Alex Hiam was the youngest ever pro rider to have his own signature frame back when the Sweet Tooth first came out. Now years later, he has turned 18 & is killing it on the bike more than ever. Alex is one of the most dialled riders I know out there pulling the hardest tech stuff first try usually, all while making it look so good.

His Sweet Tooth frame is exactly what he wants in a frame with the precise geometry he demands. If anyone knows Alex, he is very particular on how his bike runs & feels. His frame is offered in a range of sizes – 19.8″, 20.4″ (what Alex rides), 20.7″ & also 21.0″. They are offered in Matte Black & Dark Red along with a few selected limited edition frame, fork, stem & headset kits. The latest colour offered on these kits is Purple Storm, as shown below. Be fast though, as only 5 were made for the planet on these. Check them out at a Colony dealer near you now.







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