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Happy Birthday Ryan…

Big birthday wishes go out to Ryan Guettler today… It’s his 24th birthday today.

Thanks for all your support for Colony Ryan & I hope you have a good one mate… Let’s hope you get a bit more than this fish for presents…

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Got lycra?

I forgot I even had this pic… haha Guettler & Richo looking the part… bwrahahahaha

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Random pics from our Australian/NZ trip

Yo… I thought I would post a few random pics from our trip throughout Australia & NZ earlier this year while filming for the DVD. I am bored at Brisbane airport right now on my way to Sydney for the night. So yeah, just passing some time here…enjoy !! Thanks to Freimuth for the pics.

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A Month In The Life Of

Earlier this year we filmed for almost 4 weeks in the life of the entire team. We travelled in Australia from Brisbane to Sydney then over to Wellington in New Zealand & onto the South Island for a roadtrip.

On the trip there was Ryan Guettler, Dave Freimuth, Nick Richardson, Pete Radivo, Kenny Raggett, Haimona Ngata & myself. We also had a very special guest in the way of Dave Osato. The trip is also going to be documented in the next issue of Ride BMX UK.

I have been busy editing the footage from the trip into our first DVD release. It’s getting rather close to being finished now & will be in shops within the next 6 weeks or so. Keep an eye out for ‘A Month In The Life Of’ at all good BMX shops worldwide.

Oh yeah & check here for a possible trailer in the next week or two.

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what a buzz!! heellllloooo internet world!!

So I gots this email from Millar that the site is finally up and running, awesome to see! then he sends me another one saying that everyone can do their own updates! (up-dates! ahehehe) So I thought I would log in and say hello to internet world!!

The weather here in NZ is poorah at the moment, hosing down with rain, and just when it looks like it may be dry enough to get out for a peddle, it starts spitting and then KABOOSH!!! a full down pour, make sure you’ve gotten the washing off the clothesline stuff!! So theres been alot of drinking, eating pies, and watching saucy videos on the internet, here’s hoping the weather fines up this weekend, will post some random pictures next time foreshore!

Finally… we’re online !!

Yes… it’s official. The Colony BMX website is now up & running… You will notice a few areas that still need attention but these will be updated very soon. Take the time to check out the team & our products & I trust that you like what we’re about. Yo yo !!
Chillen in Bondi Beach earlier this year…