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Spots with Ryan Guettler

Ryan is at Woodward West right now and he featured in their video series called spots where basically a rider talks about what part of Woodward West is their favourite then proceed to shred it hard which Ryan does…

Stacked BMX night ride

Larry ‘s shop Stacked BMX over in Riverside, CA is putting on monthly night rides and Vital was on hand to capture the first evening. Jourdan and Larry along with all the locals throw down some good lines throughout. Stacked stock all our product so hit them up if you are ever in the Riverside area.

Stacked BMX Shop: First Monthly Night Ride – More BMX Videos

Ryan Guettler update

I’m writing a update from Woodward camp and it makes think how crazy that is to say. As a kid I grew up dreaming of Woodward camp I had all the posters on my walls, All the riders I looked up to I ripped out of magazines and tacked them to the wall. And one day I was riding Beenleigh and Colin Mackay was there filming, Colin lived on the other side of Brisbane so it was a treat to see him because he would always go highest over Beenleigh hip.. Before he left he handed out stickers to all the kids like how I thought pros would, he gave me a Woodward sticker and joked you should go there one day. I didn’t know what to do with it, it was too special to put on my helmet or bike because I might never get one again. I framed it with a photo of lot 8 and a photo of the dirt jumps from BMXPLUS. Crazy to think him giving me that sticker has motivated me this much. I’ve been to Woodward over 40 different times now and have the best times here !!! Thanks Col I owe you!!!

I’m here all week and some of next week getting some new tricks dialed before I go to Barcelona next week for an event. Here’s some photos of the good times.




Prody Frame perspective…

Shane Badman organised this interesting interview with Ross D Lavender about his Prody Frame build & some back ground on the original frames & the history around them. Well worth a read, click here now to check it out on the Flatland Australia website.

Our limited edition Prody Frames are available now worldwide… click here to read more about them.


Yo yo !!

Ryan and the Monster Army

I will let Ryan tell the story behind this cool project…

I’ve been doing a lot of recon tours and RV trips and see so much talent with in the Bmxers so Iv’e teamed up with the Monster Army program to find theses kids and let them tell their story and see what goals they have on the bike. I think it’s really cool to let them tell their story so it’s not always just about the big tricks.

Here is the first video which features Chandler Golden who is from Chandler, AZ. It also has some really good clips of Ryan mixed throughout…

Bobbie @ Baco

Bobbie took out the #frontbrakebrethren contest at Baco last weekend. I can’t wait to see the footage from it to see what went down.


Jourdan Barba update

Jourdan has been cruising around with his homies of late and sent through a couple photos…



Ryan Guettler update

Hay guys,
This month I’ve been flat out and all over the world. I went to Italy for a week of shows for the US military doing school shows and demos at the local skate park, Really fun time but did not get to see to much of Italy itself.

Just wrapped up the 2nd stop of the Recon tour in Tucson AZ, really amazing turn out with over 70 AM riders signing up. I did two days of my boot camp before the event to help with tricks and work on lines with the kids entering. Taught 3 kids back flips and it was so cool seeing them throw it down in their runs. Next recon stop is Ohio dreams July 18th can’t wait.

Right now im at LAX getting ready to fly to france for FISE contest. I have not been to a Fise comp in a few years so I’m really looking forward to it. Follow me on instagram @ryanguettler to keep up with what im doing every day.
Peace, Ry.




Zac Miner update

Hey guys, so shits been happening in the Berra of late! If you didn’t make it to the act jam the was on last month, you missed out! So many people, so much good riding. Was awesome to see sooo many people come out to shred or hang out. Aiden Chard took out the act jam crown with effortless flow and big lines, dude just kills it when ever he rides. Apparently the video John Young is working on isn’t far off. After watchin what went down you’ll wanna come next year! Big shout out the Backbone for throwing such a killa event. It’s only gunna get bigger n better.

Speakin of the Bone, we’re well under way into filmin for a full length video. Got a bit banged up on the weekend filming actually. But it’s all so worth it when you actually sting the clip, I don’t wanna share to much but people have been puttin work, gunna be one sick DVD.

photo 1

photo 2

photo 3

Brandon Van Dulken back on it!

Hey guys, so happy to be riding again. Steadily getting the knee stronger and stronger and putting more trust in it. Full summer mode over here! Beautiful weather, ton of babes and the amazing Vancouver spots. Good times.

Here’s a shot from Vanier bike park today I’m pretty stoked on. Shot by Amos Franke with my gear.


BMX’s & VW’s

We are stoked to get behind Crucial BMX Shop in the UK & this VW Car Show with their mini ramp comp going down. Get yourself along for a chance to win one of the very special limited edition Colony Endeavour complete bikes we did with the guys at Type 2 Detectives in the UK. Should be a great weekend of BMX & VW’s for all on the 6th, 7th & 8th of June.


Yo yo !!

Dropouts 2014 BMXhibition

We’ve got behind a BMXhibition set for this weekend in Brisbane City. Check the flyer for details. There will be a good selection of BMX bikes & items on display from all eras of BMX history.

There will also be a very special one off Rainbow Prody custom bike that you may have seen some sneak peeks of on our Instagram? Should be well worth the visit. It all opens tomorrow night.



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Ryan Guettler update

Ryan has been super busy of late and it seems things aren’t slowing down anytime soon…

“I Just started filming a new web edit so keep your eyes out for it,The start of the month I went to mexico for Dirt Conquerors, comp was amazing made the finals which was my goal going there so im happy. Could of spent more time riding the course as it was so massive but the fans in mexico love BMX.

Just got back from Ramp riders in st louis where I just got done helping the Am comp series called recon, I went out there and did a boot camp for the kids to help tech new tricks and get lines dialed in before the comp, went really good and im doing another one next month in tucson AZ. Today im driving to Las Vegas for a movie shoot, I have to do a race with the vans team in all 80s gear I cant wait going to be so fun. Next week im flying to Naples Italy for some demos for the usa troops should be a good one, I’ve done theses demos a few years now and its a really good way to give back to bmx with kids and show my support to the troops who keep us safe. Other then that just riding every day and trying to get instagram followers so follow @ryanguettler to see every thing im up to.”





Jourdan Barba update

Hey guys I’ve been working a lot lately with my new masonry job but I’ve been going on day trips every weekend with Larry Alvarado filming for a upcoming ODI x STACKEDBMXSHOP edit that I’m almost done with so keep in eye out for that in the near future!



Stacked BMX

Good friend Larry Alvarado just announced he will be opening a BMX store in Riverside, California next month under the name Stacked BMX. He produced this great video featuring all the brands he will be stocking and Jourdan holds it down for us throughout the video. Follow them on Instagram @stackedbmxshop and hit play…

Want free stickers for Easter?

Happy Easter everyone !! If you would like some free stickers… simply follow the instructions here & we will send your envelope back with a full pack of stickers… all for free !! It’s that easy !!


Yo yo !!

How to bleach a t-shirt… with Mike Brennan

Mike Brennan loves a good bleached tee so he was good enough to shoot us over a quick how-to on how he does his t-shirts…

First get a good dark colored Colony shirt. Then some bleach in an empty water or soda bottle and a nail.

First remove the cap from the bottle and tap the nail threw the center. Making a hole.

Next fill the bottle 2/3 of the way up with hot water.

Fill the rest of the bottle with bleach

Now lay your shirt out and spray on any way you want. The longer you leave it the more the color will change.

Flip the shirt over and do the other side.

Make sure to do it somewhere safe that the bleach won’t affect.

Then rinse the shirt out. Done.


Zac Miner update

So despite the weather being beyond average for the last week and a bit, I actually took myself out about two weeks ago riding Civic skate park where I landed with my guts on the end of the bars at the bottom of the ramp it actually scared me for that split second, but the old bar ends saved me from in-palling myself. Seriously kid, run bar ends that shit serious!

Also Last weekend me and my housemate went up to Cairns for 4 days, such an amazing spot up there, didn’t get to ride as I was injured but still so much to see and do up there off the bike. That Place is like Jurassic Park, the rainforest up there is amazing!

Also just a reminder about ACT jam on Anzac Day weekend! Everyone should bring a crew and hang out, it’s gunna be a loose weekend.

photo 1

photo 2

photo 3

photo 4

More from Brandon

Winter is done in Canada now so you should be seeing a lot more of Brandon Van Dulken.

photo 1

photo 3

Brandon @ Horseshoe Bay

Brandon shot through this dope photo that James Van De Kamp took…

“Had an awesome week of sun over here and got a chance to get a bit of filming/photos in. Shot this turndown over the spine at Horseshoe Bay bowl. Always good times there!


Marnold checks in

Marnold sent in a quick update…

Sup everyone, so couple weeks back was trying to film a run looped an ice grind and hurt my knee it sucks but hopefully after resting for a bit it should be back to good so keen to ride again!! In the mean time, been hangin with my dog Kobi a fair bit love this guy! Keep shreddin fools!

photo 1

photo 3

Yo yo !!

Zac Miner update

Miner shot through an update from Canberra…

Soooo, ACT Jam is just over a month away, if people don’t know about it check the video (below) from last year. It’s such a sick event, people are coming from all over AUS this year and it goes for three days with some of the best parks in Australia!

On other news I’m still whippin’ up this masterpiece in my backyard, I don’t wanna drop to many photos till it’s all done, but it’s got heaps of shit goinG on in it.. Just started the curve wall the other day, hoping it’s all done by time act jam rolls around. Anyways get to Canberra in April, so worth it!!!

photo 1

photo 2

Jourdan Barba gets married!

From everyone at Colony we would like to extend our love to Jourdan and Katherine for there recent news…

“I just recently got married with my lovely wife Katherine Barba we had a amazing wedding and reception with family and friends. It rained a little bit on our big day but everything worked out perfect and I wouldn’t have it any other way! We’re also expecting Twins so I’m really excited for that !”


Jourdan Barba video

Jourdan comes through with a fresh new video for his clothing hookup Index Ink. As you would expect there are some amazing spots in this and Jourdan treats them right.

Zac Miner footage

Zac has some great footage in this Bondi mix from the NYRM crew and John Young.

Ryan Guettler video

Ryan has been making the most of the cooler weather in California over the past few months. He has come through with a great video put together by Dylan Pfohl . Defintely hit the play button on this.

Ryan Guettler update

Hay guys, just wanted to fill you in on what’s been going on.

Big things are happening with Colony working with the talented Cooper Brownlee sorting out 2015 color ways and new stickers, big changes on my frame in 2015!!! This week I have Cartoon Network’s HALL OF GAME AWARDS by SHAQ were I’ll be presenting an award. It’s the first kid certified, adrenaline filled celebration of all things sports also I’ve been working a lot with Hookit and their amateur comp series, last year I followed the tour in my RV announcing some of the stops and this year I’ll be doing all the stops announcing Am’s again and have helped set up the pro contest which will be on the Sundays. I’m also looking into Ryan’s Boot camp, which will be a 2 day event all over the USA teaching kids tricks with other pro. More on that later..

Last week I got the chance to ride in the Nitro Circus demo in Anaheim Stadium it was so much fun and im so amazed on the riders in that show it blow my mind. The first comp of 2014 for me will be Maddogs comp in the Kitchen March 22nd so I have some time to get ready. The cool thing about getting ready for comps is pushing yourself so I’ve been filming the tricks along the way so keep your eyes open for edits to start dropping very soon just waiting to find a good song. Tabesforthebabes is still happening this year in the RV. Just waiting for the weather to pick up as it’s winter right now.

If you want to follow every thing ill be doing FOLLOW @ryanguettler on IG.




Set Ups with Ryan Guettler

Ryan recently set up a fresh new bike and came through with some solid photos to document it all.

Brandon @ Chillemall

Our lovely friends Killemall (and distro for Colony over in Canada) put on a trails jam under a brisge as it’s the middle of winter and if you’ve ever been to Canada you know its cold and wet so it’s pretty awesome that this was able to happen. Brandon features all the way through the video.

Jourdan clips

Larry Alverado came through with a bangin’ mixtape of crew from the West Coast in the USA and Jourdan stacked a few nice clips in the mix…

California Capers Street Mix – More BMX Videos