Hello everyone,

Hope this finds you happy and healthy. For the ones that follow me on Instagram you know I am doing my thing as usual, mostly working, hanging with my girl and #frontbrakebrethren. I recently took a trip back to the lovely Midwest of the USA and met up with a few amazing people to ride with including teammate, friend and good human Bobbie Altiser. I flew into Chicago and we drove 4 hours up to St. Louis, Missouri to hit up the Ramp Riders Indoor park. This park definitely leaves all options open when it comes to lines and all sorts of ramps. Most of us got stuck with riding the street spine and everyone had a blast. Towards the end of Saturday we all enjoyed the Bobbie Altiser and TJ Henderson backwards spine session and I still don’t understand what actually happed. Amazing! On sunday we took a trip to the northern side of St.Louis to ride at the Skate Church! WOW! This is has been by far one of the most unique places I’ve ever ridden and also one of the best Miniramps. The church was build in 1865 and one of the first German Catholic Churches west of the mississippi. Truly amazing to be able to ride my bike at a place like this. Just think about all the thoughts that has been brought to this place in the last 151 years… Thanks again to @sk8liborius for letting us having a memorable day at your church. Give him a follow and make a donation if you like. This place is one of a kind and a lot of hard work to keep it as amazing as it is.

We ended up with a amazing all day session including @mattloughbmx @davidraybuseman @danxhylton @billy_woodfin @hicknarkinsbmx @twobraketony @murderbike and myself.

Everyone was seriously shredding this place to pieces and thanks to Tony Loconte (@twobraketony) and Jarrod Glasgow (@murderbike) we have Photos/Edit from this amazing weekend.Check the clip below to see for yourself and check the photos on Instagram.

Thanks to everyone I mentioned in here for making me feel so welcome, let me crash at their places and showing me around St. Louis and Chicago. This has been my second time in the Midwest ever since the Baco jam 2015 and it gets better everytime I go. You guys are truly good hearted humans and friends. You made this trip unforgettable thank you! Love you all and see you again soon!

Hope you enjoyed the read, the photos and the clip. Thanks to Colony for keeping my ride dialed and Etnies for keeping my feet comfy.

Do your thing!

church half bar