Hey guys, so shits been happening in the Berra of late! If you didn’t make it to the act jam the was on last month, you missed out! So many people, so much good riding. Was awesome to see sooo many people come out to shred or hang out. Aiden Chard took out the act jam crown with effortless flow and big lines, dude just kills it when ever he rides. Apparently the video John Young is working on isn’t far off. After watchin what went down you’ll wanna come next year! Big shout out the Backbone for throwing such a killa event. It’s only gunna get bigger n better.

Speakin of the Bone, we’re well under way into filmin for a full length video. Got a bit banged up on the weekend filming actually. But it’s all so worth it when you actually sting the clip, I don’t wanna share to much but people have been puttin work, gunna be one sick DVD.

photo 1

photo 2

photo 3