Ryan sent me a quick email about his weekend just gone… word.

Hey what’s up?

I’m home now and rested. Weekend was good I went to the ASA comp and placed 3rd behind Stevie (madman) McCann and 1st place was Dennis Enarson who rode sooooo good. I also pulled a 360 back flip tire grab which I haven’t done many of (happy).

The Family have bought my web site (ryanguettler.com) and we are about to re-vamp it and make it 10,000 times better but it wont be up until end of September, can’t wait.

Here’s a few small photos from the comp, also I’m going to woodward this week for a bit then to Salt Lake City, then to Interbike in Vegas (Vegas baby) see you at the poker tables.

Enjoy & talk real soon.




Ryan & Diogo Canina


Yo yo !!