Whats up internet world, how goes it all!! The weekend was slow and wet here in NZ, hardly any riding, so I thought I’d post some random pictures. I saw my Mum and Dad the other week, and they had my three bulldogs with them, they’re all built like brick shithouses, and do nothing much all day but eat, sleep, and go for walks along the beach with my Mum. I would hate to be on the receiving end of one of their bites though, they have crazy lock-jaw and would take your fingers off for sure. Oh yeah, Me and the skirt bought a house the other week, it’s in Auckland, pretty stoked, nice area and stuff, it’s awesome inside but I could only get these outside shots, we move in next month, but that car port and all that front garden is getting plowed,  I will keep you updated, oh yeah, I bought THE original transformers movie the other day, if you haven’t seen this yet, rush out and get it, a classic for sure!!! its the one when Optimus Prime dies! Peace and loving to the internet world! Lates!