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Bruno Faucon footage

Bruno has some great clips in this new mixtape from the MarieJADE crew over in France. Check it out.

Mycek Footage

Mycek has some footage throughout this video with Benny L from a little while back at camp over in Poland. Shot and cut by Mateusz Kanownik.

Liam Marshall video

New Zealand’s Liam Marshall spent a couple weeks in Brisbane and his buddy Jayden Fuller was on hand to film and edit this IPhone video from his trip.

Jackie Straiton @ Florida BMX series

Jackie has a few clips near the end of this highlights video from the 2nd stop in the Florida BMX series which is also came out with first place at…

Ricky Catanzariti in Melbourne

Ricky has been staying in Melbourne this week filming for new video part. Some of the things we’ve filmed so far have been quite incredible and I can’t wait for everyone to see the footage. Ricky really puts in work for his clips so it will be great to have something solid come from it.


WEB VIDEO.00_24_18_54.Still003


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Dean Anderson bike check

A couple weeks ago when we were in Brisbane Dean put together a fresh new Sweet Tooth frame along with a bunch of new parts and it didn’t take him long to get use to it.

Frame: Colony Sweet Tooth.
Forks: Colony Guardian.
Bars: Colony Kill Bars.
Stem: Colony Square Back.
Headset: Colony.
Cranks: Colony 22’s.
Pedals: Colony Fantastic Plastic.
Hubs: Colony Wasp Hubs.
Rims: Limited Green Storm Contour rims.
Sprocket: Colony 25T Cadiz.
Pegs: Colony Anyway plastics.
Grips: Colony Much Room.









Welcome Paulo Sacaki

We are stoked to announce Paulo to the team reppin’ Colony over in Brazil via Dream BMX. Be on the lookout for more from him very soon.


Victor Salazar @ The Shed

With the rain coming down the first day Victor was in Melbourne we decided to hit up The Shed indoor park for a session. Victor really loved the place so we filmed a bunch of clips and snagged some photos from the session.






Nathan Hines footage

Nathan Hines has a bunch of footage in this new Vancouver based mixtape. His bars to rails game is on point.

Milosz Siajkowski video

All the way from Poland, Milosz has a 5 minute video compilation of his Instagram videos from the past year. Some of the lines he does are pretty incredible.

Chris Bracamonte in Australia

Bracamonte flew into Melbourne a couple days ago and will be spending 5 weeks in Australia. We have a lot planned for this time which should be pretty awesome. For now here are a few clips of Polly and Chris from a few parks in Melbourne.

A video posted by @chrisbracamonte on

Summer of Colony tour

This is going to be a lot of fun.

A bunch of the crew will be heading out on the road for a couple weeks between Queensland and Canberra with a bunch of stops along the way for sessions with the locals and anyone keen to trip it out.

We will be posting more info regarding times of the sessions but this will give you an idea. Be sure to come out and have a good time with all of us.


Instavids – Chris Courtenay, Alex Hiam, Nathan Sykes and Chris Bracamonte

A video posted by Bmx (@alexhiam) on

A video posted by Nathan Sykes (@nathantsykes) on

A video posted by @chrisbracamonte on

Luke Parker bike check

I met up with Luke Parker at his local park yesterday morning before the heat set in and we shot a bunch of photos of his current ride…

Frame: Colony Monash 20.8TT.
Forks: Colony Sweet Tooth.
Bars: Colony Hardy.
Stem: Colony Square Back.
Headset: Colony.
Cranks: Colony 22’s.
Pedals: Colony Fantastic Plastic.
Hubs: Colony Freecoaster, Colony Wasp.
Rims: Colony Contour.
Sprocket: CC 25T.
Pegs: Colony Anyway plastics.












Oregon trip video

Back in September Victor Salazar, Alex Hiam, Chris Bracamonte, Nathan Sykes, Clint Millar and Keith Treanor took a week trip up to Oregon, met up with Paddy Gross and thanks to Bracamonte we have a really good 9 minute video for you guys. Chris nailed it on this, showcasing the good vibes that great times that went down on the road. Wish I was there. Thanks to all the locals who welcomed the crew everywhere they went.

Be sure to check out latest issue (Jan/Feb) of Ride BMX which as a great feature article from the trip along with Nathan scoring the cover of the same issue.


Aaron Simone

Tony’s Bike Shop in Connecticut stock a good range of our products & with their help, we’ve been helping out Aaron Simone for a little while now. He just put of this edit full of some awesome riding. It really shows his diversity which is something we personally like to see. Keep it coming Aaron.

Thanks Mike at Tony’s and Aaron for all the Colony support, check out the shop when you’re in the area and ask to Mike to play a quick bass solo – Keith Treanor

Yo yo !!

Welcome to the team: Nathan Hines

Thanks to KEA over in Canada we have a new addition to the team; Nathan Hines is now reppin’ Colony in Vancouver. I saw Nathan ride a few months ago when we were over there and was hyped on his riding and attitude so for this to happen has me stoked. Check out a bike check below and be on the look out for a welcome video in the coming months.

Frame: 20.8 Monash frame.
Forks: Sweet Tooth.
Bars: 8.75 Roaster.
Grips: Colony Much Room.
Headset: Colony.
Post: Colony Pivotal.
Seat: Colony Patch.
Cranks: 175mm 22’s.
Sprocket: Menace Guard.
Pedals: Colony Fantastic Plastic.
Rear Hub: RHD Colony Freecoaster.
Hub Guards: Freecoaster Hub Guard.
Rims: Colony Contour.
Pegs: Anyway Plastic.

Thanks Rayden Wickop for the photos.








Bendigo Jam

Some of the crew road tripped it up to Bendigo yesterday for the jam we helped put on with Connections BMX. The turnout was pretty overwhelming which in turn created some pretty awesome riding. Here’s a few photos from the day…





Tanguy Labertrande video bike check

Thanks to Jeremy Gonzales for putting this together for us over in France. Tanguy seems to be right at home on the new Monash frame.

Paddy Gross update

Hello everyone! Hope you’ll are doing good and having fun riding your bikes. The winter in this part of the USA is moving closer and luckily I have “the Lumberyard” Indoor bike park to ride. Next to work, my misses and our 3 cats, I am spending quite a fair amount of time on my bike and keep working on my to do list. This list is pretty much a mix of tricks from back in the 90’s and Ideas I’ve had in the 90’s and about 15 years later I now try to finish unfinished business. It’s fun to create new combos and tricks and it feels a bit funny knowing the guy next to me is working on flair bar to whip while I am trying to 540 nosepick on a subbox. I am doing my own thing here and don’t really have anyone riding frontbrakes but the people I ride with are having a good time watching how BMX looked like 20 years ago haha. Since Clint & Keith hooked me up with the “Prody” frame I also got back into riding flatland again which definitely helps me with my balance and it’s fun on top of it. The frame is amazing and just looking at my bike makes so excited to ride everytime! I feel honored and lucky to ride one of those and this is the bike now that fulfills all my wants and needs. Well this is it for now and I’ll stop by again. I am not too much of a social media person but I still want to thank you for all the “likes” and kind words for what I am doing. I really appreciate it! All the best and have fun riding your bike!

Thanks to Eddie Braks for the photos.



Victor and Jackie in Bosnia

Both Victor and Jackie along with Danny Josa have been over in Bosnia working on something really special. I can’t wait to see the finished product but for now these photos will keep us happy…

Thanks to Danny for the shots.





Chris Bracamonte bike check

Chris Bracamonte just sent through some super nice images of his fresh new Monash build. He is even running of the Australian made Pursuit sprockets which are now available in the USA with Australia having them before Christmas.

Frame: Colony Monash.
Bars: Colony Tenacious.
Stem: Colony Square Back.
Headset: Colony.
Forks: Colony Sweet Tooth.
Hubs: Colony Wasp.
Rims: Colony Contour.
Sprocket : Colony Pursuit 28t.
Cranks: Colony 22s.
Pedals: Colony Fantastic Plastics.
BB: Colony.
Seat : Colony CC Combo.
Pegs: Colony Anyway Plastic.











Polly came out the other day and we hit up a few iconic spots around town which worked out pretty well for a few clips we were both stoked on. If you haven’t seen his most recent part make sure to check that out as well.



Attila Godi video

Attila Godi just dropped a “leftovers” video but some of the footage in this is worthy of use in a proper part so I can’t wait to see his next full length…

Dean Anderson @ ADL City dirt

Dean Anderson has a few photos in the FOCALPOINTBMX photo gallery from the recent Adelaide City Dirt jam. You can view all the photos here.



Tanguy Labertrande’s new ride

Over in France Tanguy recently set-up a fresh new Monash frame in the Trans Orange colour. Looking so good! Thanks Stéphane Nadin for the photos.



Paddy Gross interview

Over on BMX Union Paddy has a in-depth and great interview about BMX and life in general. Paddy has had a pretty action packed life so it’s well worth the read. Check it here.


Ricky Catanzariti bike check

Whilst I was in Adelaide last week I caught up with the crank flip master that is Richard Catanzariti and grab some shots of his rig…








Polly Video

The latest video from Polly which was partly filmed over in California on a trip we took and then finished up back in Australia. Also featuring Tom Stretton and Nathan Sykes…

Shred The Rez video

Our very own Chris Bracamonte put together this video for RIDE BMX of the recent Shred The Rez comp/jam that went down at Pala park in California. Keith Treanor had a big hand in making this day happen so I am stoked to see it all went well. Both Victor and Alex have clips throughout..