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Bayzand checks in…

Mick Bayzand hit us up with a little update, read on below…

You may not of known but I broke my wrist a while ago, so I have been laying low of late working on some art projects to keep me sane. But I am back on the bike now and keen as ever. This year I plan on it being a very productive one and I am already working on a few different projects, so keep your eyes out and keep shredding.


Yo yo !!

Bayzand @ Wallan park

Some of the Strictly crew hit up a little plaza park on the outskirts of Melbourne including Mick Bayzand and smashed out some dialled lines.

Adelaide trip

I just got back from a trip we took over to Adelaide with Mick, Tom, Chris and Luke. We were over there filming for a video in conjunction with the Elizabeth Riders committee which will be used for helping teach kids in school about BMX.

The trip was a blast and all the crew we hung with were real cool. Thanks to Dave Rubinich for hooking us up with these dialed photos.








Jourdan Barba – Hazyinaz

We helped support this TCU trip that Jourdan went on recently up to Arizona. All the guys killed it and the vibe of this edit is real cool. Put together by Nate Richter.

Dane’s Jam

A few of us headed to the Dane Searls trails jam in Canberra yesterday. It was a dialed session with everyone getting crazy on the jumps. A few people came un stuck including Bayzand but I think all that did would still be stoked that they were apart of the day. I know Luke Parker was doing these cannonball’s.



Tom, Dean and Mick all pop up in this left overs section from the recent Antipodes DVD from the French magazine Soul. The DVD was filmed from a months trip 5 French riders took to Australia.

Mick Bayzand web video

We just premiered this Mick Bayzand video on TCU which I am really stoked to have out now. Mick seriously did go in so hard for this and I think it shows. We hope you enjoy it!

More info on Mick’s signature bars and frame here

Mick @ Prahran

Mick has some real solid footage in this mix with a bunch of the team guys from Strictly Bmx which is just located around the corner from this park, really enjoyed this.

FTLT – Day 17

The sun was out again in Melbourne so I took the guys down to the iconic St Kilda banks on the beach which was pretty damn good then onto the city for a roll well into the evening. Good times indeed.

2014 Colony Endeavour promo

We put together a video to show everyone the highlights of the 2014 Colony Endeavour along with some riding from a few of the team guys. These bikes are available now in Australia with the rest of the world getting them in September.

FTLT – Day 2

Yesterday was another good day. We started out in Maryborough & hit up some local street spots which turned out well. Then made the drive to Woodgate but stopped off in Childers on the way to hit some rails.

I was really wanting to show the guys Woodgate though, one for the awesome ramp & also to see the kangaroos that are always hanging right by the ramp. The local wildlife did not let us down & both Jourdan & Brandon got to see their first ever kangaroos. Some good riding went down from Chris as well with some solid stuff going down in the last specks of day light.

Today we are in Gladstone & will be at M1 Cycles at 11am then the park in town at midday. Come & say g’day !!

Yo yo !!

Still on the road…

Mick and I spent the entire day searching the outskirts of Sydney for spots to ride on the way back down, The traffic might suck in this place but the spots certainly don’t! A few gems to hit when we are in Sydney with the crew in the coming weeks.

The long haul…

Myself and Mick started the long drive from Melbourne to Brisbane yesterday morning. We made good time and got to Sydney by nightfall. We past the time by watching sketchy drivers on the freeway, one driver braked suddenly in the rain on a hill to 60km’s an hour with a truck behind them yet somehow everyone avoided the idiot, dealt with basically every type of weather and I discovered I could run sunglasses directly over my glasses which makes it so much easier to drive. Not sure why I didn’t try that years ago…

Follow the Lines Tour

We are very excited to announce the Follow the Lines Tour which will be commencing next week. This is basically a filming trip along with getting to hang out with a lot of new riders around the country. Being that it will be school holidays we will be visiting a few stores along the way and their local parks & trails even. Make sure you get out to one of the sessions at the shops and local park for plenty of giveaways!

For everyone in between, we will no doubt be hitting up more parks and spots, so keep an eye on our Instagram to see where we are are to catch up for a roll. Can’t wait for this to begin!

A good chunk of the team will be on various parts of the trip and we even have Brandon Van Dulken (Canada) and Jourdan Barba (USA) coming out for it! Both of which have never been here before, so that will be a treat for them & us !!

Happy birthday Bayzand!

Mick turns 30 today, I’ve been fortunate enough to know and ride with Mick for a good 10 years now and I look forward to many more. Mick has put in alot of work on the bike over the years so I am sure his body feels alot more like 50. Enjoy the day mate.

Mick Bayzand footage

Mick came thorugh with some great clips in this GoPro edit he worked on with Kym Grosser recently, good stuff! Follow Micky on Instagram @mick_bayzand1

Weekend clippin’

I spent the weekend out with Marnold, Mick and Jack whilst we had some good weather. Mick just got back into Melbourne so we should be going in hard in the coming weeks for his next web video. Jack has a web video dropping this week I can’t wait to get out! Marnold is also in the final stages of clipping up for his next project. Good times!

Lizzy comp

Over the weekend there was a comp at Elizabeth park in South Aus which we supported, Mick comes from Elizabeth so he was down there hanging out with the crew. We hear it was a great day, shout out to all the crew that made it happen.

Mick bayzand – Colony DVD

We’ve started uploading the sections from our 2011 DVD which Stu Munro put together, here is Mick’s section which you should already know is killer!

Elizabeth Comp this weekend

In Elizabeth, Adelaide this weekend is a competition at the Elizabeth park which also happens to be where Mick Bayzand is from. We are getting behind it so be sure to hit it up if you are in South Australia. Mick will even be there on the day.

Yo yo !!

The Package!

Cooper, Marnold, Mick and Jack all have really good clips in this mixtape from Focalpoint. Be sure to have a watch then like them on Facebook.

Yo yo !!

Mick Bayzand’s setup

Mick recently setup a new rig and sent through a few photos of it at his favourite spot in the world no doubt…

Mick Bayzand web video

Mick has been stacking clips for various projects lately, he is well known for his burly rail skills but can also jib with the best of them so there is some moves in this you may not expect from Teddy but I think it shows how diverse his riding is becoming . This footage is from all around Australia and Vancouver Canada. Thanks to Kym Grosser and Sam Lowe for the additional footage.

Follow Mick on Instagram @mick_bayzand1

Advert: Mick Bayzand

Mick Bayzand smashed out this steep ice grind back in December and it scored him the latest print advert for his signature Teddy frame in the current issue of 2020. Make sure you get down to your local store and grab a copy.

Canberra/Sydney recap

Myself, Mick and Zac just got back from a filming trip in Canberra and Sydney. It was crazy hot pretty much everyday but we manage to come home with alot of good clips. Both these guys will have web videos dropping early 2013 which I am hyped to finish and edit up. Here are a few random shots from our Instagram during the trip.

Colony Premise video

A mixture of riding clips from a bunch of the team along with an overview of our 2013 Premise complete bike which is available worldwide right now!

Canberra/Sydney update

We’ve been out in Canberra and now Sydney filming for some web video projects, the weather has been dialed so hopefully it continues so we can continue the clip count!

Canberra/Sydney trip

Myself, Mick and Zac are in Canberra right now filming for a few web video’s then off to Sydney for a few days, keep up to date on the happenings via Instagram! @colonybmxbrand

Adelaide trip update

On the drive back to Melbourne right now, here are a few photos from Mick’s Instagram @mick_bayzand1

Down time with Bayzand

Hey everyone, just a little update to let you no what’s been going on in my world. A few months back I had a bad crash on my shoulder whilst filming, I had a little time off but got back on the bike soon after even though it still hurt. which I tend to do alot. But over the past few months it has been getting worse and worse to the point were it feels like its going to fall off. Haha

So I made the decision to head back to Adelaide for a while to get it all cheeked out. I’ve spent the last week going to countless doctors appointments, getting scans and more doctors appointments. In the end they have come to the conclusion that my ligaments and tendons are inflamed and there is crazy growth on my cartilage causing sharp pain.

I’ve been getting quartazone injections in my shoulder to try calm everything down and help with the pain. Hopefuly this will sort it all out
and there will be no need for surgery. In the mean time I have been ordered to rest it as much as possible so i have just been kickin’ it back at home and my good friend Jack who has been helping me out with some physio and also I am becoming a Wii champion.

I do have a few thing I am working on in the mean time so even though I cant realy do much right now I should still have some new edits and some other stuff coming out real soon.

Fingers crossed I should be back bombing shit in no time. Peace…