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Stas Shatilo images

Stas sent over some great images that have been shot recently at a few comps. Photo’s courtesy of Pavel Fetisov.




Instagram video feed #3

Another week or so of stacked clips from some of the crew, check it out…

Dean Anderson @ Leongatha park

Leongatha is a small town far south east of Victoria which recently got a new park. Dean had a few clips he wanted to film there to finish his new video so I made the 2 hour drive and Dean didn’t let me down! Here are a few photos from the session. His video will be dropping in the next few weeks.






Andre Jesus back in Brazil

Andre sent over some great photos courtesy of Felipe Hoffmann. Andre is back in Brazil for a while so keep a lookout for him at a bunch of comps going down this year.







Tim Storey welcome video

Tim recently joined the family and got straight to work on a welcome video. He blasts out a great variety of moves on the streets of Australia.

Filmed by: Dylan Steinhardt, Lason Ainsworth and Alex Hiam.
Edited by: Tim Storey.

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Paddy Gross update

Hello everyone,

Hope this finds you happy and healthy. For the ones that follow me on Instagram you know I am doing my thing as usual, mostly working, hanging with my girl and #frontbrakebrethren. I recently took a trip back to the lovely Midwest of the USA and met up with a few amazing people to ride with including teammate, friend and good human Bobbie Altiser. I flew into Chicago and we drove 4 hours up to St. Louis, Missouri to hit up the Ramp Riders Indoor park. This park definitely leaves all options open when it comes to lines and all sorts of ramps. Most of us got stuck with riding the street spine and everyone had a blast. Towards the end of Saturday we all enjoyed the Bobbie Altiser and TJ Henderson backwards spine session and I still don’t understand what actually happed. Amazing! On sunday we took a trip to the northern side of St.Louis to ride at the Skate Church! WOW! This is has been by far one of the most unique places I’ve ever ridden and also one of the best Miniramps. The church was build in 1865 and one of the first German Catholic Churches west of the mississippi. Truly amazing to be able to ride my bike at a place like this. Just think about all the thoughts that has been brought to this place in the last 151 years… Thanks again to @sk8liborius for letting us having a memorable day at your church. Give him a follow and make a donation if you like. This place is one of a kind and a lot of hard work to keep it as amazing as it is.

We ended up with a amazing all day session including @mattloughbmx @davidraybuseman @danxhylton @billy_woodfin @hicknarkinsbmx @twobraketony @murderbike and myself.

Everyone was seriously shredding this place to pieces and thanks to Tony Loconte (@twobraketony) and Jarrod Glasgow (@murderbike) we have Photos/Edit from this amazing weekend.Check the clip below to see for yourself and check the photos on Instagram.

Thanks to everyone I mentioned in here for making me feel so welcome, let me crash at their places and showing me around St. Louis and Chicago. This has been my second time in the Midwest ever since the Baco jam 2015 and it gets better everytime I go. You guys are truly good hearted humans and friends. You made this trip unforgettable thank you! Love you all and see you again soon!

Hope you enjoyed the read, the photos and the clip. Thanks to Colony for keeping my ride dialed and Etnies for keeping my feet comfy.

Do your thing!

church half bar


Finding Sanctuary video

Nathan Sykes, Anthony Napolitan and Victor Salazar visited Sanctuary rest and ride prior to throwing a jam at Mosqueda bike park in Fresno CA. While at sanctuary they were able to visit Yosemite and ride an amazing skatepark in a neighboring mountain town.

The jam was an amazing, all the locals were in high spirits and killing it, on the way home the guys stopped in Visalia to get a few lines in
and heaps of locals turned out for the session, It was a real good session.

Filmed and edited by Chris Bracamonte.

Canberra trip update

A bunch of the crew are in Canberra right now for ACT Jam, it’s already been a wild time as expected. Unfortunately Alex wrecked his ankle the first night but other then that dudes have been killing it. Couple shots from the adventure…






Polly video bike check

Polly gets in a session at Lilydale park in Melbourne whilst giving you a look at his current ride.

Instagram Video feed #2

Another collection of recent clips from some of the teams Instagram accounts…

Liam Marshall bike check

New Zealand’s Liam Marshall sent over a few photos of his current ride, stacked with Colony product…

Colony Monash 20.8
Colony Guardian fork
Colony 24/7 bars
Colony Squareback stem
Colony 22 cranks
Colony CC sprocket 25t
Colony Wasp hubs
Colony Pinnacle & Pintour rims
Colony Alex hiam seat/post combo
Colony Fantastic Plastic pedals




Beenleigh session

We got in a quick session at Beenleigh park after we finished up at the warehouse for the day with Clint, Polly and Glen





Fresno trip report

Bracamonte and Nathan sent through some photos from the trip they just got from with Victor and Anthony. From all reports it was a great trip with fun had by all. Here are a few shots from the days away.











Ben Thompson video

Ben Thompson resides in Townsville, QLD and spends his time coming up with some super creative moves at his local park. Check his new video for some prime examples. Thanks to Bicycle Centre Townsville for helping him out with product.

Filmed by Kaleb Doyle / Edited by Ben Thompson.

The Package 3 from Focalpoint bmx

Jack Kelly and Polly both have good clips in this new mixtape from Focalpoint. Check it out…

Fresno trip

Some of the crew are currently on the road over in California heading to Fresno for a few days to ride with the locals. Make sure you come out for the sessions and keep up to date via our Instagram,





Prahran Jam

We helped put on the jam down at Prahran park last weekend with Strictly BMX. Here is the video from the day which has some great riding from everyone including JK and Polly

Chris Bracamonte summer vacation

Back at the start of the year Chris Bracamonte flew over to Australia and spent 6 weeks with me whilst we hit the SOC tour and then stayed back in Melbourne for a month. In that month not only did Bracamonte help film some great videos with the team guys but he also pieced together enough clips of himself for the edit you see before you…


A video posted by Victor salazar (@v_salazar) on

A video posted by Jack Kelly (@killjack) on

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Summer of Colony B-Sides

We had a bunch of un used clips and random footage from the SOC trip so we decided to put it all together for your viewing pleasure.

Watch the full video below and don’t forget to subscribe to our Youtube channel here.

Welcome to the team – Tim Storey

Tim is someone that not only kills it on a bike but he is also doing his part to help build the scene around his area of Brisbane which is something I respect very much. So when the opportunity came up to be able to help Tim out with some parts we jumped at it. Tim is a productive dude so expect some great stuff from him soon. For now you can check out his new rig below along with his recent video.

Follow Tim on Instagram.


Who is Ricky Catanzariti?

Vital BMX have a good Q&A with Ricky live on their site, check it right here. You can also check the out-takes video we just dropped from the filming of his recent video. Ricky really goes in hard for his footage.

Wallpaper – Victor Salazar

Same day Victor got off a plane from America he was blasting these 3 tables at Five Dock bowl, Victor was definitely in his element at this place. Click on the images below then right click to download for your desktop background.



Ricky Catanzariti video

Rick spent 9 days in Melbourne for what was originally planned to be the first filming trip for his next video part but by the end of the trip Ricky had stacked some amazing clips, enough for a full video. It was a real treat filming with Rick, we need to do this more.

Follow Rick on Instagram for more wild moves, learn more about the Monash frame that Rick runs right here.

Jackie Straiton @ FLBMX Series

Congrats to Jackie who ended up winning the 3rd stop of the Florida BMX Series. Here is a clip from his 2nd run…

Chris Courtenay & Josh Dove @ The Village

As you may know Chris opened up The Village park and shop a few months back. Well the crew just dropped this awesome video filmed after hours at the park. The release of the video also ties in with the stores new online shop which you can view right here which of course is stocked full of Colony product.

Paddy Gross Instagram compilation

Paddy Gross put together this video consisting of self filmed clips from his Instagram over the past 8 months. The creativity level in this is high. Follow him on Instagram for constant front brake wizard moves.

Tanguy session

Tanguy got in a session at the Palais de la Glisse in Marseille and photographer Stephane Nadin was on hand to grab a few shots.




Summer of Colony trip video

We spent 9 days on the road around Brisbane then down the coast to Canberra hitting up a bunch of parks and anything else we could come up on. We hosted 10 jams in 9 days at local parks along the way and had a blast riding with everyone. Here’s the video from the trip and you can view a pretty large photo gallery over on the Focalpoint website.

Thanks to Chris Bracamonte for helping out with filming on this.

Victor in NZ

Victor is still over in New Zealand and over the weekend at the Gorge Road trails jam he took home a joint win with Dawid Godzik of the best rider of the day. Victor would be seriously loving life right now having hit those trails.

Thanks @wolisphoto for the photos.