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Instavids – Jayden, Bracamonte, Sykes and Jack Kelly.

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Ricky Catanzariti 2015 Instagram compilation

Ricky is resting up with a fractured knuckle so whilst he had some spare time he put together his instagram clips from 2015 and it sure is an entertaining 3 minutes.

You probably want to watch this again as well…

Tim Storey / Jayden Fuller video

Tim and Jayden session the Nerang park in Queensland good and proper.

Filmed by Chris Storey / Edited by Tim Storey.

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Instavids – Jack Kelly, Alex Hiam & Jayden Fuller

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Jackie Straiton clips from California

Before Jackie had some knee issues we stacked a few good clips so we wanted to share them with you guys.

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Josh Dove bike check

Whilst I was in Brisbane last week I spent some time hanging out with Josh stacking clips for his next video part. But we also shot some photos of his bike and riding so hit this link to check out what the 13 year old from Brisbane., Australia is running at the moment.


Instavids – Chris Courtenay, Jayden Fuller and Nathan Sykes

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Victor Salazar at Ghetto Games

Congrats to Victor who scored second at Ghetto Games. Riding photo courtesy of Danny Josa.

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Michal Mycek’s rig

Damn Mycek’s bike is looking fresh. Built around a Monash frame, this beast is stacked with Colony product.


Andre Jesus video

Andre Jesus, our team rider from Brazil worked in this nice video filmed in in the cities of Taubate, São José and São Paulo.
Always riding with solid and big moves, Andre it’s now living back in Brasil catching contests and enjoying the good weather, always amazing to see such a nice riding from Jesus.

Filmed and edited by Utida Tico.

If you can’t watch the Youtube version then hit below…

Jayden Fuller video

When we surprised JDOG with the welcome to the team accouncement on his 21st birthday over the weekend Shane Allchorn also made a cool micro edit to welcome him officially. We are going to start soon on a full length video part for him but for now check out this one below and also the video he dropped a couple weeks back.

Instavids – Alex Hiam, Chris Courtenay and Josh Dove

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Welcome to the team Jayden Fuller

I am very stoked to welcome Jayden Fuller or “jdogg” as most of us know him affectionately as, to the team.

Jayden has been hanging out with us all for a few years now. He’s come along on a few team trips here & there as well. He is someone who is just so stoked on BMX & always has a smile on his face. Ecatly what we’re all about. Have fun – ride bikes.

It just made sense to have him officially on the team. What better way to welcome him to the team on his 21st birthday hey?

Happy birthday mate !!


Yo yo !!

Print Advert – Ricky Catanzariti

Ricky has the new Colony advert in the current issue of RIDE BMX rocking the Monash frame. Make sure you pick up a copy. Rick banging out an NBD with this rollercoaster ice grind to crankflip bars. Make sure you watch Ricks Melbourne video below along with the DIY video that features the clip of this photo.


Day at the trails video

I met up with Nathan Sykes and Victor Salazar for a day in the sun at Stephen Murrays trails and then onto the Hood Rich trails. Thanks to the guys for letting us have a session we really appreciated it. Check the video below along with the photo feature from the day right here.

Bruno Faucon’s rig

Bruno‘s Monash setup is looking super fresh!


Ben Thompson ten clips…

Tech machine, Ben Thompson sent through this little ten clips video at his local. Check it !!

Ben does it for Colony through Bicycle Centre in Townsville who carry our full ranges. Hit them up if you’re local.

Yo yo !!

Jackie Straiton update

Jackie recently went under knee surgery which seem to go well. We wish him all the best for the following months of recovery. No doubt he will be back doing will moves in no time. Check his most recent Colony video below.


Milosz Siajkowski bike check

Milosz recently setup a new Monash frame around a bunch of Colony parts. Make sure you follow Milosz on Instagram via @miloszsiajkowski as he is always posting up some great clips.

milosz bike

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Kazuki Namihira Local Lines video

Our connection over in Japan, Kazuki sessions Koe Park in Nagasaki Prefecture (Kyushu).

Filmed & Edited by Takashi Noguchi (HTB).

Day @ the trails

Earlier this week we spent the day hitting a couple different sets of trails with Nathan and Victor. More photos and a video dropping soon.



Local lines with Stas Shatilo

Stas Shatilo gets session in at Krasnodar and Sochi, two of the best skate parks in Russia.

Filmed by Alexey Malinin and Anton Evstifeev.

The Village videos

Chris Courtenay and Josh Dove along with our friend Jayden Fuller feature in these recent videos from The Village, check them out.

Josh Dove video

Josh Dove just dropped a new video for his clothing hook up, LKI. All filmed at The Village. Happy birthday to Josh who just turned 13 a couple days ago.

Melbourne DIY

Ricky Catanzariti has some great clips in this Melbourne DIY spot feature via the lens of Chris Bracamonte, check this out…

Liam marshall interview

Liam from over in NZ has a good interview over on Zombie BMX. Check it out here. Thanks to Mike for hooking it up.


Alex Hiam & Tim Storey GoPro session

Alex and Tim get in a session at Fairfield park in Brisbane and film the good times on their GoPro. Plenty of smooth lines in this.

Victor @ The Boozer Jam

Victor has a few solid clips throughout this video from the Boozer jam at Sheep Hills that went down on the weekend.

Nathan Hines video

What a banging way to welcome Nathan to the family! Filmed over the past 5 months around the Vancouver area of Canada.

Filmed and edited by Rayden Wickop.

Dean Anderson video

This video has been in the works for a good 18 months now which may sound like a long time in the web video world but Dean had a plan for the clips he wanted to get and some of them weren’t things you wanted to rush into.