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Vans Pro Cup Highlights

What a day! This highlights video from Guettler includes footage of Chris, Jayden and Dean who all made it through to next weeks comp which Alex will also be in. Can’t wait!

Luke Parker video

New one from Luke Parker that you are going to want to check out!

Travel Life – Brisbane BTS Video

A few weeks back I spent a week in Brisbane filming with some of the guys. Whilst doing so I shot this behind the scenes video which I think gives you a pretty good insight into the time spent hanging out with the crew. Most of the time spent was with Josh Dove, Chris Courtney and Jayden Fuller but Tom. Clint and Alex all get a show in there as well.

Also check out the Jayden Fuller video that we dropped last week which we finished filming on this Brisbane trip.

Jayden Fuller video

Jayden‘s new video is stacked with some amazing moves, His ability to bang out some of these pocket air combos is a sight you need to see in person. But for now, enjoy the video footage of it all…

Old Knox jam

We helped put on the recent Old Knox Jam down in Melbourne which went down yesterday and was a real good time. Here are a couple of photos with more here.

Luke Parker sending it on a tinny tranny.

Summer sessions

Got in a session yesterday with some of the crew at a few Brisbane parks in the heat. Snapped a couple images of Josh and Jayden.




Stas Shatilo video

Quick but good one from Stas Shatilo over in Russia, getting in a session at a new park over there.

Ben Thompson 2017 video

We may only be a few days into 2017 but Ben has already smashed out some amazing moves in this new video from his local. Peep it…

Day after Day trailer

Jayden and a bunch of Brisbane crew have been filming for this DVD over the past year and from this latest trailer it is looking like it will be a great video that is premiering at the end of the month…

Out filming with Polly

I spent some time with Polly the past couple of days stacking some clips for his next Colony part. We’ve got some great clips and we snagged a few photos along the way.





Instavids – Fuller, Dove, Hines & Labertrande

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Mimi Granieri video

Mimi rides for Colony through Bros Bike store over in France and they just dropped this great video. I really enjoyed the diversity of the riding in this video, check it out…

INSTAVIDS – Hiam, Parker, Faucon & Catanzariti

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Alex Hiam & Jayden Fuller in Melbourne

Alex Hiam & Jayden Fuller spent 4 days in Melbourne recently and we filmed this little behind the scenes video during that time. Keeping the main footage for future video projects. Hope you guys enjoy the look into the life on the road.

Ricky Catanzariti 406 clips

Ricky had some great clips in the 406 mixtape and he ended up mashing them all up for this raw video.

Watch the full video here:

Aaron Simone DIG Dozen video

Aaron Simone who rides for Tony’s Bikes over on the East coast of the USA banged out this DIG video with Chris Bracamonte whilst he was in California for a few weeks which came out great. Love the 360 over the rail…

Liam Marshall bike check

Over in New Zealand, Liam Marshall just set up a fresh new bike that’s looking on point. Check the parts list below.

2017 Monash 21″.
Bio Mech bars.
Much Room grips.
Squareback stem.
Guardian forks.
22’s cranks.
Cc sprocket 25t.
Wasp hubs LHD.
Contour rims.
Fantastic plastic pedal.


Victor Salazar in NZ

Another episode of the Redbull and friends trip around New Zealand. Victor has some good clips throughout and the places they rode look super good. You can see a tonne of photos right here and the video below.

Victor Salazar bike build

Victor puts together the brand new Versatil frame in his signature colour (Azure Grey) down at Epic BMX.

Andre Jesus update

Hey guys, I wanna share with you guys my busy year of 2016, with a lot of riding and contests. I come back to Brazil this year for the BSS Tour with Dreambmx, A Big series of 5 contests called @bss_tour

The contests was amazing, a lot of new places, new culture, and new emotions. First contest we end up to Santa Catarina, at the south of Brazil, the public was amazing the energy at the contest was incredible. I was so pumped to ride then that I gave 120% and end up 1st place and also won the best trick.

Then I had a little break of contests, so I decided to go chill with my friend Douglas Leite Doguete in WoodWard – PA, where I spent 1 month riding, and having the best days of my life at that paradise. Woodward rules ! After I’m back from Woodward I had only a day to rest and just get another airplane to go straight to the state of Ceará.

I had couple injuries from WW but it didn’t stop me to ride as hard as I could and end up again with 1st place and won the best trick again. Always is happy get in the number 1 podium.

No chill after that, the next day we already got a bus with at least 20 riders, we drove to the next stop, Juazeiro da Bahia. We had couple days to rest till the weekend, so the contest could start on Friday with practice.

This third contest, two of the greatest riders of south America, Daniel Dhers and Jose Maligno came to compete. It was a tough contest for myself but I did my best and got second place and I crashed on a flair double whip, but still stoked of my place.

After that we had one month of rest and riding before the fourth stop of BSS tour that was in Varginha the famous city of E.T here in Brazil, people Always see some spaceships there hahahaaha, true or lie I don’t know. This contest I had a couple of personal issues, but still rode well not the way I wanted but anyway, I still finish in second place could not be more happy about it.

After this contest I already knew that I won the Overall Bss tour in the Ranking, best thing that happened in my life … It’s a crazy feeling to win something big like this over here in Brazil, and I’m so happy about that.

The last contest and final stop of the Bss Tour I was not focus enough to do what I wanted, sometimes we have perfect days and sometimes we have a bad days, but that doesn’t mean we had to be up set or looking in the past, we need to keep our head up for the future and the new opportunities, life never stop, we need to always keep strong for what is coming.

So I’m grateful of this amazing year and opportunities of this BSS tour come in the right time.

I want to say thanks for my friends, family, sponsors and people who believed me.





Tim Storey road trippin’

Tim put together this video from a trip he took over to Adelaide with a good bunch of friends. Good vibes throughout.

Luke Parker @ Noble Park

Luke Parker spends a gloomy Melbourne day at one of the funnest parks around.

Leeham video

We are flowing LeeHam some Colony product at the moment through MAD Distribution over in China and the guys came through with a cool video to kick things off…

Paddy & Bobbie @ Baco

Both Bob and Paddy have some technical clips in the last half of this video that BMX Union just put out. The Baco jams always look pretty crazy. Congrats to Paddy for winning the #frontbrakebrethren jam

Chris & Jayden session The Village

Chris Courtenay and Jayden Fuller session The Village with some great local lines.

Polly images

A couple photos of Polly from the weekend.



Ricky Catanzariti in the 406 mixtape

Ricky has a tonne of great clips in this along with all his friends. Make sure you check this out.

And incase you missed his Melbourne video make sure you check that out…

Focalpoint Package 4 video

Jack, Polly and myself have some clips in the new mixtape from FP. Check it out…

Bruno Faucon video

Bruno has been riding for Colony for many years now over in France so it’s always great to see a new video from him. Thanks to Eye Productions for putting this one together for him. Loved the pegs crossover tooth.

Josh Dove – Local lines video

13 year old Josh Dove shreds some of his local parks up in Brisbane with more style than you should have at his age.

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