whats up colonics!! heres a couple of pics that I had lying around, none of them riding, but it has been raining non stop here in auckland for the past two weeks, so theres pretty much been no riding going down. Finally got moved into my house that i have bought, few random pics, I do alot of freelance animation and editing work for a few record companies over here so its good to finally get my computers set up properly. Happy birthday to mike bosanovich aka zombie mike, we went for a bit of a bday bike ride the other night, got a bit tipsy so that was awesome!! My new house is bout 5 minutes from the wazmans house, so its good to have a friend to drink and ride with who lives round the corner. If you didn’t know, zombie mike runs the website, www.zombie-flesh-eaters.co.nz go check it out and send him an email to put more borno material up2.jpg3.jpg5.jpg6.jpg7.jpg8.jpg1.jpg11.jpg