As always another month has come and pass, but so much has happened! Cooper was over in the States for a month and we had the chance to do a decent amount of riding and filming. Produced a few different projects that I’m excited to see the final out come of. Was able to ride a few spots in Southern California that I haven’t been to. Always nice to mix it up and get to ride new stuff.

One of the days Victor, Cooper and myself made it out to the Stay Strong compound. I knew that Stephen and the family were getting ready to move soon so I wanted to get out there to see Stephen before he left the States. Was a great day riding and hanging out and Stephen and the boys will be missed very much by all the guys out here in California.

Also been working on a fun Dig project with Chris that should be out in the next month. Always enjoy working with Chris. He makes me laugh most of the time so it makes for fun days out riding and filming. Stay on the look out for this one.