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Area 43 mission

We were fortunate enough to spend the afternoon at the Area 43 backyard setup which was seriously amazing! The locals are really down to earth and so welcoming. We also hit up the Mission Valley park which was also quite the amazing park and well worth the drive for anyone in California.



Tabes for the Babes #3

Episode 3 features Ryan and Alex in the mix, such a good watch the entire 6 minutes.

Ryan @ Woodward East

Ryan scores some good clips in the park comp that just happened at Woodward East.

Mongoose Jam: Park Finals – More BMX Videos

Polly update

One of a kind Polly just shot through an update of the latest happenings…

“Yo!! down here in Melbs its been getting super cold and dark super quick! But a couple nights ago me and my buddy’s Aidan and Harry, set out on a lil mission through a previously un-searched location! Aidan snapped a couple shots of me riding this little rock as a fly out! We are currently working in a ledge that will be perfect in a couple weeks!

I also started working at a new bike shop in town! Sealy’s Cycles Frankston! We are stocking a big range of BMX and a heap of Colony goodies…so if you know what’s good, drop in and see us!!!”




Be sure to follow us on Instagram, all the team has the login so you are always seeing something interesting on there. @colonybmxbrand


Alex at Woodward

Thanks to Alex Herzog for shooting this photos of Alex going hard at Woodward West. For more photos check out @bmxlovephotography via Instagram.



Today we hit up a session at Ben Snowden’s backyard spot which was a blast, a chilled session that turned into a heated one for some. Thanks to Ben and the other locals who were welcoming. Here Ryan whips the street spine mid run and clipping up.


Ryan at Vans US open

Just spotted this awesome photo of Ryan from the Van Doran Invitational over on Ride Bmx, so good!


2020 Issue 48 drops soon…

A very special issue number 48 for those that know. The new 2020 magazine will be out soon so keep an eye out for it. Action packed with coverage of our recent #followthelinestour from Rocky to Canberra & everywhere in between plus you can win a 2014 Sweet Tooth frame, how cool is that? Check it out.

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FTLT coming to an end

Well for me this trip has been a solid 4 weeks of filming and driving and although the past week has been from home it has still felt like a trip. In the very early hours of tomorrow morning both Brandon and Jourdan will be heading back home overseas and Tom headed back to Brisbane this evening. It’s been a blast and we got some really solid footage. Here are a couple photos from just before of the guys packing up and chilling watching all the footage from the past weeks.

A day with Ryan & Alex

Whilst Alex is out in California staying with Ryan the guys at TCU hung out for a day and filmed a bunch of clips of the guys hitting up a few parks and Ben Snowden’s backyard.

Day in the Life of – Ryan Guettler

Fat Tony did this cool feature on Ryan Guettler with some interesting facts about Ryan & some cool photos from a day out & about. Check it out here now.

Look out for a few clips from Ryan in this new TCU video as well as an appearance from Alex Hiam as well.

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Jourdan Barba video

Jourdan is out here in AUS right now filming with us on the road and for some extra goodness he just dropped this new web video!

Blast from the past…

Remember Nick Richardson? You might remember him from such signature Colony products as, the Bloody Oath Frame & Bars or the Gnar Kill Frame. Affectionately known as Richo, Nick has departed the BMX scene in recent years but still holds a place in our hearts & thoughts. I for one am stoked to see him doing what he is these days.

Read on below as to what Nick has been up too of late…

G’day guys,

It’s been a few years since anyone has seen or heard about me in the BMX industry, What have I been doing? Well… haha

Ever since I stopped riding BMX full time, I started studying Graphic Design. It was something that just really appealed to me. I liked the fact that it allows you to create something from nothing. Ever since I was younger I always wanted to start my own brand and by doing this course it gave me the skills to do so.
That brings me to fishing…

Fishing has always been a part of my life even when I rode BMX, but as I got into it more I discovered the more technical side to it. I got addicted to it and it pretty much became my life, everyday I was out on the water discovering new things and places.

So at the end of last year, I decided to start a clothing brand completely dedicated to the fishing industry. I didn’t want to be “just another clothing brand”, I wanted the brand to have meaning! What this brand is about is awareness, I want people to know how their actions affect the marine life above and below the water. For our new range our slogan is “Respect Our Waterways”. I want to push that as much as I can, to make people aware of what they are doing, I want my kids and their kids to be able to fish the same spots we do and catch the same fish!

I decide to name the brand “Tide Apparel” … To me this is more then just a clothing brand, it’s a movement.

Follow us on Instagram @tideapparel and Facebook

Or to shop, please go to the website 🙂 Thanks – Richo.

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Product highlight – Dagger Forks

Ryan Guettler’s signature Dagger Forks are a popular fork out there for a few good reasons. Strong yet very light weight plus with good clean looks. Our Dagger Forks feature a special internal spiral fluted tubing on the tapered fork legs & fluted tubing on the one piece CNC steer tube. All post heat treated for extra strength. Check them out available now worldwide at a dealer near you.

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Zac Miner update

Zac just shot through an update from the recent long weekend…

So the long weekend just flew by, but I did manage to get out of Canberra. I went down to Albury for Tenna’s (Matt spencer) birthday, was such a good night, got pretty reckless till all hours of the morning. It’s always good to catch up with the Albury crew! Next day I set off to see some good friends down in Kyabram then went up to Deniliquin to catch up the folks.. Managed to get a bit of a ride in at the old local. It was an awesome weekend, good to catch up with a heap of people I never really get to see! Won’t be really traveling solo for a bit, as I’m losing my license yet again. But this coming week I’m heading up to Brissy for a week long trip. Can’t wait…

Photo: Ryan Guettler

This was shot last year on our trip to the UK in Hastings. We didn’t get much time to ride this park but Ryan made the most of it.

Alex Hiam in the states…

Alex Hiam is over in the states for 3 months hanging & riding with Ryan Guettler. Expect to see Alex & Ryan all over different spots in the states over the months ahead. First up is a visit to Woodward West as part of the Shootout Video Contest again this year. They will be there for the guys over at Vans. Speaking of Vans, Alex & Ryan just went shopping courtesy of Jerry Badders, yew !! More updates here from the guys so keep your eyes peeled.

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Jourdan Barba – Pro Q&A on Vital

Wanna ask our USA Pro rider Jourdan Barba a question? Well head on over to the Vital BMX site for your chance now to ask away.

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Photo: Jourdan Barba

I totally forgot about this photo of Jourdan that was shot when we spent some time in LA last year. Jourdan is coming to Australia in a few weeks which I am really excited about!


Guettler Pro Q&A on Vital

Ever wanted to ask Ryan Guettler something? Well now is your chance over on the Vital BMX site, click here now.

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Ryan Guettler 7th place in Mexico

Less than 2 months after crashing hard & having his spleen removed, Ryan Guettler is back & placed 7th place in the Red Bull Dirt Conquers event down in Mexico. So stoked for you Ryan !!

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Brandon Van Dulken interview

Our boy in Canada, Brandon Van Dulken has an interview up on The Union site. Check it out here now.

Brandon also has his own signature colour way of the 2013 Teddy frame out now as well… jump on it before they’re all gone.

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Farewell Liam Zingbergs

Liam Zingbergs has decided to move on from the Colony family to pursue other avenues. It’s always sad to see a team rider leave the family but we also know a rider needs to do what they feel is right at the time. We do thank Liam for all his efforts over the years & wish him all the best in what ever may be around the corner for him. As a farewell, check out his recent few edits as a reminder of the good times had, thanks again mate !!

Here are some words from Liam…

I want to thank Colony and Clint for the last few years of support, it’s much appreciated. Although it sucks, I’m excited to see what the future holds for both Colony and myself, thanks! – Liam.

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Ryan at Woodward West

Ryan has a couple of clips from this video that the TCU guys just posted up.

Advert – Ryan Guettler

2020 mag dropped a few weeks back now accross the globe and as soon as you opened it up you would have seen this Guettler ad with a dope photo shot by Brandon Means.

Jourdan Barba footage

Jourdan recently hit up a jam at the Sierra Bicycle Works shop he scores a couple clips along with a bunch of other crew.

S&M Ramp Jam at Sierra Bicycle Works – More BMX Videos

Dealer highlight – The Outer Rim

Long time Colony team rider and friend Paddy Gross runs a shop in Portland called The Outer Rim and is going in hard with supporting us over there. As you can see from the photo they have plenty of Colony product so if you’re from the area or on a trip make sure you go check out the shop and say hi to Paddy.

Ryan Guettler insight

After Ryan’s recent crash the guys at Vital hit him up to film this interview about the accident and also a good insight into some of the previous accidents he has had. Pretty crazy to hear and put together well…

How to Flair with Ryan Guettler

Ryan gives you all the help he can for anyone looking to learn flairs in this how-to video.