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Zac Miner update

Sup y’all. So I’ve been bit busy lately with my ramp in the backyard, trying to fine tune it with some fresh ply. This things going to be tight, should be sick but! Took some time away to get up the Halloween jam in Sydney, was sick to see the Sydney crew still hold it down for a sick jam. Was cool see some old faces and some new dudes kill it! Managed to sneak a pic of Coops lay out a sick pancake from the jam…

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Zac Miner’s backyard

So It’s everyone’s dream to have a set of trails or a sick ramp in their backyard and this bad boys been sitting in my backyard for a couple of months now. It’s at about the half way point, with one layer of ply on the whole thing. it looks amazing, I can’t wait to having this thing rolling. But money’s the issue. I’m kinda throwing out a helping hand to anyone that knows a builder around the Canberra area or that can get 20 sheets of ply real cheap. So I can have this thing all finished up for these warmer months. Hit me up on a FB message if anyone can help. I’ll throw in a whole box of goodies if you can help my dream wrap up a little quicker. Thanks guys

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Jourdan Barba round 1

Jourdan came 4th at the Vital BMX game of bike, here is the video from round One…

Jourdan Barba vs Sean Morr – More BMX Videos

Zac Miner update

Hey guys, been busy working a new job roofing so finding the time to ride is hard. But keepin busy with the backbone DVD.. Knocking off a couple of things that have been haunting me for a minute. I’ve been riding bowl a heap of late, loving being brakeless and pedalling fast at shit. Hopefully do a Melbs trip soon and wrap up filming for my new Colony edit! Other then that just lapping up the warm weather down the coast when I can.

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Jourdan Barba 4th @ Vital

Congrats to Jourdan who came 4th at Vital’s game of bike over the weekend. You can view a large photo gallery right here and I am sure the video will be out soon.



Jourdan Barba update

Hey guys I’ve been riding a lot more lately now that my boys are getting bigger they are at 3 months old now and are starting to sleep longer! I just put on Colony plastic pegs and a freecoaster and I really love it. It opens up so many different options for riding and it’s really kept me stoked lately on my bike!

I’ve been trying to film as much as I can lately, went out last weekend and got a brutal knee to the stem that cut me pretty deep it doesn’t hurt as bad as it looks I just need to let it heal for now. I got an invite to the Vital game of bike on the 4th of October that I’m really looking forward too can’t wait!


Josh Dove bike check

We’ve been helping out Josh Dove for a little while now & he recently picked up a fresh new 2015 Sweet Tooth 18″ set up. Josh will soon be testing some prototype parts for us such as our Pintour 18″ rim which will be out before Xmas this year.

Give @dovey03 @hardythepuppy & @colonybmxbrand a follow on Instagram now

His Colony parts list is as follows…

Frame – 2015 Sweet Tooth V4 18″ in ED Blue
Fork – Dagger 18″
Bars – Teddy V2
Stem – Squareback
Headset – Colony
Grips – Much Room
Sprocket – CC 25T
BB – Colony
Pedals – Fantastic Plastic
Hubs – Wasp
Pegs – Oneway Alloy
Hub Guards – Wasp
Seat – Alex Hiam Combo

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Zac Miner update

Hey guys, the ‘berras had some cracker days. Been Riding a heap of bigger bowls and stuff, she’s to cold for hittin rails!
Other then that, got a new job roofing, it’s pretty sweet, better then being in a bloody workshop hey! Doesn’t give me a lot of afternoons free to ride which is a downer. But I’m goin to Deni this weekend so I’ll hopefully get a ride in then.

Till next time.. Peace



Guettler has left the building…

I didn’t think I would ever be writing this here but Ryan Guettler is no longer riding for Colony as of today.

He has decided to leave the team, to take a job as a brand manager / pro rider at Hyper & Snafu. I know Ryan has wanted a job within the industry for a while now & I personally wish him all the best in this new chapter in his life.

Ryan has been with Colony since our inception in 2005, he was the first rider I chose as a team rider back then. More importantly, I have known & ridden with Ryan since he was just 7 years old. It has been a fun ride the last 24 years & I am sure there will be many more sessions to come. I do thank you Ryan for your efforts with Colony over the years, it is appreciated. Let the good times roll ahead !! I wish you all the best mate – Clint.

Here are some words from Ryan himself…

What ever I write will not show my appreciation and gratefulness I have for Clint Millar and the family I have over at Colony. All the road trips and good times with the team will be my memories for life. Nothing will change our friendship or the the way I think of the guys over at Colony but this next step is a must for me to take. My career is sunsetting and I’ve always wanted to learn the business side of things. I’ve been through all the ups and downs with in BMX over the past 20 years of my career, my knowledge will help Hyper and Snafu. This would not have been an option with out Clint guiding me along the way. He is a best friend and the god of front brakes, I wish Clint nothing but the best. To all the riders at Colony keep it rubber side down and I’ll miss you guys – Ryan.





Yo yo !!

Brandon update

Brandon Van Dulken has been travelling around Oregon area on a mission to ride some unique parks and enjoy the surroundings that cover that area of the USA…

“Just on the last couple days in oregon/washington. Trip has been amazing and got to ride some spots I’ve always wanted to hit! Stoked on a lot of the footage we managed to capture in the 4 or 5 days too. Life’s basically consisted of driving, camping, riding. So nice seeing something new every day.

Here’s a shot by Shawn Duffield in Vancouver, Washington. This carve was terrifying haha. Got lots more photos so we will definitely shoot them over soon.”


Ryan Guettler @ ECSC

Last event I did was the VANS US Open bowl comp where I destroyed my leg and couldn’t walk for a week, well it all healed up just in time for the next VANS contest called Ecsc it’s a massive surf comp on the east coast and they always rock!! I got 3rd place last year so I had high hopes and after my final run I ended up in 4th this year so pumped. Scotty Cranmer and Sandaval where battling for the win and Sandaval came out on top killing it.
Thanks jerry at vans for a good time!! Photos by Colin Mackay.




Jourdan Barba update

Hey guys wanted to check in, I’ve been working a lot lately with my air conditioning job and when I’m not working I’m helping my wife Katherine with our boys Stefan and Abel . Just recently I’ve been taking a few hours here and there to ride a skatepark or a bit of street.



BVD – Beers & Steers tour

The KEA trip over in Canada looked like a real good time! Couple Brandon shots in the mix, check them all here.



Zac Miner update

Hey guys just a little update to let y’all know I’ve been out an about lately.. Despite it being around the 5 to 10 degree mark at best for the last few weeks we’ve been out riding some spots. I’ve got a new bike to which I’m over the moon about and it’s made me stoked to ride.
Besides that me the mrs have been busy traveling a bit, been up to the Blue Mountains abseiling and stuff. Just been trying to keep motivated in this weather. But better then being stuck in the house. Can’t wait for some warmer weather!

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Jourdan Barba fire!

Jourdan really came through on this video. Unique spots and creative lines had me wanting more the entire time. Shoutout to Larry Alvarado for putting this together it was a banger…

Stacked BMX Shop

Jourdan and Larry have some clips in this promo for Stacked BMX Shop which is Larry’s project in Riverside CA. The guys stock Colony so get down there and give them some love.

Guettler on CBS Sports

It’s not everyday you see a BMX rider on a Sports show but Ryan did exactly that talking about the Vans US Open, you can check out the interview below which starts around the 2.30 mark…

Guettler @ Vans US Open

Ryan scores a few clips within this practice session that Ride BMX posted. Looking forward to see more from this…

BVD update

Hey guys, I am making the move back to my hometown for the winter. Vancouver has helped me out so much with riding/growing as a human, along with meeting sooo many awesome people. I will surely be back next spring!

For the last little bit I’ve just been trying to sneak in as much riding as I can before I leave, hitting the Killemall Canadian Concrete jams and venturing around the city. Here’s a shot from Shawn Duffield in a 2 foot ditch the other day. Spot is real fun and hard to ride.


Ryan Guettler bike check

Ryan put together his new 2015 Castaway frame this week in the Green Storm colour way which is looking fresh!

Ryan’s newest signature frame spec details are as follows…

Top Tube sizes – 20.8″, 21.0″ & 22.0″
Chain stay length – 13.25″ midway (13.0″ slammed)
Head tube angle – 75.2 degrees
Stand over height – 8.5″ (centre BB to centre TT)
BB height – 11.5″

Featuring a hydro-formed down tube with integrated gusset, invest cast bridges & removable brake mounts.

It will come in a range of colours including the awesome Green Storm as shown, Gloss Black, Chrome & a very limited release of Rainbow frames.

The 2015 Castaway will be available from September this year.

You may also spy in the photos of Ryan’s new bike is one of our prototype gyros. These are being tested now. No release date yet.












Ohio Dreams

Last week I was lucky enough to go to Ohio Dreams camp and enjoy 4 days out there. The reason I went out was for the 3rd stop of the Recon tour, I’m a huge supporter of Recon because it’s one of the only good organized AM comps going on around America. These top AM are amazing and the future of bmx so I want to keep my eyes on things and help them when I can. I did two Guettler boot camps to help riders with runs and tricks and just have a good time, plus I announced the event on Saturday. While I was at the comp it was my Birthday so I rode the race track and trails all day and was one of the best days this year. If you want to check out the video of the event hit this link

Thanks guys, check out more of what I’m up to via



Fuzzy Hall riding a Colony !!

When Keith Treanor told me that Fuzzy Hall wanted to ride a Colony a few weeks back I was pretty stoked to say the least. We recently fired up a package with a The Living Frame & a Dagger Fork with some other goodies for Fuzzy through the great guys at 50/50 BMX. It’s pretty awesome to have a such a BMX legend riding a Colony. Thanks to Fuzzy himself, 50/50 BMX & Keith for making it all happen. Stoked !!


Yo yo !!

Brandon KEA trip

Hey guys, I just wrapped up the Killemall trip all around Alberta and northern B.C. Some of the spots and scenery we hit were mind blowing! 10 days on the road flew by and we managed a nice balance between riding/driving/chilling. Every time awesome trips like these happen it really reminds you how rad the BMX community is. New friends and memories. That’s what this shit’s all about!



Vans Demo

A few words from Ryan Guettler for you all…

Today was really cool I was invited to go into Vans Warehouse and do some demos for the Kids who parents work at Vans. I really enjoy doing theses because I know how hard the guys and girls at Vans work, I bet their kids go home today thinking there Mum or Dad have the best job in the world.

I got to ride the demo on the Vans ramp in the back with Dak Roach and Caio De Oliveira Sousa who is staying at my house, Amazing kid from Brazil. Demos went amazing, every kid loves backflips and being bunny hopped over.

Every kid got some Vans shirts, pizza, ice cream, some hi fives and even a hand full of Colony stickers each…Good times.

On side note… Happy birthday to Ryan today who turns 31 years young today !! Hope you have a good one mate !!




Yo yo !!

Zac Miner update

Hey guys, I just recently went over on a weeks trip to New Zealand with some girlfriends of mine for their birthday. The trip was pretty good, NZ is amazing! Traveling around with three girls, not so amazing! After one forgot her current passport, losing one of their phones and keys to the apartment and crashing the campervan we had, it really put a downer on the trip. Mind you the country is sick, the people are lovely, I’m definitely going back some time soon and having a proper ride.

My biggest advice I can give anyone, make sure you get travel insurance if your traveling anywhere with women ha.


Ryan Guettler update

Last update was from Woodward camp that I was riding at to be ready for the big ramps at dew tour in Ocean City over the past weekend. The course was amazing and it flowed well. I planned out a good run for qualifying but 1st run I crashed a double flip, 2nd run I did a whole 45 secs to just get my confidence up again but knew it would not be enough to get in, last run I cased right before the box and changed up my run and didn’t make finals. I happy with how I rode and now I’m back in Cali so time to move on and get ready for the next comps. This month I have vans bowl jam on the beach, recon tour and Ryan’s boot camp at Ohio dreams and the Vans block comp. Also having Andy buckworth staying with me so we are going to do a split monster edit.
If you want to see more of what im doing follow my Instagram: @ryanguettler

If you want to get a hold of one of those Tabes for the Babes tee’s Ryan is wearing, you can hit this link to check them out via his web store.






Jourdan Barba update

Hey guys I’ve been spending a lot of time visiting my new born twin boys Stefan and Abel at the hospital they will be in for a few more weeks they are doing very good and getting healthier! I’ve also been riding and filming whenever I get a chance I have a new edit complete and ready to drop soon that I’ve been filming since the beginning of the year with Larry Alvarado so keep your eyes peeled for that!



Marnold – Coppin’ it Sweet

Marnold‘s section from Stu Munro’s video has found itself online and a good reminder of how good Marnold was/is.

Tim Wood & Army Tanks…

Tim Wood is an Australian vert legend. No one can deny that. With some of the highest & smoothest 900’s back in the day, he was a vert machine. These days Tim still rides when he can but also has some other passions… namely his two ex-Australian army tanks. He has started a tank ride business & you can for a small fee, get to ride on one of these awesome machines.

Click here now  to check it out more & book now on his website,

Yo yo !!

Brandon Van Dulken update

Hope all is well guys, here’s a shot from Railside park I’m hyped on. I rarely get to ride this place since I live far away now but it’s always a treat. Basically every day I get, I’m out trying to snag photos and film when the weather permits. Overall stoked right now!

Photo shot by Shawn Duffield.