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Inception 2013 complete bike.

We put together this video of the 2013 Colony Inception complete bike so that you can see all the key features to the it. We also hooked up a bunch of clips from some of the team guys to top it off! Read more about the bike here, it’s available worldwide right now!

Colony Inception 2013 complete bike from Colony BMX on Vimeo.

Chris Courtenay session

A quick one with Chris from a session he had at the Shed park in Melbourne last week. Put together by Matt Whyatt.

Product highlight – CC Sprocket

Chris Courtenay’s signature CC Sprocket has been out for a little while now & it’s one of our more popular products out right now. With extensive CNC machining for a unique look, it has quite the following. Available now at any Colony dealer on the planet.

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Colony UK tour 2012!

We are very excited to be heading over the the United Kingdom for a week! Myself, Ryan Guettler, Chris Courtenay and Clint Millar will be over there hitting up some shops and riding parks along with Anton McGuirk, Sam Davies-Bate and Liam Vance. Thanks to Tabletop for helping out with the trip. Make sure you get out and come say hi at one of the stops or if you see us at your local park. We also want to get everyone involved so if you use Instagram, take some photos whilst you are out and about with us and #colonybmxuk so we can see them all. No doubt we will have plenty of giveaways for riders along the way aswell.

Chris Courtenay video

Massive thanks to Troy Charlesworth for coming through with the goods on this edit of Chris, he kills it!

Courtenay HYPE

Tomorrow we will be dropping a Chris Courtenay web video that you are not going to want to miss! Troy Charlesworth put in some work putting it together for us so make sure you check back this time tomorrow for it!

Chris Courtenay pool action

A couple weeks ago I had the upmost pleasure to session one of the best pools I have ever had the chance to ride. It was Chris’s turn recently & he got some stuff done that should not be possible in a pool. Here is one of the tamer shots courtesy of Stewart Munro.

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Product Feature: Colony Endeavour complete bike.

Available now worldwide. An insight into the 2013 Colony Endeavour complete bike along with some riding clips of Brock Olive, Cooper Brownlee, Marnold, Paddy Gross, Chris Courtenay, Ryan Guettler and Alex Hiam. Read more about the bikes here.

Colony Endeavour 2013 complete bike from Colony BMX on Vimeo.


We had a roll at the new Underwood park here in Brisbane yesterday which was good besides battling the crazy amount of scooter kids there. Chris is not far off finishing filming for his Colony edit, its going to be so good!

Alex Hiam & editing

Alex has been busy lately messing around with some editing & here is one of his recent results. Featuring Chris Courtenay, Chance Brejnakowski & Alex himself.

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Chris Courtenay checks in…

Chris Courtenay sent in a quick update… read on below.

Just about to finish up filming my latest webvid for Colony with Troy Charlesworth really psyched on the stuff we’ve got so far so look out for that in the coming weeks! Also just got my hands on a 7D camera for a bit from one of my friends, so I’ve started on a little bro cam edit, stoked to try mess a little more filming stuff! So just check up on my instagram for everything it’s HOT right now @chriscourtenay

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One Hot Product: CC Sprocket

Chris Courtenay gives you a quick run down on his signature CC Sprocket thanks to the guys at Ride BMX. Check it & then go buy a sprocket here or at any Colony dealer worldwide.

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Calling the shots!

We had a ball filming this at Chino park the other night. Thanks to Chris Long for filming this. The last clip was filmed literally 1 minute before the lights went out in the park. More videos from Network A here.

Woodward update

Another amazing day at Woodward! At the end of everyday everyone is so tired but you get up the next day and  do it all over again. Chris, downside whip in the outdoor bowl.

Bike check: Chris Courtenay

Chris Courtenay put together a fresh new 2013 Teddy frame a few weeks ago & here it is.

Chris’s Colony parts list is as follows…

Frame: 2013 Colony Teddy V3 20.85″
Fork: Colony Dagger
Bars: Colony Bull Bars
Stem: Colony Official
Headset: Colony
Cranks: Colony Colonial V2
Sprocket: Colony CC 25T
BB: Colony
Pedals: Colony Fantastic Plastic
Front Wheel: Colony Contour
Rear Wheel: Colony Contour
Front Tyre: Colony Agenda 2.15″
Rear Tyre: Colony Agenda 1.95″
Pegs: Colony Oneway Alloy

The colour shown (Powder Blue) won’t actually be available on the Teddy frame as it will be an exclusive colour for Guettler’s 2013 The Living frame. Our 2013 frames & products will be out worldwide from late July.

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Colony team in the USA…

Today Tom Stretton, Cooper Brownlee, Peta Shepherd & myself are off to the USA to ride. A few days later Chris Courtenay & Alex Hiam will be meeting us in Cali as well where we will ride around & stay with Ryan Guettler.

Then the week of June 3rd till June 9th, we will all travel to Woodward West along with Jourdan Barba, Bobbie Altiser, Paddy Gross & Brandon Van Dulken. We will be at Woodward West to ride with the campers & film for an edit or two. If you’re lucky enough to be staying at Woodward West that week (week 1 of camp), make sure you come up & say hi to us all.

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Sidewall Fresh Picks: CC Sprocket

The fine folks over at Sidewall Distro in the USA have released one of their latest fresh picks & it features Chris Courtenay’s own CC Sprocket, check it out.

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Q&A: Chris Courtenay

Chris Courtenay is next up so lets do this…

Last movie you watched…

Honestly can’t even remember! Barely ever watch TV!

A musician you are hyped on at the moment…

I can never just get stuck to one! I’m more hyped on whatevers sounding good and setting the vibe!

What did you get up to yesterday…

Worked all day at RideOn BMX store then went for a little shred with my mates!

Last time you came off your bike pretty hard…

Last night (Wednesday) or Saturday but I’m all good! Crashing sucks!

Websites you have been hitting up of late…

Vitalbmx, Thecomeupbmx & the Colony site are my 3 daily’s.

Last clip you filmed…

Filmed a new 10 clip edit which is dropping soon!

Last meal you ate…

My girlfriend made me a chicken, cheese & lettuce roll for lunch! Was amazing, thanks Mel!

Newest part on your bike…

My whole bike is brand new and I’m absolutely loving it!

Oldest part on your bike…

Lever which I’ve had since I was 15!

Last web video you watched…

Chad Kerleys ALLI edit!

Last SMS you received…

Troy Charlesworth sorting out filming!


Follow my twitter & instagram @chriscourtenay.

Sydney to Bathurst & beyond…

It’s been a pretty good few days of driving around hitting up various parks between Sydney & Bathurst. We’ve hit up Macquarie Fields, Penrith, Lawson, Lithgow, Millthorpe & Manildra. It’s been really good so far with great weather & some good times along the way.

We rode the park in Manildra today & it was a blast. Check it out below. More from the road soon as we are at Newtons Nation now for the next few days.

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Off to Sydney today…

Chris Courtenay, Tom Stretton, Peta Shepherd & myself are off to Sydney for 5 days to ride & film. Tom will be staying in Sydney & meeting up with Zac Miner while the rest of us including Ryan Guettler will be travelling out to Bathurst for the weekend. Should be good times.

Roadtrip to Newtons…

We have a road trip planned for this week starting in Sydney.

Chris Courtenay, Peta Shepherd, Tom Stretton & myself will meet up with Ryan Guettler in Sydney on Wednesday then ride some of Sydney’s parks on offer. Thursday we will ride a bunch of parks on our way out to Bathurst for Newtons Nation on the weekend. Should be a good few days & the comp at Newtons should be really good as well. Reports from the road no doubt, so check back through out the week.

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Newtons Nation…

Ryan Guettler, Chris Courtenay, Peta Shepherd & myself are all booked & heading down to Bathurst for this years Newtons Nation event to be held April 27-29th. Should be a good weekend with dirt & mini ramp comps happening. You can get info to enter & buy tickets to watch by checking their website at

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Live from Simple Session

It’s late here Saturday night / Sunday morning but have been watching the live feed from Simple Session in Estonia. Both Chris & Anton rode well in what has to be the worlds toughest comp. Oskars Zajarskis also rode in the comp & repped for us, thanks guys. Should be good to see what happens in the finals.

Update: Anton actually crashed in his runs and has a fracture in his 12 vertebra. He has to return to the UK now and will be off the bike for 2 months. Please rest up mate.

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Chris & Anton at Simple Session

Chris Courtenay & Anton McGuirk are both over in Tallin, Estonia for this years Simple Session. Read on below for some words from Chris…

Update time… Anton & I have been having an awesome time in Tallinn, Estonia. The course is absolutely amazing and every single rider here is rediculously amazing! The last two days have been practice and qualifying starts tomorrow, will be good to see what everyone pulls out! Anyways Anton and I are out now to have dinner! Peaceeeeee

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From the Vault & Chris off to Simple Session

Although this is two years old it’s a great watch, put together by Troy Charlesworth.

Chris is off to Estonia for Simple session, good luck my friend!

Chris Courtenay Pro Q&A on Vital

Chris Courtenay has a Pro Q&A over on the Vital BMX site. So if you have a question you wish to ask him, hit him up over there now by clicking here. He will answer your questions until March 14th.

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Chris Courtenay putting in work…

Chris Courtenay & Troy Charlesworth have been putting some work in the last few days for an up coming edit they are both working on. I met up with them yesterday for a roll down the Gold Coast & snapped a couple shots along the way. Look out the edit in the next couple of weeks, from what I have seen so far it should be banging.

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Wallpaper: Chris Courtenay

We used this photo of Chris in a RideUS advert fairly recently, now you can run it on your desktop if you are into it. 360 table at Browns Plains park in Brisbane. You can download the standard screen size here and the widescreen version here.

Chris Courtenay checks in…

Chris Courtenay sent in a quick update on what he has been up too of late. Read on below…

Hey guys, lil check in.. Fair bits been going on since 2012’s kicked off. Went skydiving the other day which was ridiculously amazing and suggest everyone should do it, best 21st present ever! But apart from that, been working at RideOnBMX a fair bit and riding heaps. Working on a new video project at the moment which I’m real excited to start getting more and more into. Then at the end of March off to Simpel Sessions 12 which is gonna be an amazing event. I’ve always wanted to go to and now finally have the opportunity to go!! Also been getting into the whole instagram thing heaps so anyone out there who has it follow me at @chriscourtenay. PEACEEEEEE!

Photo by Adam Cox.

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Advert: Chris Courtenay

A recent print advert we had in RideUS featuring Chris doing a 360 table at Browns Plains park in Brisbane promoting his signature CC sprocket.