I’m writing a update from Woodward camp and it makes think how crazy that is to say. As a kid I grew up dreaming of Woodward camp I had all the posters on my walls, All the riders I looked up to I ripped out of magazines and tacked them to the wall. And one day I was riding Beenleigh and Colin Mackay was there filming, Colin lived on the other side of Brisbane so it was a treat to see him because he would always go highest over Beenleigh hip.. Before he left he handed out stickers to all the kids like how I thought pros would, he gave me a Woodward sticker and joked you should go there one day. I didn’t know what to do with it, it was too special to put on my helmet or bike because I might never get one again. I framed it with a photo of lot 8 and a photo of the dirt jumps from BMXPLUS. Crazy to think him giving me that sticker has motivated me this much. I’ve been to Woodward over 40 different times now and have the best times here !!! Thanks Col I owe you!!!

I’m here all week and some of next week getting some new tricks dialed before I go to Barcelona next week for an event. Here’s some photos of the good times.