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Arts & crafts…

Angela Dobbie sent me a pic of her little arts & crafts bracelet she made… pretty cool I thought. Enjoy !!


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Ryan’s weekend…

Ryan sent me a quick email about his weekend just gone… word.

Hey what’s up?

I’m home now and rested. Weekend was good I went to the ASA comp and placed 3rd behind Stevie (madman) McCann and 1st place was Dennis Enarson who rode sooooo good. I also pulled a 360 back flip tire grab which I haven’t done many of (happy).

The Family have bought my web site ( and we are about to re-vamp it and make it 10,000 times better but it wont be up until end of September, can’t wait.

Here’s a few small photos from the comp, also I’m going to woodward this week for a bit then to Salt Lake City, then to Interbike in Vegas (Vegas baby) see you at the poker tables.

Enjoy & talk real soon.




Ryan & Diogo Canina


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Bruno Faucon from France

Our worldwide flow team is ever expanding & our latest edition to the Colony family is Bruno Faucon from Venelles, France. Unleaded BMX, our French distributor, hooked us up with Bruno for our flow team & I had the chance to meet Bruno at the Rebeljam in Berlin a few weeks ago.

Welcome to the team Bruno !!




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Angela’s latest set up

I saw Angela Dobbie today & she always has a new paint job & look for her bike everytime I see her. Her latest colour she has painted her Sect frame is a nice dark purple. Looks pretty cool with I say… She just put on some of the new Official Forks, Mid Seat with Purple rails & Transformer Lever as well. She is waiting for a Official Stem & Sprocket to finish off her ride.






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Guettler & box jumps?

Ryan sent me a quick email to let me know what he is up to over the next few weeks…

Hey guys,

I’ve got some free time so I thought I’d send some pics and let you know what I’m up to. I leave tomorrow to go to LA for the ASA comp. It’s 2 box jumps in a row with a 8 foot ramp at the end. Got my name written all over it I think… hahaha lol. Then I’m back home for a week so I’m going to Woodward then to the 4th Dew Tour. I’ll email more pics from the comp this week end.

Later boss.



Thanks Ryan… have fun & see ya in Vegas !!

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Old school bikes.

Andy Kent sent me a quick email with a cool pic…

Hey man, I am traveling for work around Wisconsin and drove through a
town called Sparta. They claim to be the bicycling capital of America.
Anyways, they have a museum with bikes that have wooden rims and are
from the 1800’s. Some cool stuff in there attached is a pic of a huge
bike they have as you drive into town maybe something cool for the
colony site later man… Andy.


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How much work can a bike co. be?

When I started Colony I thought it wouldn’t take up that much of my time. Oh, how wrong was I. Running your own bike company is a very demanding task & something that takes up plenty of my time. Especially when I want it done right & exactly how I feel things should be ran.

Take this weekend for instance… here I am having just had a session on the mini ramp with the likes of Dave Osato, Mike Spinner, Achim Kujawski & Mark Konig. Now I find myself doing a little work & updating the site while they still ride. I find myself doing this rather often to be honest. Putting off riding to do the work that Colony demands of me. But do I mind you ask? No not really. I love running Colony & I feel it’s something that I truely do have a passion to do.

There is no greater feeling of achievement to see something you have worked so much on come to life. To have riders support your work & be stoked on what you’ve done is amazing. For this feeling I thank everyone out there who has supported Colony in one form or another. Thanks !!

Working on the beach.

Working beside the ramp.

Working by the bar.

It’s not all work of course… it does have it’s perks with the party time with friends.


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Guettler’s new backyard ramp.

Ryan sent me a quick email with a pic of his new backyard creation he is making. Looks like it should be a fun set up. Ryan was telling me it will have another wall on the far side of the spine with a possible resi & sub box etc etc. I will post more as Ryan send them to me… I guess Greenville will have even more cool stuff to ride now. Dang.


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Benny at the Redbull Backyard Digger

Benny Paulsen just sent me an email about his weekend just gone…

“Hey Clint, Here are some photos from last weekend at the final Redbull Backyard Digger. It was an awesome time with friends and my girl in Bad Säckingen (Germany). The weather was so good (finally) & we had a band playing, BBQ and a night session which was packed with a lot of riding from everybody. My girl had a bad crash at the end of the session which was to scary for me, but at the end everything went well for her.”




Thanks Benny… looks like it was fun. Benny will also join me here in Penneberg for this weekend’s mini ramp comp. Should be a great weekend. Well I am off as I’m about to ride the mini as they have just finished it… word.

Yo yo !!

Extreme Playgrounds by T-Mobile

I am writing this post here while chilling on a beach at a lake while an awesome mini ramp is being built before my eyes. I am in a small town called Pinneberg, outside Hamburg in Germany.

This coming weekend will see the likes of Tobias Wicke, Ben Hennon, Dave Osato, Mike Spinner, Mark Konig, Ben Wallace and many others all ride in a very special mini ramp comp. It will be a head to head format much like a tennis tournament with the winners progressing to the next round until we have a grand final which will decide the overall champion.



The event is being held at a cable wakeboarding arena & will also headline bands like The Hives. All this will be televised on MTV Germany live !! Should make for a great weekend if the weather keeps shining for us. Expect to see some great shots in the days to come… including all the bikini girls. Maybe even some shots of me trying wakeboarding for the first time? Now that would be funny.


Talk about awesome free catered food !!

The ramp getting built-up right now… should be a fun set up !!


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Scottish John…

John Buultjens has been a long time friend of us here at Colony & here a few pics of him riding a vert bowl in Melbourne, Australia. This bowl is crazy steep & doing what he is doing is pretty crazy. John rules & gives so much back to the BMX scene of Melbourne & beyond.

Thanks John for all your support since we started… Chris & I appreciated it !!



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Hell on Wheels…

Mike & Matt at 2020 BMX magazine have team up with Rob & Tom from Sydney to start up Sydney’s latest rider owned BMX store called, Hell on Wheels.

These guys are supporting Colony in a big way & I would hope that they get the same support from the Sydney riding scene as well. Good luck guys & I can’t wait to pop my head on in & check the store out for myself. From these pics it looks amazing !!

You can get in touch with them via their website at or via the good old telephonic machine on 02 9519 2312.




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Takin’ a dump…


So, I was on the toilet, and I was sifting through my magazines as usual, and read a rather old issue of ride, anyways, closed it and looked at the ad on the back, and it was an old props ad with none other than Mr Dave in it! Now thats a super gnarly tech trick that he’s doing there, but even more funny was the pic of Dave dressed in drag! I do believe that was from one of the Baco vids, I think it was Baco 6, I can’t be sure, but oh man, thats a great picture Dave! Take It!




One for the girls…

Peta getting her style on.

Peta with a whip.

Peta Sheperd.

Angela Dobbie.

Angela with a wallride.

Ang at her local park, Deagon in Brisbane, Australia.

For a while now we have been helping out a couple of local Brisbane girl riders with Colony stuff. Well, I thought it’s time to let it be known that we are down with the girl riders out there. I would like to welcome to the flow team, Peta Sheperd & Angela Dobbie. Both are very cool & talented girls on bikes. They can be seen at the local parks around Brisbane having fun on their custom Sect frames with a hint of Colony parts like the Transfomer lever. Both of them live for BMX 24-7. Infact, Peta is actually in Vancouver right now experiencing the amazing parks & country side over there.

Check soon for our full flow team section on the site here to be updated… I promise.

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James Steele & Tenpack Distribution

Yo… check out Tenpack’s website for their front page featuring our flow team rider James Steele from Canada. Tenpack did a great job on hooking us up with James for the flow team… you can see their website at


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Fat Jam 2007

Hannu Cools enjoying the relaxed vibe at the Fat Jam 2007.

I went to my first ever Fat Jam yesterday in the Netherlands. It was a pretty chilled out event with some cool trails to ride & other festivities such as a beer race. Some cool riding went down & I had a good laugh watching the beer race unfold.

The bike the beer race was ran on… the latest in BMX technology.

Empty bottles from the 8.6% alcohol volume beer race.

I also enjoyed some traditional Pomme Frittes special (chips/fries with mayonaise, tomato sauce & raw onion) It tastes better than it sounds… trust me !!

I was also very stoked to finally get to see the famous Paul’s Boutique BMX shop. Paul has an amazing shop there stocked full of all the best stuff BMX has to offer. He even had quite a few new Colony items like our Transformer Lever & Official Stem, very cool to see.

Paul’s Boutique BMX shop.





Achim Kujawski with Jonas & Benson.

Overall, it was a cool day with a very relaxed vibe.

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Got dirt anyone?

Well I am off to my first ever Fat Jam today in the Netherlands… should be a fun day of dirt jumping I am sure. Look out for some pics tomorrow. Keep an eye on for more info as well.

On another note… Ryan Guettler just got 6th in the latest Dew Tour in dirt. He scored the highest run of the day with stuff like 720’s, double whips & a double backie to finish off. Congrats Ryan !!

The pics shown here are from the BMX Games earlier this year in Sydney, Australia.


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Benny Paulsen welcome to the Colony family.


Benny Paulsen from Germany is the latest member of the Colony flow team. Benny is being hooked up through our German distributor, Fastpace. Check out their site at

Benny is an amazing rider who is also very active within many events in Germany such as the Redbull Backyard Digger which has been going on for a few years now. Benny will be at the final event this weekend. Expect a small post from there after he gets back from it.

Benny is riding a 21′ Sect frame right now with our Transformer lever, Unlucky13 Tall bars, Oneway pegs & Official stem.


Welcome to the team Benny !!

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Small update from Germany

Yo… just giving you all a small update on my trip to Germany here. Just did the Rebeljam in Berlin & it was awesome as always. So much good riding & so much partying as well !! Got to see plenty of friends from around the world & made a few new ones as well. Ryan, Dave, Benny Paulsen (more news on Benny soon) & myself were all there representing Colony.

We were having too much fun & didn’t get too many pics sorry. So I haven’t got many to post here… I did get a pic of the speed I was travelling in on the train from Frankfurt to Berlin, 247 km/h !! I also thought the Berlin main train station was a cool building so took a pic too. Ryan got one pic of me on the street course pre-comp.




I was also getting plenty of positive feedback on the weight of my fully loaded bike. Complete with two brakes, four pegs, gyro etc etc at only 10.5 kgs or 23.1 lbs. It is loaded with 2008 Colony parts… MVP frame, MVP forks, Official stem, bars & sprocket, Oneway pegs, Pivotal seat, Transformer levers, Konka barends & our yet to be named hub set.


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Some Photos n shit…

whats up colonics!! heres a couple of pics that I had lying around, none of them riding, but it has been raining non stop here in auckland for the past two weeks, so theres pretty much been no riding going down. Finally got moved into my house that i have bought, few random pics, I do alot of freelance animation and editing work for a few record companies over here so its good to finally get my computers set up properly. Happy birthday to mike bosanovich aka zombie mike, we went for a bit of a bday bike ride the other night, got a bit tipsy so that was awesome!! My new house is bout 5 minutes from the wazmans house, so its good to have a friend to drink and ride with who lives round the corner. If you didn’t know, zombie mike runs the website, go check it out and send him an email to put more borno material up2.jpg3.jpg5.jpg6.jpg7.jpg8.jpg1.jpg11.jpg

Off to Rebeljam in Berlin.


Like many of the worlds BMXers in the know, I am off to Berlin, Germany for the Rebeljam this weekend. I am at the airport right now in Brisbane waiting for my flight. I will be meeting up with Guettler & Freimuth as well as many of my other friends from home & around the world. Should be a blast as always. I will get some pics & post in the next days. I will also be hanging in Germany for 3 weeks to ride & take it easy. Word.

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Colony bling bling.

Check it out… Colony bling bling in the way of a one off 18ct gold Colony pendant. One of the best presents I have ever received. Thank you so much… you know who you are !!

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Andy Kent’s MVP

Andy just sent me pics of his new bike he has just built up. He is now mounted on his first Colony. A prototype MVP in 20.75′ in our limited edition colour, Metallic Purple. He also has the latest Official Forks in the same Purple to match. Andy was quoted as saying, It’s a sweet ride, you guys make one hell of a cycle! haha… Glad you like it & enjoy your new bike Andy !!



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Greetings from Taiwan…


I am in Taiwan right now over seeing the production of our 2008 range of products. The 2008 Endeavor complete bike is being produced today & will ship to some countries next week. So keep an eye out for them in the USA, Australia, the UK & the Netherlands in the next weeks. All other countries will be shipping in a month or so.

Here are a few random pics from my trip so far. One from the plane not long after taking off over Australia & the others are a night time & day time view from my hotel in Taichung here in Taiwan.




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Welcome to the team…

As Colony is growing as a brand so is our worldwide flow team. We have recently picked up a bunch of new riders from all corners of the globe with more to come. Many thanks go to our distributors who have put forward these great new additions to the Colony flow team.

James Steele… is from Canada & is now killing it on a prototype MVP frame right now. Tenpack have done well to hook us up with James. Welcome to the team James.



Freimuth told me I had to hook Andy Kent up on the flow team. What Dave wants, Dave gets, so Andy will soon also be riding an MVP prototype packed full of Colony parts. Thanks to Freimuth on getting us Andy to rep for Colony in the USA. Welcome to the team Andy.



Tim Wood is a vert legend in Australia & abroad with his amazing 900’s & other such vert insanity. I have known Tim for many many years & I couldn’t take seeing him on the bikes he was riding from his previous sponsor any longer. So now Tim is also mounted on a MVP prototype. Welcome to the team Tim, it’s an honour to have you aboard.

[youtube t2qfESSfCVU]

Check back in the next week or so for our fully updated flow team section in the website. There will be even more riders revealed as part of the Colony family.

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Bring summer on…

I always used to dislike summer I thought. Always too hot for my liking. I loved winter here in Brisbane in the past but this winter has really hammered the fact home that I don’t like being cold !!

I am really looking forward to the summer ahead… doing things like hanging at the beach before going for a ride in the cool of the afternoon. Take for instance the pics here from last summer down in the Central Coast just north of Sydney. Ryan, Richo, Chris & myself spent the day at the beach playing cricket, fishing, drinking & just generally having an awesome time. Bring on those days again soon I say! Especially the good old ‘bonfires on the beach’ festivities at night….





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Kenny Raggett rules…


I’ve known Kenny for a very long time now & he never stops to amaze me with his bike skills. Not sure how I got this pic here of Kenny blasting the shit out of this mellow quarter in Sydney but thought it was worth sharing. Kenny has got skills. Plus he has got his own frame called the Sect… check it out now in the products pages.

Yo yo !!

Some random pics from the weekend!






Whats up internet world, how goes it all!! The weekend was slow and wet here in NZ, hardly any riding, so I thought I’d post some random pictures. I saw my Mum and Dad the other week, and they had my three bulldogs with them, they’re all built like brick shithouses, and do nothing much all day but eat, sleep, and go for walks along the beach with my Mum. I would hate to be on the receiving end of one of their bites though, they have crazy lock-jaw and would take your fingers off for sure. Oh yeah, Me and the skirt bought a house the other week, it’s in Auckland, pretty stoked, nice area and stuff, it’s awesome inside but I could only get these outside shots, we move in next month, but that car port and all that front garden is getting plowed,  I will keep you updated, oh yeah, I bought THE original transformers movie the other day, if you haven’t seen this yet, rush out and get it, a classic for sure!!! its the one when Optimus Prime dies! Peace and loving to the internet world! Lates!

Street Assasins

Liam Fahy-Hampton & Mick Bayzand are both amazing street assasins living in Melbourne, Australia. They are both some of the latest members of the Colony family.

You can now see them on Colony frames loaded with Colony parts. Liam is testing the new 4.0lb Full Post Heat Treated Bloody Oath frame, while Mick is on a Sect. Both are loving their new rides.

If you don’t know of these two then you soon will. Both have been killing the streets for a long time now. Expect big things soon. Thanks to Cooper from for the pics.

Welcome to the team guys !!

Yo yo !!

Liam doing a monster gap without the aid of a chain or sprocket as only he does.

Mick sliding a rail in Melbourne. The thing you can’t see in the pic is the wall right at the bottom of the rail which was unavoidable to run into. Mick rules.

A Month In The Life Of – Teaser

Check out this little teaser for the up coming DVD release…

Yo yo !!

[youtube VHVSY7bcih4]