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Alex Hiam update

Hey guys!

I have some bad news & some good news. Bad news is My MRI results have come back & its confirmed I need surgery on my wrist. It has cartilage damage, so there doing keyhole and fixing it all up! I have a appointment on the 14th with a surgeon on the 14th of August to set a date for surgery. So until then it’s a waiting game !

The good news is my dad has me covered under private health! That means I save $5000 on hospital/surgeon costs for my wrist. When I turned 18 he told me he stopped paying my private so I got my own normal health and the doctor said my insurance wouldn’t cover anything. So he defiantly saved my ass! Thanks dad, very lucky! Lesson learnt – always have private health, it can save ya loads $ !!

I have been loosing my mind not being able to ride, but I have had a lot of hours at the cafe I work at, loving the barista life!! I also have been out exploring a lot spending some time with my canon 600D getting into photography. It’s super fun. I’m at the gym everyday keeping active.

Keep up to date with me over on Instagram @alexhiam. Thanks a lot !!! Can not wait to be back on my bike.




Alex Hiam update

Hey Guys !!

The last week has flown by. Unfortunately I lost my licence, and have worked close to 40 hours this week at the Cafe. The bright side of the 10km ride to work is In 6 degrees early in the morning it really warms you up like nothing else. I am saving all my work money towards a huge next year to goto all the contests like Fise in france, Nass in england etc, It’s going to be bananas !!

It’s awesome to be back home riding close to everyday again. I have riden a bunch this week in-between work and feeling amazing on my bike. There’s a few videos over on my instagram @alexhiam


Alex Hiam update

Hey guys,

I just got back from a week in Phuket – Thailand with my sister. My sister & her Boyfriend originally planned to goto one of our close friends wedding in Thailand but unfortunately my sisters boyfriend couldn’t make it.. So like a boss he offered to pay for my flights to thailand to spend with my sister and celebrate our friends wedding. I couldn’t believe it & when I first got to Phuket it was mind blowing. All the scenery and beaches were just like I have seen on postcards.

The people are so nice and genuine there and really make you feel special. It was a crazy experience for me to see how 3rd world countries live. It really makes you grateful for what you have back home. It was cool how cheap everything is over there, for example $5 aud a day to hire mopeds :O !! I loved the food also, so cheap but so tasty and amazing.

The week went so fast because everyday we had something cool planned. One day we got to go out on a Private boat and party and cruise around all the islands around Phuket.

I have attatched Loads of pics of my trip – I hope you get to goto thailand one day, it’s beautiful ..

I am back in Brisbane now and my wrist is all healed up and can’t wait to ride again….




Alex Hiam update

Hey guys, last week Cooper came out and filmed a lot for my next Colony edit !! Had a really good time catching up with Cooper and stoked with the clips I got.

unfortunately I sprained my wrist when we were filming so I haven’t been able to ride this week!! Lucky I have a nice little Cafe to work at and save $ for when my wrist is better to ride again!!!!

These were a few left over clips we filmed whilst I was up in Brisbane…

D.I.Y in Melbourne (leftovers)

We had a bunch of footage leftover from the D.I.Y project so we put them together with some B-Roll to give you a little more insight into the 3 days in the heat…

Original video…

Alex Hiam Quickie

3 clips of Alex that we weren’t using for current projects but still worth watching…

Alex Hiam update

Hey Guys !!!

Last weekend I road tripped 11 hours inland to a small town called Cunnamulla 840km west of Brisbane with a brand called Freestyle Now. They got Myself, a skater and a scooter rider on board to coach the kids out west how to ride for a day.

On The day of the coaching the whole town was at the local skatepark to meet us . There was only two kids that owned BMX’s so coaching was a little hard so we put more of a demo on rather than coaching. It is crazy how little effort it took us to make these kids day. I let all the kids ride my bike taking turns, And even taught some of them a few beginner tricks. We were handing prizes out all day long and doing games and playing footy, twiggy etc. Anything to make these kids smile…

I had never been out west before so it was such a good experience.. I couldn’t believe how simple these guys live. There is no movie theatres, theme parks or anything. Just the local skatepark, Pub, Foodmarket & that’s about it. They didn’t even know what a IPhone was!!! We Helped also helped clean swear words of the skatepark and did fun games and gave away lots of prizes on that day.

After the show and demo’s the local kids slid a super cool letter under my motel door they wrote up !! I have attached pics of it. I though this was so awesome.I had the best weekend with a really good crew on board and would do it all again!!! Thanks for the good times Shaun Jarvis.




Alex Hiam footage

Alex scores a few clips within the latest #CLVLND mixtape filmed at his local stomping grounds of Cleveland in Queensland. Everyone shred it so have a watch…

Raw Alex Hiam footage

6 hammer moves from Alex from a recent trip over in California. Loved the opposite downside whip to bars at Vans…

D.I.Y in Melbourne video

I knew of a few drain spots that already existed here in Melbourne so I spent some time fixing up a few along with creating some new spots and then invited some of the guys to come down, stay at my place and ride the spots for 3 days. We had to do this during the middle of summer so that we didn’t get washed away and to be able to build at the spots. This all worked well besides the temperatures going above 40 every day we were out but everyone made it work and had a blast doing so. Here is the video (and photos) from the project, hopefully we get to do another one next summer.












Coppin it Sweet – mix section

A good chunk of the team have some really good footage in the mix section of Stu Munro’s DVD. You can see more sections right here

Alex Hiam update

Hey guys !!

A week ago I rolled my ankle on a halfcab oppo down whip! It has been x-rayed and it’s clear of fractures which is good ! I should be back on the bike in a another week !! Can’t wait to ride !!

For my spare time I have been working a bunch at a local cafe near mine and I am filming my homie @jettbeatie an edit for something to do!


Product highlight – 2014 Sweet Tooth Frame

Alex Hiam’s latest version of his ever popular Sweet Tooth Frame is the most refined version yet. It has the exact geometry that Alex’s demands for his high level riding these days.

Available in an array of sizes including 19.8″, 20.4″, 20.7″ & also 21″ we offer a size that is sure to suit you as well. The 19.8″ version especially is perfect for smaller riders out there who want a high performance frame but in a size that’s easy to ride & great to progress with.

In fact, many riders out there are choosing Alex’s frame of late. You would also be surprised to know of the high profile riders out there, with other frame sponsors, that also ride a Sweet Tooth disguised as something else.

Check them out at a Colony dealer near you worldwide now.






Yo yo !!

Alex Hiam advert

Large flair tuck from Alex which you can see in print via the latest 2020 mag. The Wasp hubs have been real popular so if you want more info on them hit here.


#Thisisbmx California – Arizona

We showed the trailer to this last week but today you have the full 9 minute video from the trip that Ryan organised which Alex and Chris were also on. Seriously the level of riding in this from everyone is amazing, real good vibe swell, enjoy…

LA-AZ teaser

Ryan packed a solid crew in his RV including Alex and Chris and hit the road up to Arizona. Going off this trailer the video should be real good which will be dropping this week.

East County Jam this Sunday !!

This Sunday from 3pm till 5pm, we’re having an in-store jam at East County BMX down in San Diego with a good selection of the team including Mike Brennan, Jourdan Barba, Jack Kelly, Justin Care, Bobbie Altiser, Alex Hiam, Chris Courtenay, Chris Bacramonte & Cooper Brownlee. All the guys from the East County BMX / Colony flow team will also be there on the day. Come along to meet & ride with some of the team guys. There will also be free food & drinks along with some giveaways on the day. Should be an awesome day.

colony x east county flyer

Yo yo !!

More from Alex Hiam

Hey Guys !!! I’m currently on the 3rd week of The Wandering Trip!!!

I’m having a blast with all the dudes !! It’s pretty cool not living out of a house! We can ride a park and if we enjoy it enough, we will just park the RV and sleep over night and wake up and ride it again !! We have been doing all our washing at Laundry mats and signed up at the local gym to use showers! It’s pretty convenient that there’s a cafe right next to the gym with FREE wifi as well!!!

We have one last week in the RV, then most of us all fly home.

Follow my trip on @alexhiam on instagram!!!


Screen Shot 2014-03-27 at 7.29.43 am

Screen Shot 2014-03-27 at 7.29.57 am

Screen Shot 2014-03-27 at 7.30.17 am

East County BMX Jam

This coming Sunday from 3pm till 5pm, we’re having an in-store jam at East County BMX down in San Diego with a good selection of the team including Alex Hiam, Chris Courtenay, Mike Brennan, Jourdan Barba, Jack Kelly, Justin Care, Chris Bacramonte & Cooper Brownlee. All the guys from the East County BMX / Colony flow team will also be there on the day. Come along to meet & ride with some of the team guys. There will also be free food & drinks along with some giveaways on the day. Should be an awesome day.

colony x east county flyer

Yo yo !!

Alex Hiam update

Hey guys, I am currently in California road tripping in a RV!

We just finished roadtripping on the #thisisbmxtour in Ryan Guettlers RV from Cali to AZ & back ! Had a blast riding all the amazing parks! Even got to ride the worlds first street league park in Lake Havasu !! The place is unreal !!

Now the #thisisbmx tour is over myself, Chris Courtenay, Ryan Taylor & Harry main have rented our own RV for the wandering! It’s a balling 2015 that sleeps five ! We have no major plans just winging it and going where ever the sun takes us !! We have been sleeping in Walmart car parks and waking up less that 10m from Starbucks – I couldn’t be more happy with that!! Follow my trip for the next 3 weeks on my Instagram – @alexhiam





Product highlight – 2014 Sweet Tooth Frame

Alex Hiam was the youngest ever pro rider to have his own signature frame back when the Sweet Tooth first came out. Now years later, he has turned 18 & is killing it on the bike more than ever. Alex is one of the most dialled riders I know out there pulling the hardest tech stuff first try usually, all while making it look so good.

His Sweet Tooth frame is exactly what he wants in a frame with the precise geometry he demands. If anyone knows Alex, he is very particular on how his bike runs & feels. His frame is offered in a range of sizes – 19.8″, 20.4″ (what Alex rides), 20.7″ & also 21.0″. They are offered in Matte Black & Dark Red along with a few selected limited edition frame, fork, stem & headset kits. The latest colour offered on these kits is Purple Storm, as shown below. Be fast though, as only 5 were made for the planet on these. Check them out at a Colony dealer near you now.







Yo yo !!

Alex Hiam leftovers

Alex put together this video of footage filmed last year that hasn’t made the cut for his next full length but trust me there is some really good stuff in there…

Alex, Chris & David in Freestyle Now mini ramp shows…

Perth based show team, Freestyle Now are over on the east coast in QLD doing some demos for this week in Morayfield. You will be able to watch our team riders, Alex Hiam, Chris Courtenay & David Pinelli shred it up on a 6 foot mini ramp inside the Morayfield shopping centre. Click here for more details.


Yo yo !!

Product highlight – Alex Hiam Seat / post Combo

Alex Hiam has been graced with own signature frame from the young age of 13 years old, the Sweet Tooth. Earlier this year we gave him his second signature part in the shape of his own seat / post combo. It’s made exactly how Alex wanted it, light, grippy with a mid shape & feel. Available now worldwide at all good BMX outlets. Click here now to read more about his seat / post combo. 

Alex Seat 2

Yo yo !!

Web Advert – Alex Hiam

We shot this indian super seaty in Millars backyard last week with Alex on his new bike going hard straight up. The Sweet Tooth now has a lower stand over height along with the 19.8 having a lower height again to suit the younger crew wanting to hit it on a Sweet Tooth. More information about Alex’s frame can be found here.


Alex Hiam interview

Alex has a quick interview over on the Focalpoint site giving you a bit more insight into what he has been doing of late. Read it here.


Yo yo !!

Wallpapers – Jack & Alex

We just cooked up a couple more wallpapers for download, You can grab the Alex Hiam one here and the Jack Kelly image here to freshen up your desktop background.



Alex and Chris in the states

Alex and Chris are out in California filming and hanging out with the locals. They both happened to go down yesterday which has them resting up for a few days. I snagged these photos off their Instagram pages.


Alex at Woodward

Thanks to Alex Herzog for shooting this photos of Alex going hard at Woodward West. For more photos check out @bmxlovephotography via Instagram.


Woodward West

We drove up to Woodward West yesterday which went well and now we are based here for the week. Snagged this shot of Alex to start things off…