Hey Guys,

Been a rad start to the year. Had such a blast on the Summer of Colony road trip, was so stoked to everyone who came out and shredded! Not to mention the stop at The Village was unreal, such a solid crew turned up!

Recently just had a few coaching clinic’s in the park with long time homie Ryan Guettler who was quickly over from the states. Was an all round good day getting to help out the younger generation who just passionately love to ride their bikes! It brings you back to where it all started and the love of riding that keeps you wanting more.

But to put a downer on the fresh year I just popped my shoulder out last Friday so I’ve been resting that up so I can get back on the bike ASAP. I’ts the worst when your around it 24/7 and can’t ride. So it looks like I’ll be getting some physio sessions in to strengthen it up and then back on it!

P.S Go check out my insta @chriscourtenay I’ve got a drone now and i’ts the best thing ever hah.

Take care homies!