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East County BMX Jam

This coming Sunday from 3pm till 5pm, we’re having an in-store jam at East County BMX down in San Diego with a good selection of the team including Alex Hiam, Chris Courtenay, Mike Brennan, Jourdan Barba, Jack Kelly, Justin Care, Chris Bacramonte & Cooper Brownlee.¬†All the guys from the East County BMX / Colony flow team will also be there on the day. Come along to meet & ride with some of the team guys. There will also be free food & drinks along with some giveaways on the day. Should be an awesome day.

colony x east county flyer

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A few photos of the team guys that we’ve had sitting around of late.




Set Ups with Chris Courtenay

Chris has been running one of the 2015 Sweet Tooth frames for a couple months now so we thought it was time to put a bike check together.

Adelaide trip

I just got back from a trip we took over to Adelaide with Mick, Tom, Chris and Luke. We were over there filming for a video in conjunction with the Elizabeth Riders committee which will be used for helping teach kids in school about BMX.

The trip was a blast and all the crew we hung with were real cool. Thanks to Dave Rubinich for hooking us up with these dialed photos.








Chris Courtenay video

Chris had a bunch of clips stacked from his travels over in the USA late last year. Packed full of good moves from California. Filmed by Ryan Guettler and put together by Chris.

Alex, Chris & David in Freestyle Now mini ramp shows…

Perth based show team, Freestyle Now are over on the east coast in QLD doing some demos for this week in Morayfield. You will be able to watch our team riders, Alex Hiam, Chris Courtenay & David Pinelli shred it up on a 6 foot mini ramp inside the Morayfield shopping centre. Click here for more details.


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Chris Courtenay video

Brand new Chris Courtenay video to start your day off! The majority of this was filmed on a trip between Sydney and North Queensland over 3 weeks along with some footage from Chris’s recent time in the USA.

Web Advert – Chris Courtenay

I can’t wait for Chris Courtenay‘s next web video to drop in a couple weeks (which is also in our free dvd). This invert is a good example of what to expect from it.


Ryan & Chris at the PLAY contest

Both Ryan and Chris have some amazing clips in this video from Vital and the Play contest over in Florida.

Play 2013: Entire Yard – More BMX Videos

Chris Courtenay in Florida

Chris just hit up the Play comp in Florida and shot through this update about the whole deal.

Quick trip to Florida for the Play Bmx Contest, super grateful to get an invite to this as was such an amazing contest. Finished up 7th which I was psyched on and also got to experience a bit of the day to day Florida life which all I can say is if you get the chance check it out for sure! Now at the airport back to Cali for another month before I come home!

photo 1

photo 2

Game of Bike videos

Vital posted up some videos from the Game of Bike over the weekend. Check some of them out below.

Ryan Guettler vs. Brandon Dosch – More BMX Videos

Caleb Quanbeck vs. Luke Parker – More BMX Videos

Pat Casey vs. Chris Courtenay – More BMX Videos

Vital Game of Bike

Congrats to Ryan, Chris and Luke who all did well at the Vital comp over the weekend. Video’s should be dropping soon.


ryan 3nac

Vital game of bike

Guettler, Chris and Luke Parker are off to the Vital BMX Game of Bike this weekend at Woodward West. It looks like it’s going to be an crazy contents from the line up of riders going.


Chris Courtenay in CA

Chris has been staying out in California for the past few months and the other day we caught up for a fun session…



Brazil trip updates

So every day or 2 I have been getting sent photos from the guys in Brazil documenting their trip and I must say I am very jealous. It really does look like they are having such a good time along with the locals, just seeing how stoked everyone is in these shots makes me love BMX more and more. Go ride.

Thanks to Renan Souza for the photos.






More from Brazil

Valvo sent through some more photos from the Brazil comp that the guys hit up. Like I said the other day, the guys have been having a blast thanks to our great distro over there Dream BMX. The guys are setting off on a little roadtrip for a few days before heading home, look out for more updates from the trip soon.




I also just spotted this clip of Millar riding the ramp, so stoked he pulled that last trick

Off to Brazil

Ryan Guettler, Chris Courtenay & Clint Millar are off to Brazil this week to meet up with Valvo & ride a mini ramp contest organised with our good mates at Dream BMX. Should be a blast for the guys with a small road trip planned after the event for a few days as well. Look out for updates here while the guys are there.


Wallpapers – Chris & Brandon

We’ve cooked up a couple nice photos for you to download for your desktop background. Brandon Van Dulken with a dialed 1 hand no foot can at Hill n Dale in Melbourne. Then we have Chris Courtenay 1 hand table at Woodgate park up in north Queensland. Download Brandon’s here and Chris’s here.



Chris Courtenay Instagram Slam

TCU just dropped an Instagram Slam with Chris riding the Vans park in California. Stoked to see fufanu to bars go down, more people need to be sending that trick.

A day with Chris Courtenay

Whilst in California Chris hooked up with JC Pieri for the day and came through with a stupid amount of good footage.

Alex and Chris in the states

Alex and Chris are out in California filming and hanging out with the locals. They both happened to go down yesterday which has them resting up for a few days. I snagged these photos off their Instagram pages.


Colony Raw

We’ve been uploading a few raw clips over on our Youtube channel lately, made up of footage that had never seen the light of day so we figured it would be good to get them out. Here we have some Chris Courtenay clips from 2011 that we filmed for a sprocket promo that never ended up happening, along with some left over jourdan Barba clips from last year at Woodward West.


Today we headed to the Riverside area and hit up a few parks and sessioned with local crew. We snapped a few photos during the day…




Advert: Chris Courtenay

The latest 2020 dropped a couple weeks back, this is the advert we rocked up front for the issue. Chris Courtenay was in his element at Woodgate park in north Quensland which you can also see and read more about in the issue.

More info about the Premise complete right here!


Chris & Dean at the Fox Pro.

Last week in Melbourne at Rampfest saw the Fox Pro comp go down where a lot of heavy hitters were in appearance. Both Chris and Dean were in the mix and killed it! This video has footage of both the guys going in hard.

Chris Courtenay places 3rd at the Worlds

Chris Courtenay just placed 3rd in pro park at the Worlds in Cologne, Germany. Congrats mate !! Chris has been killing it of late & it’s great to see him do so well over there. He will soon jet back to Australia for a comp organised down in Melbourne. Then it’s off to the USA for the Colony week at Woodward West for the 2013 shootout video contest. Good times ahead !!

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Chris Courtenay in Germany

Chris Courtenay is over in Germany for the 2013 Worlds right now. If you’re over there make sure to go up & say g’day. Look out for the guy airing higher than most & having a blast of a time. Good luck over there mate !!

Check out his signature CC Sprocket while you’re at it here now. Available everywhere.

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FTLT – Day 13

A couple good days spent in Sydney were just had with real good weather, clips filmed and too much dice played. Here are a couple photo’s of Chris at a packed Bondi park.

2014 Colony Endeavour promo

We put together a video to show everyone the highlights of the 2014 Colony Endeavour along with some riding from a few of the team guys. These bikes are available now in Australia with the rest of the world getting them in September.

USA trip

I am out here in California with Ryan, Chris and Alex before we head off for Woodward West next week. Today we hit up the Malex-handplant

ryan-fastplant-markitarkit crew’s backyard setup and had a blast of a time. Thanks to the Enarson family for the hookup.