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Chris Courtenay bike check…

A couple weeks back Chris set-up a new ride when he got back from from America, loving the matt red.

Frame:Colony Teddy V2 20.85″
Fork: Colony Dagger
Brakes: Colony Transformer
Bars: Colony Bull Bars
Barends: Colony Konka
Stem: Colony Official
Headset: Colony with Colony adjustable spacer
Cranks: Colony Colonial V2
BB: Colony
Sprocket: Colony CC 25t
Chain: Shadow
Pedals: Colony Fantastic Plastic
Seat: Colony Logo Fat
Seat post: Colony Pivotal
Front Wheel: Colony Contour
Rear Wheel: Colony Female Contour
Hub Guard: Colony Clone Rear
Tyres: Colony Agenda 2.15 & Agenda 1.9
Tubes: Colony Hidden Agenda
Pegs: Colony Oneway

Chris Courtenay video

Chris Courtenay collected some footage for a video for Vital BMX whilst in Greenville the other month. Some real good riding in there as always from Chris. Video by Dan Foley.

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New team pages…

It’s been a while coming but when you have a team as large as ours these things do take longer than expected. We have all new team pages with interviews, photos & videos on all the team members. This includes our newest editions to the pro team ranks, Marnold & Tom Stretton. Along with the flow team, flatland crew & family members there is plenty of new stuff to check out. This should keep you busy for a couple hours, plenty to read, watch & take in. Click here now to scope it all out in it’s freshness.

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Ride On BMX & CC Sprocket

To celebrate the release of the new CC Sprocket. The guys at Ride On BMX have teamed up with Chris Courtenay (who works at Ride On) to bring you all a great deal… read on below for details.

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Chris Courtenay – Ten Clips

Chris Courtenay recently spent some time in Greenville, NC to ride & hang out after Interbike. He got together with Guettler whilst there for a day to film this ten clips instalment. Chris chose Jaycee Park as the venue & he did not disappoint.

Filmed & edited by Ryan Guettler.

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Product highlight – CC Sprocket

Chris Courtenay’s signature CC sprocket is now out in stores in Australia & the USA. It will be in other countries very soon as well. Extensively detailed & CNC machined from a solid piece of 7075T6 alloy & available in a bunch of colours. Check them out now.

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Chris Courtenay checks in…

Chris Courtenay is in Greenville, NC at the moment & he wrote a quick email on what he has been up too…

Been in America for 6 weeks now, still got another 2 weeks left. Greenville is going awesome, been riding everyday. Not too many people in town at the moment, seeing it’s going into winter. It’s sorta better in a way that sessions are really small and the parks aren’t really packed! Also the weather is soo perfect to ride in!

Filmed a ten clip edit with Ryan at Jaycee park a couple of weeks back which I was pretty stoked to film, been wanting to do one for a while but injuries weren’t letting me.

Also Vitamin Water put on a comp at Skatecary which is an hour and a bit away from Greenville. I was fortunate enough to win 1st in the pro section. The park was a lot of fun to ride and it was an awesome day, was stoked.

I attached a photo aswell and cant wait to get back to film some more Colony stuff on this new projects Coops has got going on!

Talk soon mate – Chris.

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Advert: Chris Courtenay

Chris scored the back cover advert in the new issue of Focalpoint, that bank is so steep!

Chris’s signature CC Sprocket will be out in Australia at the end of October & the rest of the world soon after.

Chris Courtenay – Ride On BMX Store edit

Chris Courtenay is sitting on a plane right now on his way over to Vegas for Interbike & Nora Cup. He will then┬ástart off his USA trip for a few months in Greenville & a few other places. During the last few weeks he put some work in for this little edit for Ride On BMX produced by Jack Birtles. Looking really good for sure… well done guys.

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Recent Oneclips.

Marnold, Chris Courtenay and Brock Olive have all recently had Oneclips in the Focalpoint clip a day series.

Sprocket buyers guide

The guys over at Ride BMX did a buyers guide on sprockets & our Official & yet to be released, CC Sprocket are included. Click here now to check them out.

The Chris Courtenay signature CC Sprocket will be out early October.

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Chris Courtenay update.

Chris just recently started riding after being off the bike for a couple of months with a broken wrist. He is heading over to the USA next month to hit up a bunch of places. This photo is from an evening ride we had at Woodridge park in Brisbane the other night.

Chris Courtenay interview…

Chris Courtenay also had his fair share of injuries while filming for the DVD but still managed to come through with an impressive section regardless. This being a true showing of his commitment to the project & his love for riding. Check out his thoughts of the whole experience.

Filmed & edited by Stewart Munro.

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Tom Stretton & Chris Courtenay

Tom Stretton does a rediculous nose wheelie in this Ride On BMX store advert. Look out for a Chris Courtenay clip in there too. Ride On are good supporters of Colony and the BMX scene so check them out if you are ever in Brisbane.

Surgery update…

Chris Courtenay had his surgery last week on his wrist & it all went well from the doctors reports. He should be back on the bike in around 12 weeks tops. So expect to see Chris ripping again before you know it.

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Chris Courtenay one clip…

Spotted over on Focalpoint is this one clip featuring Chris Courtenay before the wrist breakage of last week. Get better soon mate !!

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Chris Courtenay down.

On Saturday, Chris Courtenay took a fall which resulted in a dislocated wrist & a fractured scaphoid bone as well. He will undergo surgery in the next few days, we wish him the best.

Chris was planning to hit up the Asian X-Games next week but unfortunately wont be able to make it over now. Good luck with the recovery CC. A random shot of Brock and Tom added in for good measure.

Chris Courtenay interview…

Chris Courtenay has an interview up on The Union website. Click here to check it out now.

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Liam & Chris go to China…

Spotted this sweet little sequence over on the Little Black Bike site of Liam Zingbergs doing his thing.

Liam has been invited to compete in the Asian X Games in street in China later this month. Below is the course him & team mate Chris Courtenay will be shredding.

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Chris Courtenay frontie

I spotted this last night, Chris down at the recent GC Compund Jam, Both himself and Kyle Baldock going Crazy high…

Fresh off the press…

This was taken on a Gold Coast session just this Monday gone… fun times. Chris Courtenay scores our splash page for the next few weeks.

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Everyday is a Saturday…

The new DVD from 2020 Magazine filmed & edited by Big Salad. Looking the goods & available next month Australia wide. Look out for appearances in the full length feature from a vast bunch of the Colony team when it’s out including Zac Miner, Liam Zingbergs, Chris Courtenay, Marnold, Cooper Brownlee, Brock Olive, Tom Stretton & even myself. Check it.

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Product update – CC Sprocket

We are gracing Chris Courtenay with his first signature product for the 2012 season. Chris is now testing it & it will be available in August around the planet. CNC machined from 7075T6 alloy & it will come in Black, Red, Purple, Blue, Gold & Polished.

Just in case you missed it…. check out Chris’s welcome to the team edit from a year ago.

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Chris Courtenay.

Thanks to Sam Routledge for sending over this photo of Chris he shot at the recent flood jam at Beenleigh park, you can see more of his shots here.

Perth trip day two.

It was crazy hot yesterday in Perth, some of the local crew hooked us up with some fun spots which we had a ball at. We also hit a park which had the biggest spine I have ever seen in my life.

Chris Courtenay at Dirtpipe…

Chris was down in Victoria for the Redbull Dirtpipe, here is a little write up about his trip. Thanks to Mitchell Morison for the photo…

Dirtpipe 2011 was unfortunately rain out all weekend and the actual competition was called off. Due too everyone having set flights home, a couple of riders had to cut it short, so Redbull put on a jam to keep everyone psyched. The pipe was rediculous and soo much better and more built up than last year, was soo pumped to leave this year in my own car and not a ambulance! All round good trip and a perfect way to spend a birthday!

Colony shop tour…

Later next month, almost the entire team will be meeting up in Brisbane to ride for a few days then head back down south making our way to the BMX Games scheduled for February 25th, 26th & 27th in Canberra.

Along the way we will be dropping into some select Colony dealers with a bunch of giveaways, signings & a bunny hop comp open for all to enter. So come along & meet the guys at your favourite shop shown below.

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Chris Courtenay 2020 advert.

This is the most recent advert for us in the current 2020. Monster whip drop to the grass bank by Chris Courtenay.

More Chris Courtenay footage.

Here is more Chris Courtenay footage, this was filmed and edited by Bret Trigg during a session at Brisbane’e indoor park Ramp Attak for Ride On BMX. So happy to see Chris riding like he didn’t even have most of this year off the bike.

Chris Courtenay mini interview…

Chris recently started riding again after 7 months off the bike because of a knee reco, whilst in Brisbane a couple weeks ago I caught up with Chris for a few sessions which is where this footage came from along with some questions to see how he is doing.