Date of Birth:

Colony, Index ink, Stacked BMX shop.

How long have you been riding?
I started racing at 5 years old and got into freestyle a year later.

What got you interested in BMX?
My older brothers rode Bmx so I got into it and when they stopped riding I stuck with it and haven’t stopped since.

Biggest influences in BMX:
Growing up I looked up to the local pro’s in my area Larry Alvarado and Mike Saavedra.

Where are you living at the moment? And where did you grow up?
I’m living in Moreno Valley CA. And I grew up in Riverside CA.

What does a regular Saturday out on the bike usually consist of?
Wake up early pick up some friends, eat a good breakfast then shred some sick spots and hopefully get a good vibe going and catching some clips and having goodtimes !

What are you doing for work these days?
I work graveyard shift with an A/C company it’s pretty cool I’m thinking about taking some classes to get into a workers union.

Top 3 places you’ve ridden over the years:
Australia, Utah and Arizona.

What are your interests outside of Riding?
Hanging out with my sons Abel and Stefan spending as much family time as possible.

Car you own/drive:
I own two cars a 1998 Gmc Sonoma and a 2015 Prius V.

Tell us something about your local scene:
Tons of awesome riders, fun skateparks and street spots to ride!

What motivates you to go out and ride all the time?
It’s something I’ve been doing for along time more like a habit I often tell people it’s all I’m good at ! I just love being on my bike it’s a good way to clear your head and definitely work out your frustrations with life!

Favourite place you’ve travelled to and why?
Australia for sure, good times and awesome people, such a different scene.

Good meals to eat:
I love all types of food very open minded to try new things.

Give us some bands/musicians you are into these days:
I’ve been listening too all types of things my fav at the moment The Black Angels, Ghostland observatory, oldies

Favourite Colony product?
Menace Guard sprocket.

What has BMX taught you:
I’ve had many of great experiences and opportunitys that I’m very grateful for BMX has taught me more life experiences then anything and how to deal with certain situations like a professional

The usual thanks…
Thanks to my sponsors for all the support and any person or brand that has helped me with anything over the years ! Cheers.

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