Hey Guys !!!

Last weekend I road tripped 11 hours inland to a small town called Cunnamulla 840km west of Brisbane with a brand called Freestyle Now. They got Myself, a skater and a scooter rider on board to coach the kids out west how to ride for a day.

On The day of the coaching the whole town was at the local skatepark to meet us . There was only two kids that owned BMX’s so coaching was a little hard so we put more of a demo on rather than coaching. It is crazy how little effort it took us to make these kids day. I let all the kids ride my bike taking turns, And even taught some of them a few beginner tricks. We were handing prizes out all day long and doing games and playing footy, twiggy etc. Anything to make these kids smile…

I had never been out west before so it was such a good experience.. I couldn’t believe how simple these guys live. There is no movie theatres, theme parks or anything. Just the local skatepark, Pub, Foodmarket & that’s about it. They didn’t even know what a IPhone was!!! We Helped also helped clean swear words of the skatepark and did fun games and gave away lots of prizes on that day.

After the show and demo’s the local kids slid a super cool letter under my motel door they wrote up !! I have attached pics of it. I though this was so awesome.I had the best weekend with a really good crew on board and would do it all again!!! Thanks for the good times Shaun Jarvis.