Hey guys,

I just got back from a week in Phuket – Thailand with my sister. My sister & her Boyfriend originally planned to goto one of our close friends wedding in Thailand but unfortunately my sisters boyfriend couldn’t make it.. So like a boss he offered to pay for my flights to thailand to spend with my sister and celebrate our friends wedding. I couldn’t believe it & when I first got to Phuket it was mind blowing. All the scenery and beaches were just like I have seen on postcards.

The people are so nice and genuine there and really make you feel special. It was a crazy experience for me to see how 3rd world countries live. It really makes you grateful for what you have back home. It was cool how cheap everything is over there, for example $5 aud a day to hire mopeds :O !! I loved the food also, so cheap but so tasty and amazing.

The week went so fast because everyday we had something cool planned. One day we got to go out on a Private boat and party and cruise around all the islands around Phuket.

I have attatched Loads of pics of my trip – I hope you get to goto thailand one day, it’s beautiful ..

I am back in Brisbane now and my wrist is all healed up and can’t wait to ride again….