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Alex Hiam @ Woodward West

If you follow Alex on Instagram you would know he is travelling around the USA right now with Boyd. Well he spent some time at Woodward West and as you would expect he shredded! Good to see him using every part of the place….

Edited by Dave Pendleton.

Happy birthday Alex !!

It’s Alex Hiam’s 20th birthday today, happy birthday mate !!

Alex is over in the states right now & on the east coast for a Vans Invitational contest doing what we all love, riding bikes.

Hit him up on Instagram @alexhiam & wish him happy birthday.

His brand new 2016 range of Sweet Tooth lines has landed in Australia this week & hits USA stores in 2 weeks time. The rest of the world will have them in the weeks ahead.



Alex Hiam – Day in the Life

More from Alex over in California in the form of a day in the life video. Good to see him doing well over there and making the most of it.

FOD session

We met up with Alex at the FOD trails yesterday evening for a golden hour session and it was a real treat! Shooting photos during this time of day in California is priceless. Alex was pretty beat from the day before but he still got a session in and Nathan was doing kickouts and tables as usual…




Alex Hiam update

Hey guys! I am currently in California for the next 2 months with Boyd Hilder. We are here riding the U.S. open Vans invitational Bowl contest at Huntington Beach this week! It’s gonna be a hella good time lots of sunshine and smiles. We are staying at Ryan Guettlers for the next week then going else where after that!!!

The past week I have had a hurt foot from getting my foot caught in the frame/crank doing a fakie. So I have been resting it But the physios at the vans contest are treating me and I have just started to ride again for this contest. Hope it holds up!!! Today was our first practice, I’m really liking the course !!

Here’s some pictures from my first week in Cali.







Alex Hiam off to the USA

Alex Hiam heads off to the USA today for a few months to ride his bike. Alex has been killing it as of late, so will be awesome to see what stuff he get’s done riding wise while over there. Check his Insta @alexhiam & our own for updates @colonybmxbrand

His full range of signature parts drops in September this year including his latest version of the ever popular Sweet Tooth Frame. Look out for his Sweet Tooth Forks & Sweet Tooth Bars to match & his already popular Alex Hiam Seat/Post Combo.




Yo yo !!

Sweet Tooth bars review

RIDE posted up a review of Alex’s signature bars which have just come out. Check it right here.


Alex Hiam update

Hey Guys !!

The past month I have been taking it easy, trying to rest and relax as much as possible to make sure I can heal as quick as possible.(spleen removed) I have been getting into photography a lot, Drawing and painting to pass my time.

But now I am finally back on the bike. It’s been 4 weeks since my Operation and my Surgeon has given me the all clear to start easing back into riding. I couldn’t be more stoked !!! I have to take it real slow at first because my scars are still healing and stretching. I am training at P2P fitstop a couple of days a week. p2p fitstop is a personal trained workout that strengthens my body for BMX.

I fly to the USA in two weeks so I got lucky enough to get some Labour – Tiling work right before I leave with a good friend Clint Bensley to save for my travels.

I have a lot of good things to look forward to in USA.. I am in California for 3 months doing Vans Contest , Recon contest & more !!! Super Excited.



Alex Hiam FOX video

Wow, Wow…Wow! Alex went in! Shoutout to Troy Charlesworth and FOX for making this happen, it came out great. Alex really came through with some amazing creative moves in this video. Mr Hiam should be back on the bike in a few weeks just in time for his world trip so be on the look out for more goodies from him soon…

Instavids – Alex Hiam

Alex is already coming good from his recent crash that ruptured his spleen and should be back on the bike later this month. Here we have a few clips that didn’t make the cut for his up coming FOX video. Filmed and edited by Troy Charlesworth.

A video posted by A H (@alexhiam) on

Alex Hiam update

Hey Guys !! Hope everyone had a good Easter Weekend. I have been out on a mission with Troy Charlseworth filming a lot for a Fox project. Stoked with the clips we’ve got so far, And have some cool trips planned for it.

I am currently working 2 weeks Labouring, mixing concrete for Clint Kernal Bensley. It’s bloody hard work but I like it, Just feels like a free workout haha! I also just booked flights over seas with Boyd Hilder. We plan to goto England, Compete in NASS, Germany , Then go to USA for 3 months !! Coouldn’t be more stoked thanks Jay Dean at flight centre Victoria Point for the deal !

Check all videos from the past month on my instagram @alexhiam




Alex Hiam breaking boundaries

Good to see Alex back killing it in this FOX video that dropped today, loved the tooth to tuck he does at Bondi, so awesome!

Alex Hiam update

Hey Guys,

I am back riding everyday now , feeling healthy and strong. So motivated to ride as much as I can.

Myself & Troy Charlesworth have been busy working on a new edit hitting all parks around Brisbane. Troy’s also filming separate videos with Boyd Hilder & Jason Wattz aswell, there all such good dudes.

The past week Ryan Guettler has been staying at my place. It’s been awesome having him here, never a dull momemt. the night he flew in, We drove to Alexander Headlands skatepark with Boyd & jason, Booked a hotel and woke up at 4:20 and shot the sunrise of the halfpipe on the beach. check all the photo’s below.

I just got back from the Fox Breaking Boundaries Tour. We flew to melbourne, Sydney & Goldcoast all in 5 days. At all stops there was a Fox Demo, signing, meet & great with the Fox BMX team. Was amazing how many kids were at these events riding there hearts out. Was a good feeling to give back to the younger riders. At Melbourne, Moomba festival, Me & Ryan got picked to feature on Australia wide national TV on Channel 10 for 30secs which was cool. So stoked I got to be apart of such a fun trip. I’ll never forget this one. Was great to hang with the rest of the Fox crew. On the trip, I took a little slam and got a real hip bruiser now, So for the next week I have to stay of the bike & let this minor injurie heal

Also Shout out to Wahoo Taco’s for the amazing taco’s the other day,,, Always looking after the Bmx’rs !

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Alex Hiam update

Hey Guys,

I am finally back riding!! I’m feeling really good on my bike, I feel like I never even stopped riding and have been surrounded by nothing but good vibes, thanks to my friends for making riding so fun.

I have been testing out my new Colony signature bars, forks and frame. So stoked with how it all feels, Super strong and responsive.

I have been filming a lot for some new projects coming soon. So psyched with the clips.

My wrist is still not 100%, and I can’t ride two days in a row yet. It’s just way to sore and blown out the next day. It’s all part of the recovery the docs say. research TFCC repair if your interested in why it takes so long. So the days my wrist is to sore to ride, I have been keeping busy and going out and shooting a lot of photos and exploring, making the most of a bad situation.. Photography helps to see the good in everything. Photography Insta to see more pics: limel1ght

Fox flew me to Melbourne just recently to shoot the Winter catalogue, and film some clips for an upcoming project. I was there for 4 days. We did a “Alex Hiam” appearance at the Shed indoor skatepark as well which was a really good turn out. So many BMXers and a huge scene there. It amazing me how many people turned up to ride.

the next month I will be riding everyday, filming and getting ready for the year of travels ahead. I can not wait.

Thanks for the support, check my Instagram for some fresh new riding videos. @alexhiam




Breaking Boundaries with Alex Hiam

The guys over at FOX are heading out on the road between Melbourne and the Gold Coast. Alex will be on the trip so be sure to make it out to the one of the stops…


Alex Hiam back on it…

Hey guys,

I am back on the bike! It’s been a long and slow recovery but it’s well worth it. I feel amazing on my bike considering I haven’t riden in about 6 months due to my wrist. I am feeling better than ever, healthy and ready for 2015. Gonna be packed full of good times. I still am doing physio on my wrist and taking it slow. I don’t want to come back to early and make it worse for my self.

I have been getting into photography a lot lately and have been going on some pretty cool missions to get pictures. Last week I woke up at 4:30am to get this shot that is in a tunnel on Brisbane river. I had to go on low tide so I could access the tunnel, And it worked perfect because low tide was the same time as the Sunrise.

I got a little Job doing some hours at a Pizza shop literally 20 footsteps from my house so that’s keeping me busy and helping me save for my travels.

my bikes feeling amazing, I am doing some testing on some of my new signature parts for the 2016 line which is exciting. I am soo stoked with how there all feeling.

I am abouslty loving the new crib at Annerley. The riding scene at my new local is popping right now, So there’s always good crew to ride with at fairfield skatepark.

Thanks guys, follow me on insta for some new riding videos.

bike photo  (1 of 1)

cleve c-low

tunnell 31 (1 of 1)


Alex Hiam update

Yo guys!

Hope everyone had a Merry Christmas & a Happy New Year !!!!!

My wrist is nearly at 100% !! I have been smashing physio everyday and it’s starting to feel like a normal wrist again. I can pretty much do everything, Just can’t ride… As soon as I can do a few push-ups with out any pain in my wrist I will be back on the bike !!! I can not wait.. I’m pushing so hard, it’s a painful recovery but it’s all worth it.

This week mum I moved from Cleveland to Annerly, at first I wasn’t to excited and was scared to leave my home suburb, But now I love it.. Change is good !! I have so much to explore & a lot of cool people to meet. There’s cool little trendy cafes everywhere and it’s really close to Brisbane city, and super close to the highway.. Kinda of in the middle of everything. My new local is Fairfield skatepark… I’m buzzing about this because it’s a 5 min ride from my house, and it’s one of my favourite parks around. I filmed a 10 clips there yonks ago and there’s a pic from 2010 of a invert in the bowl you can see below.

I also just bought a new camera, the Fuji Film X-E2. It’s a small, light, street style camera that has really fast auto focus. I had a canon 600D, It was amazing when you get the right shot, but I was always missing shots or getting blurry ones.. So this new camera is perfect for quick shots where you don’t have time to set up. I am going to be travelling a lot this year, So this will be perfect to capture all the amazing places I travel to, Quick & easy.. And it sends photo’s directly from the camera to your phone. That was the deal breaker for me!!!

Thanks to @rileypart for tagging me in this portrait he painted of me.. Unreal !!!

The boiz and I ventured into some underground tunnels the other day exploring aswell, Was a cool experience. you can see some photo’s I shot below!! Always check the weather and do your research before doing any of this!

Last weekend I went to my first live Music gig @ the HiFi to see Danny Brown. Was a epic experience…. I am glad i booked tickets, Well worth it.

I am building my bike at Crossley Cycles as you read this, Expect me back on the bike February. I can not wait.






On the road…

A bunch of the crew are up in Brisbane right now before we head south for a week. Here are a few random shots from the past couple days. More to come…







Happy New Year

From all of us at Colony we would like to thank you for all of the support and good times in 2014. I gathered some of my favourite shots from the year for a bit of a recap… Let’s do it all again this year!
















Alex Hiam update

Hey guys!

I just returned home after road tripping down to Bondi beach along the coast & back. I got invited to be the Photographer & the back up filmer for Epic TV with Brett Trigg filming Ryan Guettlers Australian web series. I would have been a rider on this trip but unfortunately my injured wrist wasn’t healed in time.. I should be back on the bike next month.

Even though I couldn’t ride, I had such a amazing time being on the road with Ryan, Kelsey & Brett. Ryan proposed to his girlfriend Kelsey to start the trip on a good note. We had 2 days driving down to bondi beach, Stopping at the Big prawn, Big banana and a couple of Zoo’s. When we got to Sydney we did some touristy stuff to show kelsey around Australia. We went to the Harbour Bridge and Opera house. The day after Bondi Beach Kelsey flew back to the USA so it was just the boys left.. This is when the road trip home started. We hit Newcastle Beach skatepark, Port Maqaurie, Ballina, Nimbin snake run and Beenleigh for the final ride. Most of the skateparks we went to had a really cool scenery on the beach. The weather was stinking hot the whole time and we got hit with the classic Summer time thunder storms every afternoon as well. One of the highlights of the trip was partying in Byron with the crew from Brisbane. I met a lot of cool people on this trip and learnt a lot of cool things. Mostly about filming and photography and learnt it takes a lot more hard work than it looks. Respect to all the filmers and photographers out there.

Thanks, Can’t wait to be back riding. Hit Instagram @alexhiam for some more pics !!!





Alex Hiam update

Hey guys !

I have good news!! If you missed it online,I am stoked to announce I am now riding for Fox Australia. Fox flew me to Melbourne and took me around the whole HQ of fox. I got to meet the whole crew at fox and they all seem super cool. I even caught up with Matt Holmes during the HQ tour ! After meeting everyone at Fox, Mick Sinclair took me to Hosier Lane for a photo shoot the new Summer range catalogue.

My Wrist feels better everyday. I have been smashing my physio everyday, It kills me ,but no pain no gain! Haha . It’s starting to get real hot in Brisbane so I have been swimming a bunch and playing around with my camera & photography again. It’s been good having more activities to do as my wrist gets better. I can finally use my camera again because I got a new Macbook pro. My last one was stolen last month!

Cooper Brownlee put a Gallery up of Myself over the past 8 years. It’s crazy it all feels just like yesterday! Thanks Cooper for capturing all the good times over the years. Check it here.


Collective Two video

The 2nd instalment for the video project featuring as much of the team as possible and with as much diversity possible…

This one features Zac Miner, Paddy Gross, Dean Anderson, Chris Bracamonte, Nathan Sykes, Jack Kelly, Mick Bayzand, Luke Parker, Clint Millar, Bobbie Altiser,, Mike Brennan, Pete Radivo, Brandon Van Dulken, Cooper Brownlee, Jourdan Barba, Michal Mycek, Stas Shatilo, Liam Marshall, Shuhei Maz Azuma, Alex Hiam and Polly.

Alex Hiam update

Yo Guys !

As you guys may know I am currently off the bike injured recovering from wrist surgery. It’s getting close now to The new year when I can ride again, Im starting to count the days down! I can finally take my wrist splint off now and have been doing a bunch of exercises every hour to get the range of motion back in my wrist. I start strengthening next week when I get a little more movement happening , then I can start Physio after that!

I have been going to the gym everyday and skating here & there. It’s good to get out in the sun and to hang out at the skatepark again. Just keeping it chill on the skateboard just because I do not want to fall on my wrist again. Thanks to Primary Threads for the board they sent me.

It’s getting super hot in Brisbane lately and it’s not even summer yet. But I’m loving the heat!

Keep up to date on my Instagram @alexhiam



Browns Plains jam on tomorrow

It’s on tomorrow !!

We have teamed up with 99 Bikes at Browns Plains to have a morning out at the new improved park in Browns Plains for a meet & greet with some of the team, our 2015 bikes & have a chilled ride as well. The guys will also be on hand with free posters & stickers. 99 Bikes will have our 2015 range of complete bikes & some parts on display as well. Chris Courtenay, Josh Dove & Millar will be there riding while Alex Hiam & Tom Stretton will be hanging out due to injury. So come on out & have a fun morning on the bike if you’re around.


Yo yo !!

Product highlight – 2015 Sweet Tooth V4 Frame

If you’re into Alex Hiam’s riding in his video released yesterday, then you may like to check out his 2015 Sweet Tooth V4 signature frame. It comes in a variety of sizes for all riders out there ranging from an 18″ version through to frames with a top tube of either 19.8″, 20.4″, 20.7″ & 21″. Built to meet Alex’s exact geometry requirements, it’s a technical machine. Check them out in full here or at your nearest Colony dealer now.







Yo yo !!

Alex Hiam 2014 video

Filmed over the past year around Australia and the USA. Alex Hiam goes in for his latest video, all came to a halt when he broke his wrist earlier this year but he had a good chunk of clips to work with and this is the end result…

Product highlight – Alex Hiam combo seat

Alex Hiam’s signature combo seat now comes in 2 versions. The original mid version & a fatter version now as well. It’s light weight, strong & now comes in a tougher material covering, just what Alex wanted.

Click here for more info & check them out at a dealer near you now.


Yo yo !!

Browns Plains jam with 99 Bikes

We have teamed up with 99 Bikes at Browns Plains to have a morning out at the new improved park in Browns Plains for a meet & greet with some of the team, our 2015 bikes & have a chilled ride as well. The guys will also be on hand with free posters & stickers. 99 Bikes will have our 2015 range of complete bikes & some parts on display as well. Chris Courtenay, Josh Dove & Millar will be there riding while Alex Hiam & Tom Stretton will be hanging out due to injury. So come on out & have a fun morning on the bike if you’re around.


Alex Hiam update

So the past two weeks have taken for ever, I am pretty limited to what I can do during the days, being stuck in a full arm/wrist cast. I have been hanging out at the skatepark to get some sun and eating a lot haha.

The healing process is going all great and have my next appointment in 2 weeks to get my full arm cast cut to a wrist cast. I can’t wait.

Thanks for the support

Follow me on insta @alexhiam for updates !



Alex Hiam update

Hey guys, I have surgery this monday to repair my torn cartilage in my wrist. I’m so excited because this means I’m closer to riding my bike everyday again. It took 2 months from when I first did it to now to finally get some answers and to find out I need Surgery, So I’m super excited to start the healing process. My surgeon is one of the best in Brisbane aswell so it’s that’ a little bit of stress of my back.

I am super grateful for the support Colony has given,I wouldn’t of been able to get this surgery Colony. The    medical costs are not cheap.

It’s a boring life with out BMX !! The bright side is I have a lot of free time now to work and Save some $$ for surgery & travel plans – I am planning to fly to France for FISE Contest and England for NASS contest next year.

Also Some great news is we are dropping my new Web Video sometime in september.

Check some pics of what I have been up to over at @alexhiam on instagram.

Screen Shot 2014-08-28 at 9.27.54 am

Screen Shot 2014-08-28 at 9.27.37 am

Screen Shot 2014-08-28 at 9.27.18 am

Screen Shot 2014-08-28 at 9.27.04 am