Peta getting her style on.

Peta with a whip.

Peta Sheperd.

Angela Dobbie.

Angela with a wallride.

Ang at her local park, Deagon in Brisbane, Australia.

For a while now we have been helping out a couple of local Brisbane girl riders with Colony stuff. Well, I thought it’s time to let it be known that we are down with the girl riders out there. I would like to welcome to the flow team, Peta Sheperd & Angela Dobbie. Both are very cool & talented girls on bikes. They can be seen at the local parks around Brisbane having fun on their custom Sect frames with a hint of Colony parts like the Transfomer lever. Both of them live for BMX 24-7. Infact, Peta is actually in Vancouver right now experiencing the amazing parks & country side over there.

Check soon for our full flow team section on the site here to be updated… I promise.

Yo yo !!