When I started Colony I thought it wouldn’t take up that much of my time. Oh, how wrong was I. Running your own bike company is a very demanding task & something that takes up plenty of my time. Especially when I want it done right & exactly how I feel things should be ran.

Take this weekend for instance… here I am having just had a session on the mini ramp with the likes of Dave Osato, Mike Spinner, Achim Kujawski & Mark Konig. Now I find myself doing a little work & updating the site while they still ride. I find myself doing this rather often to be honest. Putting off riding to do the work that Colony demands of me. But do I mind you ask? No not really. I love running Colony & I feel it’s something that I truely do have a passion to do.

There is no greater feeling of achievement to see something you have worked so much on come to life. To have riders support your work & be stoked on what you’ve done is amazing. For this feeling I thank everyone out there who has supported Colony in one form or another. Thanks !!

Working on the beach.

Working beside the ramp.

Working by the bar.

It’s not all work of course… it does have it’s perks with the party time with friends.


Yo yo !!