Hopefully you guys can make it out to one of these stops. Keep an eye on our Instagram for any extra stops that we will be making…

COLONY jan 2015 tour flyer

Zac Miner in Melbourne

Over the weekend Zac came down to Melbourne for 3 days to film for his next video project and although we had some security guard problems we came out on top at the end of the 3 days. Zac really produced some serious clips and put in work doing so. Here are a few shots from the days without giving away too much…


The vent has always been an issue for this wall ride but Zac locked and loaded and roasted straight past it.


This was insane, great way to finish off the day.


I think Zac was just happy to be alive after this clip.


We’d been kicked out of this spot on Zac’s last filming trip to Melbourne but fortunately luck was on our side this day.


Game changer.

Screen Shot 2014-12-16 at 10.30.13 am

2 days in a row with no luck thanks to security being super tight now days at this place.

Adelaide trails jam

Myself, Polly and Dean drove over to Adelaide for a few days to film and hit up the trails jam. The day was real fun and great to see so many good people, quick shot of Dean from the trails. Shoutout to LBB and all the crew that made the day work and dig at the trails.


Jack Kelly in Adelaide

Last week I headed to Adelaide to ride and film with Troy Charlesworth, Brock Olive & Mike Vockenson for an Australia mixtape Troy is working on and also to film with Vocko for Crispy Stream. Adelaide has an abundance of flat rails and spots in general which is awesome, and one of the best BMX scenes in Australia. Thanks to Rhys Gogel for letting us stay at his place and driving us around all over Adelaide & thanks to Dave Rubinich for the pictures.



D.I.Y in Melbourne (leftovers)

We had a bunch of footage leftover from the D.I.Y project so we put them together with some B-Roll to give you a little more insight into the 3 days in the heat…

Original video…

Cooper on the road

Coops is heading back out on the road today filming for various future projects. Keep an eye out for him in Canberra, Sydney and Brisbane over the next 2 weeks.


Yo yo !!

D.I.Y in Melbourne video

I knew of a few drain spots that already existed here in Melbourne so I spent some time fixing up a few along with creating some new spots and then invited some of the guys to come down, stay at my place and ride the spots for 3 days. We had to do this during the middle of summer so that we didn’t get washed away and to be able to build at the spots. This all worked well besides the temperatures going above 40 every day we were out but everyone made it work and had a blast doing so. Here is the video (and photos) from the project, hopefully we get to do another one next summer.













Massive shoutout to Backbone for killing it with the jam this weekend. More photos to come but for now here is Dean getting loose on the box at Backbone and Polly bing Polly…



Heading to Canberra

Some of the crew from Queensland are on there way down to Canberra right now, along with Melbourne crew heading up tomorrow. Here is a shot of Clint, Leeton and Tom taking a break from the road…


California update

Mike and Justin were out with us this week. Things started out good until Mike tried an insane gap out to short rail and took it hard, like real hard. His wrist is beat up and hasn’t been able to ride. Justin has been killing it on the ledge game which has been a treat to film and watch. Jack has been going hard on the rail game and we also filmed a plaza video with Zach from Vital so keep an eye out for that soon.




mike crash



Battle Bowl

We were treated to a sun down session at a famous spot here in California earlier this week.







More from California

We’ve been having a blast here in California…



jack crank LA



Melbourne trip

Clint, Alex, Tom and Zac are in Melbourne right now for a special filming project but today we spent the afternoon riding Luke Parker‘s local of Lilydale. Luke killed it along with all the locals even though it was super hot.


Quick trip

Marnold and I just got back from a quick 2 day trip up in north Victoria in searched for fresh spots. We came up on a few good things so it was worth the trip. Thanks to our buddy Tenna for the accommodation and Daniel Johnson for slinging us this first shot.

photo edit